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How To Spend 5 Days in OAHU Hawaii | Experience Hawaii Like Never Before!

[Music] how to spend five days in uhu Hawaii this guide offers five day itinerary for Ohio that includes the best beaches hikes and water sports it also provides dips on where to stay and how to visit Oahu on a budget explore cultural and historic sites try delicious food and have unique experiences with this comprehensive guide to Uhaul we have compiled a list of the top activities for first-timers to enjoy during a five-day stay in uhau the most popular island in Hawaii don’t miss out any of the fun and exciting things to see and do don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our channel for future videos day one Honolulu side seeing if you’re visiting Hawaii and going through honolulu’s international airport it’s a good idea to start your five-day trip on uhawu in the City Honolulu and the Waikiki neighborhood have lots of hotels shopping and entertainment options but the beaches can get crowded to avoid the crowds make sure you explore beyond the touristy areas there are great hikes museums and attractions in and around Honolulu and we’ve listed some of the best below Pearl Harbor if you’re visiting Ohio for the first time make sure to visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial which includes the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center admission to both sides is free but you will need to reserve a Time ticket for the memorial online and pay a nominal convenience fee Diamond Head State Monument design head Summit Trail is a 1.6 mile round trip hike located on a volcanic crater in Uhaul and it’s very popular the path includes stairs and Uphill climb with a total elevation gain of 560 feet at the top you can see the Honolulu Skyline and Waikiki Beach on one side and a lighthouse on the other with a beautiful Shoreline in between there are picnic areas restrooms and concessions available at Diamond Head State Monument there is a small entrance fee that applies per car or person and visitors from out of state are required to make reservations beforehand Waikiki Beach Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is famous Ritz palm trees golden sand and colorful sunsets however it is also the most crowded Beach on the island it is recommended to visit this beach during sunset for its west facing views but for more relaxing Beach experience consider visiting other beaches on the island Waikiki Beach is perfect for those who love a vibrant atmosphere as there are various activities such as live music volleyball matches and serve lessons available on the beach alamona Center the alimona center in Honolulu is known as the world’s largest Open Air Mall despite being located near beaches the atmosphere is sophisticated and offers a variety of high-end stores clothing chains and department stores moreover Shoppers can explore multiple dining options on all four floors including a large food court serving International Cuisine and the shirukia Japan Village Walk with traditional dishes day two and three Southeast end hiking and Beach hopping the southeast area of Ohio is considered to be among the most attractive regions it features Coastal hikes and Immaculate beaches that are less busy compared to Waikiki this area has small towns and limited hotels which contribute to maintaining a more family oriented and community-like atmosphere to fully explore the beaches and trails along the coast we suggest spending two days below are some of them you can easily drive from Honolulu to this part of the island you can go east from Diamond Head and follow the coastline or go up the Pali Highway for mountain and Forest views you can also make a loop to experience everything Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Hanauma Bay situated on the eastern shore of oau is a famous snorkeling destinations on the island you can see brilliantly colored fish in Coral driving in the waters the Bay is is situated inside a volcanic crater and has been under conservation for over 50 years to give marine life some rest from Human interference the bay is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays visitors are expected to watch an instructional video prior to visiting the beach you can take a shuttle service from Waikiki to reach here however if you choose to drive make sure to arrive early to find a parking lot as it could be difficult The Preserve opens at 6 45 AM and there are various fees including entrance parking lockers and snorkel gear you have an option to bring your own snorkel gear Coco crater Trail the Coco crater Trail is a challenging hike that spans less than a mile but includes over 1 000 steps it leads up a ridge and provides panoramic views of the Eastern end of uhau including Hanauma Bay originally built as a railway to supply bunkers during World War II the trail now includes wooden rungs to assist hikers if you make it to the top you’ll be able to see miles of coastlines in several directions Lanikai Beach Lanikai Beach is a beautiful and peaceful Beach that has soft light colored sand and a view of the mokalua islands which are two small Islands nearby that are home to many seabirds to get to the beach you need to go through some narrow alleys behind a residential area as is not very easy to tell from the main road however since there is no specific parking lot the streets stand to fill up with cars of people going to the beach making it difficult to find a place to park please note that there are no facilities or washroom available at this location therefore it is important to bring all the necessary items with you for a day at the beach if you want to explore the nearby Island consider renting a kayak from the vendors in Kailua Town ladikai pillbox hike you can take a short hike uphill that provides breathtaking views of Atlantic High Beach and the mukulua island the hike leads to a pair of old military bunkers and it’s fairly easy in dry conditions covering only a couple of miles up and back however it’s essential to wear proper Footwear as you’ll be walking on a dirt path the trails entrance is somewhat hidden in a neighborhood that has limited parking but the hike is quite popular so it’s best to come early to avoid crowds is a large area with multiple beaches and plenty of opportunities for boating and water sports visitors can use catamarans kayaks and paddleboards to explore the Kanye Sandbar and mokoli a small island that looks like a straw hat the base Barrier Reef helps to create an abundance of coral for snorkeling kualua Regional Park is another option for those looking for a Sandy Beach and easy access to makoli day four North Shore road trip if you’re looking for a peaceful escape from the business city of Honolulu head to the North Shore for some secluded beaches and Charming small towns with a vintage feel take your time exploring the area as there are plenty of beautiful farms and mountains to see along the way to make the most of your trip we suggest starting early and driving through the center of the island on H2 Highway then making a loop down the North End of the windward Coast you can end your day by trying some delicious shrimp from one of the many roadside restaurants Dole Plantation the Dole Plantation is a great place to suffer a delicious snack while traveling from Honolulu to the North Shore if you’re interested in pineapple themed activities you can explore a garden maze or take a train ride through the fields however you can also head straight to the cafe and enjoy a doe whip without judgment keep in mind find that the cafe doesn’t open until mid-morning so if you want to make the most of your time on the North Shore you may need to come back another day instead of stopping here on this trip kaina Point State Park to begin your adventure at canina Point follow the northern coast Westward until you reach the end of the highway the state park may be a bit rough as there are no amenities provided but it also means that there are vast stretches of empty beachfront and hiking trails the kaina point Trail stretched 3.5 miles to the remote westernmost tip of oau and the only way to get there is to walk Haleiwa town if you follow the coast towards the kometime highway you will reach the Charming town of halewa where you can stop to have a brunch or lunch this historic village has a modern shoppings and dining Plaza along with many food trucks great for satisfying your taco Cravings surf shops small art galleries and locally owned boutiques Waimea Valley if you want to break from the beach you should check out the botanical gardens in Waimea Valley although there is an entrance fee the gardens offers a nice hiking trail and a small waterfall where you can swim Additionally you can enjoy the native floor of oau while visiting this location day five when wardco’s culture and Adventure before living Uhaul you can enjoy some exciting Island Adventures at a large nature Retreat and experience Polynesian culture and Cuisine keep in mind that these activities are more geared toward tourists compared to the previous day’s activities if you prefer not to participate in these popular attractions you can choose to go for one more hike spend another day on the North Shore have some beach time or anything else that you missed earlier ryodo in Temple if you’re driving yourself to today’s activities you can stop by at biodo Inn to explore its tranquil environment the temple is a replica of the Buddhist temples in ujji Japan which is a UNESCO world heritage site and is located nearby and is over 1 000 years old kualua Ranch if you’re looking for adventure activities like Jeep and ATV rides horseback riding and zip lining head over to kualua Ranch on the windward Coast this location has been used in many TV shows and movies including Godzilla and Jurassic Park and you can take a behind the scene tour to visit familiar spots additionally the ranch is situated next to canyonhei Bay and offers activities like kayaking and boat excursions so if you’re not renting a car you can arrange for shuttle service when you purchase your tickets Polynesian Cultural Center her at the Polynesian Cultural Center you can experience both education and entertainment together this Setter represents six island nation with various activities like song dance games and demonstrations at many villages you can also learn traditional skills such as spear throwing and fishing take hula lessons and try local Specialties at different zones dedicated to Hawaii Tahiri Tonga Samoa aotearoa and Fiji to complete the experience luau’s in an evening show are available Combo tickets that include admission dinner and the performance are also offered as well as shuttle service from Waikiki when is the best time to visit uhau is the most popular tourist destinations among the Hawaiian Islands attracting visitors year round however it can get very busy during summer winter break and spring school holidays choosing to visit during The Fall season before the onset of winter rains or some weeks in Spring excluding spring break can result in a quieter experience with fewer crowds where to stay on uhaulu uhawu’s weather is a great year-round but some factors May influence when to plan your visit for example if you prefer fewer crowds consider going during the shoulder Seasons if you want to catch specific surf conditions or go whale watching plan accordingly May August and December June are generally Peak Seasons this 5-day itinerary for ruawu is detailed in jam-packed with fun activities you’ll have a great time in Hawaii and make lots of fun memories there are so many fun things things to do in uhau which day an activity on this oau itinerary do you find the most enjoyable and which activity would you not want to miss let me know in the comments we hope you enjoy the video if you did be sure to like And subscribe thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one foreign

How To Spend 5 Days in  OAHU Hawaii | Experience Hawaii Like Never Before!

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