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Gold Coast in HAWAII? Inside Ocean Front Home of the Author of #1 Personal Finance Book of ALL TIME!

Have you guys heard of Gold Coast? We are not talking about Gold Coast of Australia We're talking about Gold Coast here in this beautiful island Hawaii Aloha guys, this is Rose Jang from TrueHawaii.com   This Gold Coast home is nestled just below Diamond Head. You're gonna find a piece of paradise in this beautiful luxury ocean front home. 2801-A Coconut Avenue Unit AG Start your day surfing from your front yard and take a beautiful morning bike ride around Kapiolani Park Isn't this gorgeous guys? and make sure to stroll down to the aquarium and there's Waikiki Shell which is one of my favorite outdoor venues and there's Honolulu Zoo and of course 
world famous Waikiki which is steps away and now welcome to this beautiful Gold Coast home Have you ever heard of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? Of course you have.

Everyone has read it. That was actually one of my absolute favorite books growing up in South Korea. When I read that book it was just like mind-blowing. So guess who owns this property! You guessed it right Robert Kiyosaki who is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad  and his wife Kim Kiyosaki owns this beautiful property on Gold Coast
with this amazing view guys so check it out This property was built in early 1980s and  once they bought it they redid the whole 
property inside beautifully in 2005  with this absolutely gorgeous view 
of this ocean in your front yard and this sea wall protection was redone in 2018 that 
owner fully paid and it was permitted as well When I walked into this beautiful property, two words came into my mind: it is a hidden oasis which is tucked away
in this beautifully exclusive and private neighborhood  Right now we are standing in this family room  where it feels super cozy and wherever that you are   you can just enjoy your company or you can enjoy your relaxation  and anywhere you sit you're gonna 
have this incredible view of the ocean Are you one of those who love to have your 
friends and family over for dinner and barbecue?  I know I do.

Can you imagine hosting 
a party in this amazing dining room?  One of the things that I absolutely 
love and appreciate about this house is  this natural flow. Once you come in,  there's a dining room and you can just walk down to this living room and family room. Now we are standing in this kitchen. Things that I love about this kitchen is this island table, really cool shape where you can cook and talk to your friends and family and this has tons and tons of counter space as well For all of you guys who have a lot of kitchen gadgets, this is perfect because we have a lot of cabinets and storage spaces as well So from this kitchen you just walk this short hallway and then on my right side we have this laundry room where there's washer and dryer and now we are entering this beautiful, quiet and private Den where you can use this space as your office 
or you can use it as a foyer Now that we're on the second floor, we have four bedrooms and three full bath and this door leads to the master bedroom.

Let's go check it out Once you walk through this beautiful set of double doors on my right we have this huge walk-in closet and on my left you have this impressive master bathroom One of the things that I love about this master bedroom is this very relaxing Island vibe you feel Not to mention this incredible ocean view that you can see from your bedroom Once you step out of master bedroom, check out this beautiful spacious lanai which connects you to the master bathroom as well Imagine yourself coming to this beautiful home and enjoying a heart that in this beautiful jacuzzi with incredible ocean view in front of you All I'm missing right now is actual water candlelight, bubbles and champagne. One of the things that I love about this master bathroom is this really cool Island vibe, double sink one for you and one for your partner After we come out of this beautiful master bedroom On my right side we have a second bedroom which is very cozy and you can use it also as an office At the opposite corner of the second bedroom,
there are two full suites The one on my right side we have full bedroom and bathroom and now we're walking into this another 
larger suite at the end of the hallway where you have two sets of closets, full bathroom and very very spacious bedroom   with very cute little lanai that you can enjoy the breeze from Diamond Head How did you like this beautiful property owned by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki? Please comment below If you want to be the next owner of 
this beautiful ocean front property in Gold Coast Hawaii, please make sure to click the description below for more information If you are thinking about making a move to 
Hawaii and find your own piece of paradise, I would love to help you.

My contact is below as well.
I hope you guys are having a fabulous day and I will see you guys on my next video. Thank you and mahalo..

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