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Why I Want to be the Anti Real Estate Agent

[Music] [Applause] thank you baby it's not that I didn't want to be an agent 
I just want to be different for everybody else I mean there's no hiding the fact that there's 
a stigma around agents being sleazy salesman   but I wanted no part with that and so I thought 
maybe I could use it actually to my advantage   by being different but honestly I don't know if 
this is the way to go but I believe that people   will respond the right way to authenticity this 
feels best to me it feels right and I do think   and believe that you can't see going down this 
route at the end of the day the work that I do   is getting along with people and being of service 
to clients so if that's my goal there's no reason   for me to be in showafi and pompous and 
you know have all of that attitude yeah   so I was thinking like what could I do that 
all the Asians don't do so I took some time   to research and found out everything that they 
do that I didn't like first thing I discovered   right away actually pretty quickly is that all 
agents wear suits and so I chose that I would   never wear a suit I refuse to on last year's Super 
brand company who wants to sponsor me in that case   I will happily oblige while we're talking about 
fists we'll do a quick fit check you got the boots shout out to Thursday boost who's sponsored me 
what when I was only what 30k at Instagram thank   you the second thing is that nobody was creating 
content if they did it was really structured it   was cookie cutter and no one was being creative so 
I wanted to do something else even this this is me   branching out trying to start something new yo 
that is loud getting my a-roll third one is kind   of similar to the idea of content but it's about 
being authentic and connecting with my audience   a lot of real estate agents think of social 
media as just a means to advertise and Market   themselves but for me it's all about building 
a relationship with you guys so that you can   trust me and you know who I am as a person 
before you try to buy yourself something for   me this is something you're really interested 
and you want to find out more there's a guy   named JT Barnett who I learned so much from 
so go check him out okay and this isn't a job   at anyone specifically is pet peeve you know 
the real estate tourists where they go like please don't you will not 
catch me dead doing that okay   don't do that I want to give credit where 
credit is due the label or the phrase the   anti-broker I didn't come up with it was my 
guy Jonathan Stein and I want to emphasize   how important it is to work with people who 
have the same vision who believe in the same   things because it gives you the freedom the 
the flexibility and the power to be enabled   to go and pursue those paths because even if you 
don't deliver the results that everyone else is   expecting you're staying true to the principles 
that you believe and you can believe you can   operate fully confident knowing that this is 
the right way to do it and it doesn't mean   I don't have my own worries this is a very 
unconventional approach people still don't   understand it and it undermines the fake until 
you make it mentality right I'm exposing a lot   of being really vulnerable and I don't know 
how that's going to pan out I'm just hoping   for the best yeah I still have my fears I still 
have my doubts but I gotta push through right [Music] same thing but the bougie 
side of real estate let's go foreign [Music] I believe there's a new era of real estate that 
is being ushered I am proud and so excited to be   a part of that I genuinely believe with all my 
heart that there is an audience and there's a   clientele base that appreciates what we're trying 
to do and honestly once the transfer of wealth   happens from our parent generations to us there's 
gonna be a lot of properties being bought online   and I hope you guys find 
this and come to me [Music]

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