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Military Housing Tour in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii (Island Palm Communities)

So, hi everyone, welcome to our… house So we don't really own this house, this is a military housing provided to us And we will tour you around. I know that this would be very helpful for all the spouses and military families who will PCS or are planning to PCS or wanting to PCS to Hawaii So this is our receiving area. This used to be the family room/receiving area/ entertainment room but I transformed it to solely receiving area so that when I have visitors, I have a formal place to welcome them. So the area is really small but because it has high ceiling, it creates an illusion of a bigger space. Then in this area is the powder room And then… let's head to the office… before, it was a storage room. I converted it to my office. And here are few of my favorite books. And this part, is the laundry area… So, this is the laundry area. It's a little small, but it's alright.

The washer and dryer is provided to lower enlisted only, E5 and below… so, we have to buy our own. Then this is our family room, we spend most of our time hanging out… it used to be our dining area, but i converted it to our family room. And here is our kitchen… so, the reason why that area used to be our dining room… because this whole area was really supposed to be the dining area… But I guess it's better now because whenever I'm cooking …

Or my husband, or someone's washing the dishes, we can still watch tv. And here is our new dining area… This used to be our tech center, where the kids study or use the computer… I just converted it to our dining area, to maximize the use of space. This is the first thing that you'll see when you go upstairs… So this altar is where we pray as a family. It is placed in-between the kids bedroom. This room was supposedly Cody's room, but i converted it to a study room… so, Cody is not attending a traditional school… He is home schooled and I'am his teacher. That's why we converted this room to be a study room, and a play room as well. And then, this bed is placed here during day time for Cody's nap time. And the at night, we move it to our bedroom where he sleeps with us. Now, this is our eldest son's room… There is nothing much in here, coz he likes it simple… he doesn't like a lot of decoration or anything… that's why there is only a bed and his study table.

Then, this is my DIY wall decor that i just made… i just purchased the light from AMAZON. Then, this is our linen closet. I'm not sure if it's organized but…… So here's where we put all our linens. I'm gonna close it now, it's kinda messy. Then this is the kid's bathroom. Nothing really special here. It's super simple. It's just a kid's bathroom. But, my husband uses this room a lot. And this is our master's bedroom. So this is the master's bedroom. This is me and my husband's room. It's not that big but the size is perfect for us Then this is my other office space, So that when there's something I haven't finished in my office downstairs, I continue it it here. Then this is my husband's mini fridge. It's got some drinks for when he's thirsty or when he wants to knock himself out. And then this…. is actually not a window. This is…. So that's it! Thank you so much! Tatay, say hi! Unfortunately I couldn't get him in the vlog since he was taking all the shots But, that's it for today! Thanks for joining us! I hope you guys enjoyed.

And hopefully on our next house tour, it's gonna be our own house. We are really praying for it. And please pray for us too, that my husband's next duty station is gonna be it so that finally we can buy a house of our own So thank you again for joining us! And… HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! BYE!!!.

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