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First-time home buyers may be eligible to apply for California’s down payment assistance program

Let's take a look at what else is happening today. The thought of owning a home might seem like a distant dream, but that could soon change for some California
residents. That's right. And assistance prm launches today called the Califa Dream for all Shared Appreciatin Loan ABC 10s Monica Coleman jois US live this morning. I know Mo, when we talked about this earli. Some people's eyes may
be popping here because buying a home
these days
is awful. Yeah, well this may be a game changer for people who want to go from being a renter to being a homeowner because oftentimes they're walking down the street, they see a for sale sign in front of their dream home, but get discouraged because they feel like they will never be abo save up for that large down pay. But this program may change
at all for them. It's called the California Dream for All Appreciation loan and
this may be
a game changer for first time home buy, giving them 20% down
for a down payment.

So here's how it works. You must be a first time homebur occupy the home of the
primary resident. No Co borrowers are allowed. You must complete 2
levels of homebuyer education and meet the
program income limit, which for Sacramento
would be $200,000. A lot of people don't see home building in the future, but you know, that's why we're into this program right now, because it's really important that people have these options. California can be really challenging even more than other states to buy that first home. So being able to help people mae that leap from renting to ownin, building that generational wealh is so important right now. To apply, you can go to the California Housing Finane Agency where you can find a prie loan officer who has been alreay approved by the agency
and will guide you through the home buying pro. And when contacting
the loan officer, it is best to have your pay stub, your bank statement, any employment history so that e lender can help you best that ty can and you can also answer any questions they may have for you.

But again, well this is huge for people who want to have that generational wealth by having tr own property in their
name back. Yep. But the other, you know, obviously they're gonna have to give the money back, whatever profit they make. But for now, getting in and getting going is the key here, if they wanted to get
involved in this. Monica Coleman. Thank you..

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