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Tesla Cybertruck Interior, In-depth look At The Production Model

thank you welcome guys I am Laura and you are watching car focus on Njeckston Electric in  this Edition I’ll take you on a detailed tour of the Tesla cyber truck production  model click subscribe and the bell icon so you don’t miss out on our next Edition thank you today we have the production version of the Tesla cyber truck it’s slightly smaller than  the one we saw during its debut back in 2019. take a look at it now with its windshield wiper  which is extremely long but narrow I don’t expect this to affect its efficiency in any  way but let’s wait and see if it makes it to the final production model moving along  the side you’ll notice a camera right there and here’s the mirror Tesla has opted for a  triangle shape instead of a square one but we’ll have to see how it handles the blind spot check  out the b pillar camera here which is similar to other Tesla vehicles now let’s take a look  at the door there’s a button to open it and you’ll find a similar button in the rear as  well just like the model X this means the doors can be automatically opened and closed oh my God excuse me I want to give a special shout out to Mark Evers who gifted us with a super  thanks thank you very much you can gift us as well and we will give you a special shout out  from the rear you’ll notice that the charge port is identical following the North American  Standard to open it you simply open up the flare and there’s a rubber strip to prevent water from  entering moving on to the tailgate you’ll find another autopilot camera as expected  it’s positioned above the tailgate and you’ll see your license plate holder below it now Feast your  eyes on the massive truck bed of the Cyber truck it’s the same size as the one showcased during  the 2019 debut here is a shot of the Cyber trucks tunnel cover closing there are two notable things  to pay attention to firstly the Cyber trucks tunnel cover closes with astonishing silence this is a significant improvement over what rivian has offered with the r1t’s integrated tunnel cover  now shifting our Focus to the angle of the shot you’ll notice that once the cover rolls  down into the truck it completely disappears this provides an unobstructed view of the  truck’s interior when the cover is down it’s truly fascinating to witness check  out this video showcasing the Cyber trucks cover opening up as you can see it rolls  down and closes seamlessly the movement is incredibly smooth both visually and audibly moving on let’s take a closer look at the tailgate watch as it opens slowly allowing us  to capture some great close-ups of the truck bed interestingly it seems that there are designated  spots for power outlets although they aren’t installed in this prototype Additionally the  latch we see here is what opens the newly confirmed under storage compartment let’s  explore the under storage compartment as it opens you’ll notice the abundance of extra space it  provides currently it’s storing the cover for the truck itself however it appears that a full-size  spare tire might not fit in this compartment which could disappoint some individuals potentially the  front trunk could serve as a large enough compartment for this purpose when needed  foreign the wheels remain massive with the Cyber truck’s wheel cover designed for optimal  efficiency with this setup the Cyber truck boasts an impressive range of up to 500 Miles we’ll have  to wait until it reaches production to confirm this check out the front fender camera with  the Red Dot this means the Cyber truck comes equipped with Hardware 4.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior, In-depth look At The Production Model

Now let’s take a look  at the front it’s massive just like the F-150 or even bigger as we’ve seen in previous videos up on the windshield you’ll find the autopilot cameras there should be two cameras and a fake  camera with Hardware 4 you no longer have three cameras there from this angle the  front proportion of the Cyber truck may seem deceivingly small but in reality  it’s actually huge it’s comparable in size to an F-150 and in fact longer than an F-150 taking a closer look at the interior we can see that it truly embodies the essence of a  Tesla production model the updated yoke design is visually appealing and the cabin boasts Tesla’s  largest display ever measuring a remarkable 18.5 inches diagonally the seats while showcasing a  cyber style aesthetic also appear to offer a comfortable seating experience the doors  feature distinctive cyber accents yet remain practical and user-friendly notably the truck  incorporates perforated seats a functional front center console area equipped with two  cup holders an armrest and ample usable space Additionally the Alcantara Dash and  sun visors add a touch of sophistication it is evident that this truck is rapidly  approaching its production-ready state and the interior is undeniably impressive while Tesla  May encounter some challenges along the way due to the Innovative nature of this  radical product the future looks promising and production is set to commence soon right up front you’ll notice the prominent bumper camera but there’s  an interesting addition that we haven’t seen before from Tesla  just above the camera there is a distinctive Notch which appears to be designed for a water  spray mechanism this Innovative feature is likely intended to clean the camera when it becomes dirty  it’s particularly valuable in trucks and will prove to be extremely useful for the Cyber truck and there you have it guys adaptive air suspension I anticipate that it might  differ slightly from the one found in the model X and S refresh as it can raise the  vehicle to an extremely high position or lower it down as for the panel gaps  everything seems to be in line however do keep in mind that this is just one example  of the production model we’ll have to wait and see if any further refinements are made that’s it for today guys you can now support us using the  super thanks feature on the bottom of this video we will be back again for more car focus in the meantime subscribe enjoy the rest of the video thank you foreign thank you foreign thank you

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