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Something Strange Happened in Our Dream Home!

on Christmas night weird things happened while I was home alone with the baby after opening presents late in the morning hold on what this is garbage Canon spent all of his roblo and brillan put together their new hoverboards while I made dinner I hate pepper on the day was so peaceful until the boys went outside to play and this happened after I laid the baby down for bed to take my shower they’re still sleep yes it’s Christmas day it’s a quiet house it’s almost afternoon they stayed up too late oh no video games she’s still here she’s still full in effect we actually had a really Peaceful Christmas Eve say hello don’t actually do that the boys were freaking out the other night I feel like they just are pranksters they got it from their mom and dad and now they just like want to break us maybe that’s another reason why they’re scared and they haven’t woke up yet this morning excuse our new artifacts that Marco brought in the house they don’t look like they’re going to cause any harm I I think so we have all of the boys Christmas gifts lined up here this is for Kaden because he’s obsessed with blippy and I can’t wait to see his little face whenever he comes down here good morning Merry Christmas how a Merry Christmas nugget is coming downstairs to open his gifts Merry Christmas cayen go that’s an excavator he’s like let me get on this thing y a oh oh you trying to excavator me oh God hold on hold on Daddy’s foot Daddy’s foot oh you got to get your seat belt safety for oh he loves this I can’t believe Nugget’s going to be driving already you got to go get this perent first uh-oh got to press the wheel move the wheel right here press your foot show him how to push his foot down on it baby oh shoot oh my god oh dude you’re a terrible driver I did it I did it you did it oh my God he doesn’t know how to take his foot off that’s the problem kayen oh God kayen dangerous you can’t drive like that buddy can’t just take off we don’t go that fast in the house now okay okay I see another Beverly Hall boy in the building I see two good morning Merry Christmas oh Merry Christmas guys we’re going to have the best Christmas ever today okay why did you guys sleep in were you guys tired did you guys stay up all night playing the game I told him to get off that game and go to bed it been a long night the red one that says FAL la la la that one is brain’s and he has to open that one last Kaden’s getting real busy thank you oh thank you Celtics Jersey and look it says NASA on there cuz you want to be an astronaut this one’s for you baby it’s flippy you did a great job you did a great job he said binocular oh thank you no way what Golden State Warrior Jersey yes see how much let’s see if you can leave me on the court with that know how much I’ve been winning thank you guys look kayen a loves it already mommy wrapped your presents in Gold your favorite color this is a glow Canon Takis out of all Christmas gifts kayen wants the book he has not stopped the real life bopy you guys know how much I’ve been wanting this oh man take it off what it’s a dinosaur Claw is this this is garbage we only have the broken one why do we have to get a new one it’s absolute doooo butter it’s disgusting and have to go in the garbage like KY Sage your kid Marco that’s your kid now on that’s fun dude that kid is hilarious okay it’s brill’s time to open up this gift right here this star let’s watch bran open this gift baby Huggy oh the star is giving me a hug yeah what is this what a what what this is what I get yeah you had like a bab wait now I actually kind of feel bad it wasn’t diapers yeah so that present had a other box inside uh-huh box in the Box can’t open I know I tried to make it impossible to open I can open up it it’s the impossible present I tried to make it impossible he tripped us gosh there’s a present side another box it’s just getting smaller and smaller I’m done oh my goodness hold up okay that was actually worth it you guys know I’ve been waiting like months for this wow do you like it yes I love it a ooh you’re welcome he loves it I’m making a little shuty board I don’t even know if I’m saying that right with like fruits and the meats and the cheese and all of that in the back this was my first time trying to make one of these and I really just got got some inso from Pinterest and then went from there but this is how they turned out I’m loving it I’m loving it you did a great job with that what do you think about the cheese and the grape combination I think cheese and grapes are so good let me try it your hair looks good that’s amazing I thought you were going to make me some dumplings yesterday but you didn’t I didn’t make your dumplings I’ll make them for you tomorrow will you try cheese and grapes what is this that is a piece of pepperoni I hate pepperoni you take a green grape and a piece of cheese it’s really good grape and a piece of cheese uh-huh put them together tell me if you like it oh oh God did you like it BR yeah I was actually pretty good did great honestly like I would think like somebody like a a professional chef came and did that like you did phenomenal thank you I think that’s why you’re my wife cuz you do things that you don’t know how to do but you do it but I figure them out it’s good so yeah I love it I want to ask you what what made this is Christmas so special to you oh that my family’s here and that you guys are all healthy and that I have everyone’s health and wealth and a beautiful roof over our head and that we have food in our mouths like I could not ask for a better Christmas than that so what about you well this Christmas of course like is a blessing just to be living and breathing and having my family and just enjoying looking at their faces breathing in the same air as them it just makes me feel good makes me feel like a manly man well father looks amazing on you I love being a father we made it to another Christmas together as a beautiful family as one so that just makes me happy what about you brother honestly the same as you guys like I’m just happy that over family you know is connected and healthy and now we got to spend another Christmas together like I just think that that’s crazy yeah that God would really do that for us yeah man we could be in the room together for 100 billion years and still love each other the same it gets dark so early around this time I want to take the boys out they want to go out with their new hoverboards that they got so at least they glow up in the dark wa brillan has put both together you did a good job buddy I knew that you would trust the process yeah you got you and your brothers done good job being a big brother and and what game are you playing Spider-Man to how many Roblox you got left 10K 10K still I don’t believe you I don’t believe you Canon show me show me how many you got fine I have 50 50 yeah saying you got 10K ooh nice skin let’s see you guys take off go this is kon’s old hoverboard I’m about to ride and race these guys while the boys got out to ride their hoverboards I finally got baby Caden down to sleep for the night and I thought it would be the perfect time to start my night routine so right now we at the park late night oh does anyone else just feel like completely relieved that Christmas time is over let’s PR oh brle you about to get broke I’m like so ready to just take a shower and go to bed this day was full of so much love and happiness but at the same time it’s just a lot like the holiday season can get kind of stressful I am about to get in the shower I’m going to show you guys my little shower routine all right show our Lo look play all right slow [Music] down we about to race down here is winning is winning one around

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