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Don’t Trust Your Agent – The Psychology of Real Estate

Greg Eckler here with My Expert Agent This is the first video of the Psychology of Real Estate series Today's topic is called "Believe Me, Don't Trust Me" I tell my clients not to trust me, and they actually appreciate my perspective Working with clients, my goal is to pass on as much knowledge as I can, so clients can have the information they need I want them to understand the pros and cons of any situation and empower them to make great decisions I tell them to believe me—know that I'm doing my best to help them figure out the situation but also don't trust me Assume I'm doing something shady, or I'm just thinking about commission Or that I forgot something they told me Basically, take my advice, but also second guess it So if you need a great agent who you can believe and not trust Let me know and I can make that connection Thanks for watching! Make sure you check out my website and YouTube channel for more information on how we can help you find a great agent

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