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Giants vs Eagles | 2023 Week 16 Highlights

against an offensive line for the Giants that has struggled mightily back to back Bley WIS this one Dro for a loss it is sha Lenard who just joined the Eagles a few weeks ago a three-time All Pro with a tackle for loss Briton cby going to have a shot here on a line drive kick cubby slips free puton cubby into Giants territory gets around Gillan cubby inside the 30 inside the 20 inside the 15 on their first play it’s DeAndre Swift and just like that the Eagles have it first and goal rest of the league trying to duplicate it nobody can do it like these guys can got it with the assist hurts into the end zone starting his 17th year in the NFL with a 52 Y and it’s like riding a bike man how can in any group like that going to a funk like this looking downfield first play Dallas SCD crossing the field for 18 yds and a first down going to all be on the shoulders of this defense taking the football away hers to the outside this one’s for smar stays on his feet Deontay Banks try to slam him down finds his spot first down pressure comes again Herz underneath as a first down to Dallas SCD third and three Smith comes in motion High snap through Herz hands able to get to it able to throw it and they’re going to get a first down out of it it’s Grant kca’s First Catch of the Season just like they drew it up this is amazing I mean we we talked to wink martinel asked them about the offense they’re at least considering it that’s a 28- y for Elliot and that penalty doesn’t hurt him one bit right down the middle and Taylor went down and now here’s deito at the quick trigger to Wale Robinson he is leveled by Nolan Smith 54 yd return his first [Applause] time Gan who has not been entirely healthy shakes this one cby atts it he is fun to watch the drive set up at the 48 yd line it is Herz to run kill and Herz breaks fre and on the first play of the drive he’s got 17 yds second down and 10 just a three-man rush hurts with time Smith’s wide open Devonte Smith touchdown Philadelphia pressure gets there the Vito gets away but a flag down the Vito down sha Leonard finishes him off and that was doomed right away third and eight here Bellinger has been his favorite Target he’s stopped a yard shy by blankin Shin a third in second of time and they went to the well one too many times Hassan reik ends this drive will’ll have the ball to begin the second half as well trying to blow this thing open mcaren on the blitz can’t get Herz to the ground and now they look to make him pay the price Kenneth gainwell 20 yds and then that second play from Jaylen Herz as he escapes this time Blitz is picked up it’s gainwell out of the back field and Kenneth gainwell backto back receptions 14 yds this time looking at a third and four here and it’s Herz pulling it and get him the first down here they come Santa can’t get down the chimney and Smith’s got a first down first and goal Giants bring it again hers flushed again room to run inside the 10 down to the five and let how this first half comes to a close the Giants have struggled to get it going offensively short kick and a return here from Boston Scott runs into a zakus and the Giants have the ball Tyrod Taylor Berkeley again has a touchdown and bringing the noise Eagles bringing the heat Taylor dances around needs the 30 and he’s going to get it Tyrod Taylor runs for a first down out of the backfield gainwell and as gainwell lowers the shoulder right at the sticks big man here we go third and short it is Herz with an easy first down play action safety Blitz coming Herz gets rid of it and it is calcatera the Eagles go a little bit hurry up a couple times today Swift has one DeAndre Swift has his biggest run of the day into Giants territory play action Herz a strike for brown H Brown 15 more hers looks to throw G’s got a first down second down and 20 that is picked up adori Jackson changing this game Herz and pursuit will not get him it’s a pick six saquan Barkley going for two stood up keeps on turn into the goal line and he’s in to start the second half you don’t have trust in your turn they’re blitzing it throw to the outside pin point for brown extra off kilter trying to end this three- game ski third down and a mile herk steps up and delivers oh perfect strike well that change things for the Eagles crowd comes to life a little bit Swift or gainwell breaking fre kth gainwell stopping start to the 20 a fake and a throw it is brown breaking a tackle Swift makes a move finds the end zone touchdown Eagles now it’s time for this offense to stand on their own two feet the five on first down it is down the seam and it’s Daniel Bellinger the throw incomplete is that what you’re saying yeah I wanted to keep going but I don’t think it’s going to Herz finds GD crossing the field now is GD down 30 right down the middle sort that all out second and five deep shot slayton’s behind Brenson there he is Slayton is in touchdown Giants Swift again has a hole over the top squirts ahead to the 48 DeAndre Swift with a highlight run that’s where this offense really is dangerous beat him again wating for it to develop he’s got a first down his guys play an agent for him too he said whatever he’s getting paid it’s not enough Swift changing directions looking for the corner got a block from Herz first down stays in bounds 43 y for Jake Elliot looking for his fourth make of the day and he’s got it as automatic as they come in the NFL wallers got it first down into Eagles territory Taylor lets it rip wallers got it giants still have life from the 26 yd line Tyron Taylor looking for a Christmas miracle directs traffic and throws Back In The End Zone that’s the ball game picked off by Ringo the eagles survive and end the losing Street 33- 25 and Nick sani’s team to 11 and four snapping the losing streak and still in command as they try to track down the division title

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