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TOP 25 THINGS TO DO IN OAHU (We live here and done it all)

We moved to Hawaii one year ago and we've nearly 
done everything! If we had to recommend to one of   our friends what to do here in Hawaii in 
a short period of time, this is it! This   is our top 25 things to do here on Oahu. We're 
going to start out with an adventure and that's   kayaking to the Mokulua islands or better known 
as the Mokes. It's going to take you about 30   minutes and then you're going to get to your own 
island. There will be other people there but maybe   there'll even be some monk seals too. The water 
is pretty clear! You might see some sea turtles.   While you're on the island as well, you can hike 
and explore to see the other side of the island.   It's really cool! This is the most epic hike on 
the island.

It's iconic the beautiful Haiku stairs   all the way to the top of the Ko'olau 
mountain range. The Haiku Stairs is   illegal but there is a different way you can 
take so you can avoid the thousand dollar fine   but that journey is even more pretty because you 
will see the Moanalua Valley. Once you make it   to the top, you see the beautiful Haiku stairs. 
You might even have that fog around which gives   it the beautiful name Stairway to Heaven. 
It's a beautiful hike that cannot be missed.   Epic! Kaka'ako neighborhood so this 
neighborhood has a little bit of everything,   great bars and great restaurants. Yes, it's 
very trendy and hip very artsy and creative.   It's very fun to just walk around and spot all 
the different murals there's even one that's   made on the street.

Very nice neighborhood in 
Honolulu. Chocolate tasting at the Manoa factory.   It's free and that makes it cool by itself but 
it's also a very detailed tasting and it's all   grown on a Hawaii. They'll give you very small 
sized chocolate to taste but they'll guide you   through the flavors that you'll be tasting which 
can be cinnamon, spice or lavender. You'll see the   factory where they make chocolates and it's really 
nice! Sunrise at Lanikai. You will be hiking up   this mountain. As you're hiking, it'll be dark 
but as soon as the sun rises behind the two twin   islands the whole mountain beach and water colors 
yellow, orange and pink. It's unlike any other   sunrise you will see on the island and that's 
why this one is in our top 25. So there's tons of   museums on the island. We're gonna recommend two. 
My recommendation is Pearl Harbor to get that U.S   history in if you come to the island you're going 
to want to go and check this off the list.

Yes and   my recommendation is the Bishop Museum because 
it's packed with Polynesian history. You will   see the history of the voyaging and the canoes. 
You'll see how they used to live and that will   enrich your trip to Hawaii. Then of course visit 
a beach! We recommend visiting a West side beach   and an East side beach! The East side beaches have 
that deep turquoise blue water that's unlike any   beach i've ever seen. The color is gorgeous. Then 
you have the West side beaches where they have   long wide stretches of sandy beach and deep blue 
water. We've seen dolphins, whales and turtles   all on the West side beaches so check that out! 
We have a video detailing our top 10 beaches   so make sure to check that out before you 
decide which beach you're going to go too.   Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe.

So you're going to 
be really hungry after all these adventures   and you're going to want to have one nice night 
out. The best place to do that is here. You're   going to be having dinner while looking out at the 
Ko'olau mountain range. It's worth asking for a table   with the view of the mountain. You might wait 
a little longer but it adds to the experience   and come when it's daylight so you can see 
the mountain. You can get the biggest prime   rib i've ever seen there so if you're looking 
for a recommendation on what to eat try it out.   Sunset at Tantalus Point. It's overlooking 
Honolulu and Waikiki. You will see Diamond Head   and why we recommend sunset is because the sun is 
setting behind the city so the city will have that   gorgeous orange yellowish glow. It's a beautiful 
sight and often overlooked so don't miss out on   this one. Pillbox hikes. There are pill boxes all 
over the island and they all go to a nice lookout   point.

I'm going to recommend that you try Koko 
Crater. It's a great workout and you get to see   the entire southern point of the island. I 
recommend Ma'ili pillbox hike aka the pink   pillbox hike. Gorgeous views pretty easy don't 
underestimate the pillbox hikes! Don't overlook   them and don't skip them. You have to do one 
on your trip to Oahu. Hawaii grows pineapples,   macadamia nuts, chocolate but also coffee. The 
Green World Coffee Farm has their own coffee bean   trees. You can have the most freshest coffee right 
there. It's a nice quaint unique stop to have   local coffee and you're gonna need that energy 
for all these things that we're recommending.   Turtle beach so when you come to Hawaii.

going to want to see a honu, a green hawaiian sea   turtle. The best place to do this is going 
to be at turtle beach. I almost guaranteed   to see a turtle there and that's also where we 
saw our first turtle ever in Hawaii after living   here for almost six months so go there if you 
want to see one. Mermaid Caves you'll see holes   and there's water underneath.

The waves are 
crashing into those caves and it's echoing. It's   a beautiful sound. You'll see that deep blue water 
coming in. Don't be scared to jump in. We're kind   of chickens so it took us a while but it's pretty 
safe. It is a little difficult to get out but if   there's other people there jump in and have fun. 
Watch some surfing on north shore. So north shore   is known for its waves! You have Pipeline you have 
Waimea bay you have all these surfing competitions   and it's fun just to go watch these guys surf 
these crazy high waves.

For authentic Hawaiian   food, you'll be going to Helena's Hawaiian food. 
It's in Honolulu and you will eat your laulau   your ribs your haupia all there. You can see the 
history of the restaurant hanging on the walls   since it's been there for decades. This is the 
local spot to taste your authentic Hawaiian food.   Ka'ena point so this is one of our most memorable 
hikes and i would venture to say it's our favorite   hike. The shoreline is made out of black lava rock 
it's super dramatic you have the blue ocean there   you have many tide pools and monk seals are 
playing in the tide pools and at the end is a bird   sanctuary where you can see humongous albatrosses. 
The Byodo-in temple is a Japanese replica.

It's   beautiful and unlike anything we've seen on Oahu. 
They have this beautiful deep red temple they have   a gong that's still working a meditation garden 
a gazillion koi fish and you can just walk around   and take in the environment. Farmers markets. I'm 
always hungry so i'm always looking for some good   food and you can definitely find that at farmer's 
market. So they have them all over the island.   Whenever you do a long hike up into the mountains, 
you will probably see people carrying bags of   fruit because they pick them in the mountains and 
sell them on the farmers markets.

This is a good   way to taste local fruits and veggies. Snorkeling 
at Hanauma Bay. So this is popular for a reason   you can see beautiful fish there What's the 
Hawaiian state fish babe? Humuhumunukunukuapua`a!   You can see that fish and many many more. It 
has a beautiful long beach that often gets   overlooked because of the snorkeling. Make sure 
you go early and bring some reef safe sunscreen.   Waterfall hikes! It's a must do on Oahu! It'll 
be muddy. It'll probably rain on you but you're   gonna be in this lush jungle vibe and it's going 
to be green wet and pretty! At the end, you'll   have that beautiful waterfall people are jumping 
off from it. People are swimming in the water.   It's a must do and some of these hikes that that 
we recommend Lulumahu, Maunawili and Likeke Falls.

If you're up for a real adventure Ka'au Crater. 
Botanical gardens we like two of them.   the first one being Waimea valley botanical garden 
and then you have Ho'omaluhia the one that we   really like. This is a very large botanical garden 
also with plants from all over the world initially   created to prevent flooding. Waihole Poi factory 
another Hawaiian spot that has delicious food but   what we go there for is the sweet lady! oh yeah! 
it's a haupia ice cream which is coconut but the   real kicker is the kulolo that's underneath. 
Kulolo is made from taro which is a vegetable.   I know what you are thinking vegetable ice cream 
they don't go together but oh yes they do! Don't   skip out on this one. It's our favorite ice 
cream here on the island. The Kuli'ou'ou Ridge   trail.

It's not too long and it'll take you about 
four hours. You're walking through jungle forest,   pine forests and once you're a bit at the top 
the trees will clear out you'll see Diamond   Head Koko Crater the ocean and once you make it 
those final steps all the way up to the ridge   you will see the beautiful East side of Oahu. You 
have that gorgeous lookout and it's so rewarding,   a must-do hike here on Oahu. China Walls. This 
is one of our most favorite places on the island.   We love to go here and snorkel. It's the youngest 
part of the island and it's all made up of   lava rock. You can see the layers of the rock and 
this is a very cool often overlooked part of Oahu.   I don't hear anyone talking about China Walls 
we don't really see it a lot on youtube and it's   one of our favorite spots here on the island. If 
anyone messages us on instagram or youtube we tell   them to go to China Walls. We've seen whales here. 
We've seen turtles and the water is super deep and   so clear! It's awesome! Last but not least this is 
actually our favorite thing here on the island so   rightfully number one.

The Kaneohe sandbar it's 
a beach in the middle of the ocean. You're going   to kayak there or ride your boat and once you're 
there it's like wow! This wide stretched sandbar   in the bay you have mountains around you you have 
deep blue waters there's nearly not as many people   as on a regular beach and you can just hang 
out. People bring their hammocks they bring   beach umbrellas and you can be there 
for hours only visible during low tide You're going to want to have at least one…..   what? oh I thought you were going to say 
something. I also recommend that you try   out Koko..

I'm going to recommend that you try 
out Koko. I don't know what's wrong with me!   From an amazing landscape to monk seals 
to a blah blah blah. Make sure you go   early and bring some reef free sunscreen reef 
free… reef safe sunscreen. Make sure.. first sunrise i don't know f*** know. You do 
this one. No okay i'm gonna say that that we   like to go there for snorkeling and you take over. 
China walls this is one of our most favorite…

[ __ ] birds all right here we go we're done..

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