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This is What Hawaii is Like in 2023 ūüĆł Honolulu is NOT what we thought ūüėģ Exploring Waikiki

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last time on delightful travellers we said   goodbye to the beautiful country of 
Japan we so enjoyed our time there   and we already can't wait to go back in 
this video we arrive in Hawaii for the   very first time we're on the island of Oahu 
and we're so excited to see what this place   is about I'm Anna and this is Trevor in 
this mini series we're checking a bucket list item off our Travel list Hawaii   subscribe and click the like button so you 
don't miss a single video a huge thanks to   our channel members and patrons for making 
these videos possible welcome to Hawaii do you guys know how long we have waited to come 
to Hawaii I wanted to come here ever since I was   a kid me too I think it's pretty common as 
a Canadian kid growing up to dream of Hawaii   we are on the island of Oahu and in the city 
of Honolulu this neighborhood that we are in   right now is called Waikiki you've probably 
heard of it before we are on Waikiki Beach   isn't that completely stunning actually just 
in Japan and it's really nice to be back in   hot weather so this is one of the most famous 
beaches in the entire world especially in the   USA and I'm a little bit shocked we both are 
at how very little people are here I thought   this beach would be packed to be honest so in the 
last little while we spent time in Europe in the   summertime where the beaches are unbelievably 
packed and then we were in Asia we found lots   of empty and busy beaches there and from the just 
looking you might think like oh that looks really   busy but when you look closely there's lots and 
lots of space and this is probably one of the   busier times of year here we've been trying to 
figure out what this place reminds us of we've   only been here for less than 24 hours but it does 
remind us of two different places kind of meshed   together one being new San Juan in Puerto Rico the 
buildings in the architecture sure kind of look   like that place a little bit and also Miami and 
South Beach but except there take away all of the   craziness that happens on Ocean Drive and you get 
a more laid back chill Island lifestyle here we're   really digging this yeah in a way that's really 
hard to explain this place just has really good   vibe like Trevor said it's really laid back and it 
just feels good I think it's one of those things   you have to become an experience for yourself to 
totally know what I mean but I want to point out   one thing I'm really liking this beach I haven't 
actually had any time to actually spend here but   on this side it's like maybe you can go have fun 
like the kids can Splash around in the waves but   then if you want more lagoon style so over here 
they have it like sort of sectioned off the sea   wall it's all I come over here this is probably 
where we would be if we if we had some time to   spend it especially where I would be I think you 
guys can tell we are absolutely stoked to be here   in Hawaii if you're excited and if you're 
new or not new make sure to hit the Thumbs   Up Button because that will help get the video 
out there but I'm gonna get off the beach now   see what else it's kind of down this way so for 
those of you that follow us week to week you're   probably now wondering like what are your plans 
you're in the United States even though we're in   Hawaii right now not even close to Mainland USA we 
do have plans to go there yeah but this is a great   stopover if you are coming between Asia so we just 
spent like five months in Asia we were just into   just stop over here on our way to Mainland 
USA hopefully catch up on the Jetlag that's   that's why we did it right we're hoping that 
it will help with the jet lag but we'll see   but yeah we're gonna spend a few days here not 
nearly enough time but it is quite expensive and   traveling full-time you can't spend a long time 
in really expensive places no here for a few days   then we're flying tickets and we could say sort 
of like the southwestern U.S so meeting up with   some friends we have some big plans there we're 
meeting up some with some friends that you guys   may have seen in a video before and we're going 
to be doing some things that we've never done in   our lives so get ready for those videos coming 
up so much fun I cannot wait but right now we'll   just keep experiencing Honolulu something that 
we notice like literally when we got off the   plane was just how distinctly unique this place 
is especially compared to the rest of the US not   the US isn't overly unique or anything like that 
but for something that feels really different   really culturally different here I mean they do 
have this like Polynesian background a lot of   Polynesian culture and you feel it right away 
it's really really interesting all that does   have this wondering and we have a question for all 
of you Americans watching do you think of Hawaii   as your American tropical island I'm sure you do 
or do some of you think of it as another country   entirely I realize it's not another country but 
because it has its own culture its own language is   very unique we're just curious what the Americans 
think I mean Canadians just think of it as America   but being here this feels different than Mainland 
USA well take a look at this incredible tree that   we've just come across huh beautiful is that a 
banyan tree it's a banyan tree yeah all brand new   trees look like this sometimes they grow certain 
um maybe certain places it gets um even um bigger   and thicker cooler bigger and thicker are you from 
here yeah thank you very much I know how bad it is   oh look this one is still young yet this one might 
still be young yeah yeah thank you for letting us   know we keep saying this but Hawaiians are like 
some of the nicest people we've ever met some of   the the things we wanted to talk about today was 
actually talk about how nice Hawaiians and people   from like Americans in general sometimes get a bad 
rep around the world you get here and everybody is   so nice going to a store and people are asking 
you where you're from if you're having a great   time what you're doing today like everybody's so 
nice and talkative and they just stop and answer   questions that you randomly add to the camera 
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or click the link in the description below   alright now back to Hawaii so as we make our way 
along this like beach walkway we're also walking   on one of the main roads here in Waikiki key and 
if you didn't know it's basically like the main   tourist area here in Honolulu there is lots of 
hotels lots of restaurants loads and loads and   loads of shopping it's coffee shops as well 
so we have come over to a coffee shop called   Honolulu coffee and we hear a coffee in Hawaii 
is incredible it's actually considered some of   the best in the world we have an Americano today 
it's an iced Americano and notice it's black we   don't want to poison this let's say with milk 
or cream or sugar today we really want to just   try it as it is with a little bit of ice to make 
it nice and cold all right let's actually try it oh that's really really good really smooth it's 
not too bitter or too sweet it's kind of like a   perfectly balanced coffee sometimes I find like 
high quality coffees are often a little bit too   bitter but this one definitely is not so it's 
called Kona coffee that's where it's grown in   Hawaii Kona apparently it's very very well known 
it's considered one of the top coffees in the   world so if you're a coffee fan Hawaii is a place 
you should definitely come to and you're going to   find places all over at least here in Waikiki 
I'm sure all over probably all the islands in   Hawaii you're gonna find various coffee shops 
that have locally grown coffee we have now come   over to Diamond Head State Monument Park and 
believe it or not right now we are standing   inside a volcano crater so this is one of the 
top things to do here in Oahu apparently we're   gonna hike up for a while I think it maybe 
takes about 45 minutes we will see and then   we're gonna have some really fabulous views hope 
you guys feel like going hiking so just a couple   of logistical things one is that you can't just 
show up here and expect to go for a hike you have   to go online first to the state Park's website 
book your day and your time and then you come   basically within like an hour increments I think 
we're actually going there's no way you'll see   this with this camera but maybe I can zoom in a 
little bit there are some stairs like way way up   there we're already getting some amazing views 
here and right now the pavement that we were on   are the concrete is turned into like rocks yeah 
interesting this is almost like it was once page   and then it kind of like turned on wavy yeah I 
think by the top we read on the sign back there   that I think all like the concrete and locks go 
away maybe it'll be slightly more difficult but   probably about 30 percent of the way a little out 
of breath so far I'm not gonna lie we're starting   to get some amazing views and I'm sure it's 
only going to get better as we keep going up   and up but you might be wondering why is this 
place called Diamond Head because I certainly   wondered that myself it seems like an odd name for 
like a crater or a mountain basically uh British   soldiers arrived here in the 19th century and they 
looked they were in this area and looked down at   the beach which was covered in crystals and they 
thought it was diamonds so this area was part of   a series of volcanoes that erupted under the ocean 
2.6 million years ago and the crater here happened   because 300 000 years ago it erupted and made 
this glorious hole in the earth and now it is   quite spectacle to be up here I also have to say 
the further we get the easier I'm finding it I'm   still huffing and puffing but now I just know the 
ends inside we got to get to the top so I did a   lot of reading on this like volcanic volcanic area 
and there's a lot of facts so I could have them   slightly messed up but hopefully not one was that 
this crater was actually formed on one erupted but   something I read about it was that it's a type of 
volcano that will probably only erupt once in its   lifetime so it already did that I think should 
be pretty safe yeah just in case our mothers   are watching me like oh my goodness why are you 
walking up a volcano well we found another look   off point this one looks more official yeah we're 
this I think we're almost to the top it must be up   there somewhere but still another good view yeah 
yeah you're pretty excited or what look at this   view it's insane we started back this way as well 
so you can kind of see where we're at so far what   do you think 30 minutes in it feels something like 
that yeah that was my guess we're just walking up   some stairs even more out of breath didn't expect 
these did we not expect that hopefully this is   the end of it and there's a big tunnel here looks 
like we're going into complete darkness well you   get this is unexpected now that we're in 
this little uh Cavern I'm not even trying   to whisper instead of breath there's no wind 
so yeah I'm gonna start sweating but there's   also no light but I swear we're in here 
just a word of warning because I didn't   read anything about this before we came do 
you have claustrophobia maybe don't do this   we can certainly say being up here is definitely 
worth the 45 minute climb honestly it was pretty   easy towards the end the stairs did drain us out 
a little bit but these panoramic views you get   here of this city and just like all the rolling 
mountains in the background you can see all these   people's homes it's pretty freaking epic I didn't 
think it would be this nice up here honestly so   if you guys were thinking about coming here do 
it don't know how well you're gonna be able to   see using this lens but we actually started the 
video right down there and then made our way up   here and we had I love this view like you can 
see the whole city I know I didn't even really   mention the color of the water down here it's just 
wild to me that people have homes like right on   the edge of this which one's ours I don't know a 
future one somewhere is down there or maybe one   of those condos on the beach sure I can live with 
that being up here really makes you appreciate the   true beauty of Hawaii this crater is massive 
and from the air it is straight up astounding   this is one of those views that we admired as 
kids and we always look forward to coming to   Hawaii one day to see this well we've had a few 
minutes to enjoy the view cool off a little bit   now we have to get back down and whenever we 
do stuff like this I always think like going   down is going to be easier and it always ends up 
being harder and it always kills my legs but what   do you do there's no other way to get down and I 
think I see maybe an ice cold beer in my future   we've come over to a brewery called Waikiki 
brewing and we heard a lot about this place   I think it's safe to say we have earned our 
drink today after doing that climb this is a   blonde ale and uh luckily for us there is 
happy hour all day it's like five dollars   and fifty cents a beer or something like 
that that's incredible let's try it out oh yeah it's not our first craft beer we had here 
we had one yesterday but so far we're learning   quickly Hawaii knows how to do craft beer if 
you guys don't know we drink craft beer all   the time but the neighborhood we're in here is 
called kakaako kakaaka it's kind of a fun name   to say I think it's kakaako but it's kind of this 
like Industrial Park area that's transforming you   can see like little pieces of graffiti around so 
it'll be fun to maybe see more of that as we go on   throughout the day so I just noticed the menu says 
historic Brewing District this area actually came   highly recommended from some locals I don't think 
we ever would have known about this by ourselves   but it's nice to ask people live here and get 
recommendations and a lot of people said like   this area is really well known for its craft beer 
apparently there's a whole bunch of breweries and   tap rooms within like a few blocks of each other 
lots of Street artists Trevor already said I think   it's a very local area and not many tourists know 
about it which is always fun as well and we love   finding craft beer can I just say how nice it is 
to be back in the U.S and yes we've had lots of   craft beer in the past few months when we were in 
Asia but the US definitely knows how to do a good   craft beer speaking of the U.S and craft beer we 
were just chatting and the last time we were in   this country was over three years ago like well 
over three years ago as a Canadian that's that's   pretty crazy so it's been a long time we even 
looked up like our last video that we filmed   uh in the United States and it was like back 
in Miami like something like five years ago so   that's absolutely crazy for us so I hope you guys 
are excited that we are back we're super stoked   and we're not just going to be in Hawaii we've 
got some other areas that we're going to go to I   think our biggest audience is also people like U.S 
citizens or U.S people that watch us so hopefully   all you Americans are very excited that we're here 
and we'd love to get your recommendations like   where should we go in the United States it's so 
big yeah please do let us know because basically   as we already said we are heading to sort of 
the southwest of the U.S that's kind of already   planned out a little bit set in stone already 
however after that we go home for maybe a month   visit some family I don't even know if we're gonna 
film because we have so much of a backlog right   now from being in Japan being in Korea and then 
all the stuff that we're about to do we're gonna   have a lot of videos however after that thinking 
about coming back to the US maybe again and really   like the opportunity is totally open maybe go to 
a city that we don't really know what much about   we could rent an apartment for like a month or so 
we're really trying to get into this like living   in a place for a while so I'd love to find some 
random American city that maybe isn't even on our   radar that you guys recommend to us it is now the 
next day and we're back at our apartment that we   rented so we know you guys like when we show you 
our accommodation so we thought we would do that   today and it's just back here getting some water 
and uh we're going to give you an official tour   because this is a really nice place we're staying 
in except well everything's a little bit expensive   here so actually this is not the apartment we 
originally rented we had originally booked a   small little studio apartment it was teeny tiny 
when we checked in they told us that the pool   was under renovation which was kind of a bummer 
because we kind of rented it you know just to   have access to a pool although we don't have that 
much time to use it and then everything was good   it was the weekend and then on Monday morning 
they started Drilling and Jack hammering like   early in the morning it was so loud we couldn't 
even think we couldn't work we had a bunch of work   to get done so I sent a message to our host and he 
was super fast and actually moved us immediately   over to this apartment yeah it worked out really 
well so this place is Big Anna's obviously in the   kitchen but we have a desk here big fridge here's 
the entryway it's a huge kitchen here I love all   the windows in here of course we have living room 
area over here a couple of different couches and   there is a TV of course yeah we'll show you the 
patio in just a minute but if we turn this way   here is uh the bedroom which is kind of it's kind 
of a one bedroom these pull out to make like a it   does actually close off so it is technically a 
one bedroom even though it feels like a really   big Studio when you first walk in but there are 
doors so you have this huge room over here I   feel like they they bought it out really well 
there's a desk over there although we're using   the table for as that right now bed very comfy 
bed and then over there they actually have a   um set like a bunch of drawers but it's a perfect 
I don't know if they did this on purpose but it's   perfect to put your suitcases on top and I feel 
like no one ever thinks of that yeah they did   a good job with the mirrors here too it just 
reflects all the light then we have a bathroom   this way which certainly certainly does the trick 
yeah nice and facials in here I'll take you guys   outside to our patio so it's a great little 
uh Great Space you can see we have a table two   chairs there is an air conditioning unit out here 
as well that's pretty pretty common you need air   conditioning but yeah we have a pretty nice view 
we're 20 floors up so it's pretty windy I don't   know if you can hear it now but we have a great 
view of the the city itself here in Honolulu and   we actually have a view of where we were earlier 
so that's the big kind of volcanic uh let's call   it a hill or a mountain back there and we even 
have a little bit of a glimpse of the ocean which   is kind of neat so we're really digging the space 
here there actually is a really nice pool here I   don't think we'll have time to take advantage of 
it maybe I'll try to get out there for a couple   hours today but I highly doubt it's gonna happen 
there's so much work to get done you guys are   probably already wondering about price because I 
know here in Oahu in Hawaii in general things are   really generally really expensive so we were here 
over a long weekend so I think it was a bit more   expensive and we booked the studio for I think 
it was about 150 a night so definitely not cheap   it's one of the most expensive places we've stayed 
in the world that's US Dollars yeah USD and this   place I think starts so we didn't actually have 
to pay a different price for this but I think this   one starts around 150 a night so it probably gets 
more expensive in like super high season and also   long weekends and stuff like that that's of course 
not the only thing that's expensive around here I   mean in general Hawaii Hawaii can be pricey when 
it comes to food entertainment I mean all of the   United States is really but I think here might be 
a little more you guys can let us know but Russell   and Waikiki which ensure is more expensive than 
some other areas in Honolulu as well yeah we have   managed to find some you know happy hour places 
if we're looking for craft beer or something like   that we're looking for the deals but in general 
just remember we came from uh southeast Asia we   did spend some time in Japan as well which is also 
pricey but for the last five months we've been in   Southeast Asia yeah we've gotten pretty used to 
those prices I know it's like we used to be able   to go and eat a full meal like I each have a glass 
of wine and have like an appetizer and like two   Mains for like thirty dollars yeah that's here 140 
150 bucks so you guys might hear me joke sometimes   but honestly like one week here in Hawaii is like 
about the price of being in Thailand for a month   and a half and we're not rich I know people some 
before we keep saying that to people when many   people will be like I assume that you just have a 
lot of money because you can travel full-time and   it's not the case at all so stuff like this 
like hurts oh it hurts we're YouTubers it's   not there's not a lot of Rich YouTubers yeah 
definitely and not uh so we just try to make   our money work but the thing is we love the United 
States and we love coming here we wanted to come   to Hawaii so it has to be done which is still 
you know getting over the sticker shock let's   call it that one thing though the food here is so 
delicious we went out right away when we got here   back to the United States and we couldn't wait to 
eat some American food and oh it did it just did   not disappoint him yeah because Asian food is 
delicious but in general they don't do Western   food that well and you can find places but most 
of the time it's only mediocre as far as Western   food goes so yeah it's great to be back in the U.S 
in North America and be having some like delicious   burgers brunch brunch Bloody Mary's once we get to 
Canada we'll get some bloody Caesars better sorry   guys but we're just stoked to be back I think you 
guys can tell another thing I wanted to mention   uh just here like walking around the streets 
of Honolulu at night it's just so lit up all   the buildings are colorful and it just makes you 
want to be outside it's really this is definitely   a place that you want to be out after dark because 
it really lights up it's beautiful right we're so   stoked that we came here we are going to have one 
more video coming up and uh just in case you're   new around here it's Trevor and Anna delightful 
Travelers hit subscribe and leave us a like that   helps us out heck leave a comment if you're not 
new we love that you guys come back each and every   week but I think that's going to be it for the 
video today we have to get prepared for the next   video which is coming up tomorrow we have a lot 
of planning to do yeah by that we have no nothing   damn you're gonna be I think we're gonna get 
out of Honolulu and try to see a little bit   of the island so yeah we need to get on top of 
that right now yeah no plan also big thanks to   all our channel members and patrons Without You 
guys probably wouldn't be here so it's time to   wrap up all right guys that's it from Hawaii 
wishing you delightful travel see you soon

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