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Merry Christmas from my family to you guys I hope you guys are all having an amazing Christmas with the family staying blessed we want to thank you guys for supporting us another year we finally made it to Christmas guys yay and you already know it wouldn’t be a Christmas without Bosley we love you Bosley we love you it is time for the annual Christmas gifts opening this is personally my favorite video to film probably your guys’s favorite video to watch and I think we need the family here right nobody’s here nobody y where’s the fam are we ready to open some gifts first things first let’s get the Grinch out of here please please what did you think his costume was shrunk guys get comfortable and let’s open some gifts I’m not liking this seating chart this quad in the back right here Brandon Jay Sherman and Noah need to separate on Christmas supposed to come together hey he’s spinning he’s spinning I have an idea we’ll all come to the front be on your best behavior okay can I check the sun squad on my phone once right now okay fine that’s it they’re losing they’re losing by 20 hold on oh we’re down by 20 no literally by 20 it’s obvious that they’d be losing by 20 I’m going to pick some names out of the S I never get picked first up we got Anthony hey hey heyy I’m excited I’m actually scared though let me find your gift real quick I feel bad for whoever got like that one he’s holding wait is that actually mine two Sherman from ruggy claws hold up there’s a cologne set might be it’s so light bro it’s okay you’re going to love it trust me first gift of the 2023 I’m doing the first gift first gift I’m scared bro they been hyping this one up wait dude wait I’m scared though open the damn gift them first uhoh [Applause] oh no way yes sir bro come on are you serious hey Anthony loves cause you’ve been collecting these lately right BR yes and they’re all from you cuz I can’t afford any of them every single one of them I’m collecting is from the yearly Christmas video bro I actually love you what are you doing stay here we thought that wasit what got [Applause] wait what is it wait to your left yeah make it life siiz baby what the hell bro no way we’re going to make the choice here would you like this one or the live okay all right so guys Sherman just got a brand new house so congratulations congratulations and Anthony posted on on his story like a month ago saying where can I find a tall cause and I’m like I’ll do that how how I looked everywhere this one looks like Anthony actually let’s go hey love you bro a wait anthonyy before you sit down who’s next we make a deal we go boy girl boy girl yeah okay so I choose the Newlywed my sister [Applause] Chanel so this comes with a package Ivonne you’re coming up too first off to say congrats to the newly wet Chanel and Ivon for this gift I need everyone to get up and we’re going to go to the living room what what if I F before we get to the living room Chanel and Ivonne are going to be playing an emoji game to get to their gift okay if you guys need help you have many lifelines behind you not sure if they’re going to help we’re ready for the first one put both emojis together and it makes a word all right fire that fire dad incorrect Chanel firefighter close fireman fireman fireman next rainbow that’s correct yeah okay next she a genius correct handbag that is correct handbag all right Bulldog Bulldog sorry Bullseye bull Bullseye is correct I’m getting nervous honeymoon honeymoon andali going to yeah yes we are done talking about yeah they just got married 3 weeks ago I’m sending you guys on a honeymoon to Bali let’s go I love you guys thank you so much I love you all right guys you know the drill I think we’re going to go with our ring boy how long have you been waiting for this 2 minutes 2 minutes wow that’s a long time baby Noah I hate to break it to you he thinks his gift is this one but I mean it’s still a nice gift oh come on that’s the face of disappointment no way I’ll clean up oh it’s a Tesla Hot Wheel you know it’s like a remote control right you can control it I want to do it right now right now okay how about this how about you wait right here okay can you stay right here okay it’s a little too big no wa here little does he know he got a life-size Tesla right here it’s kind of concerning that I could still drive like a toy car no 3 2 1 your new car TLA clear the way right now oh my God hey guys look at the best card the license plate says Noah you had to custom make it for him if he presses the gas right now Jay is gone it actually comes with a real Tesla charger oh my God thank you you’re welcome honk the horn hey guys so now I could actually put brand new car in the title and it’s not clickbait who do you want to come up next there not anyone’s names Mommy Mommy Amanda told me not to get her anything because Noah’s gift is her gift I still decided to get her something of course of course now you set the standard high oh my God this is little heavy who wrapped this oh we hired a perfectional gift oh my god oh this is uh Gordon Ramsay’s exactly it’s Gordon Ramsay he kitchen bundle W Amanda loves to cook it up in the kitchen dude this is nice hold this is like the top of the line and it’s funny cuz this is what I asked for Merry Christmas I love you I love you too I love you too who is next I’m going to go ahead and go with [Applause] Junior hold up guys on a count of three I don’t even have to say it 1 2 3 you’re going to love this that’s all I’m going to say dude why am I like scared like why is it scary to open gifts okay so it’s a box it’s an unmarked box okay what’s uhoh bro Hold Up Guys aaser Dolce gabana headset bro hold up Junior what I saw this I saw this in the store wait open it take it out take it out look at that bro crazy yo this goes hard look at that wait wait there’s still one more thing in there oh there [Music] is oh you know what time it is hey this is the number one nav fan of all time Merry Christmas thank you Merry what are you more excited about the doce or the I can’t decide just extra keychains in there yeah hey hold on by the way like a bunch in there J Who’s Next I think Steph is trying to duck so I’m going to go with Steph [Applause] do I give a speech while repeat do a speech I just want to say even if there was no G you wouldn’t be still I love you oh my God wait I know the color of this box Steph has become a little boie over the past few years my goodness open this first oh there’s two it’s a two in one I know you’ve been wanting a belt I asked through the grape Vines someone over here reversible oh my gosh this is so mean now you need something else to go with the belt this is actually sick it’s a scarf yes open it open it open it wa wait wait wa wait hold Merry Christmas so choose probably a guy Brandon okay [Applause] [Music] okayand he was the last one to show up I was watching the Suns game but they’re losing by 20 we already lost we lost shut up we’re it’s actually a big gift I’m not going to lie kind of nervous my brother likes to prank a lot so another another Louis I’ve been to Louis Vuitton a bunch of times I’ve never seen anything that would be this [Music] bigo y so sick hey this could be your new gym bag thank you so much wait wait open it oh wait where’s the blindfold I’m waiting for the second you don’t need the blindfold for this one bro no way no way the reverse grin bro I just saw in one of your videos like you showed them did you buy them no I didn’t buy them but I said I wanted them these would be good for me okay I got a soundtrack though I watch and listen every single Hooper wants these shoes I got so was the grinches I’m going to take the bag back I just want to like show it in style honestly keep the bag I’m good with this but I also take the bag we have another reverse Grinch I’m glad you like my product my boy I just made money off it who’s next go go we’re going to go with the beautiful mama [Applause] run all right guys before my mom opens a gift I just want everyone to give it up for my brother who not only spends his money on our gifts every single year but takes a time out of his day to be so thoughtful and think of what each and every one of us would like brother thank youon thank you love you oh you were complaining about how everyone was opening it so let’s see the proper way hey The Pink Panther and now you do this oh there’s another bag how much do they package this oh it’s a bag oh my God no Christmas thank love you love you [Applause] who’s next the one and only Pap [Applause] Pap all right let’s see if it works hey that’s how you do it guys oh guys I promise you this video is not sponsored by Louis Vuitton what we got here the p hold on this is crazy yo guys guys guys [Applause] want all right Dad blindfold wait here guys it’s a Bosley pendant I think Papa rug’s going to go crazy hold on what is that okay hold on pop a rug in three 2 1 look down I got you a Bosley chain I sty Bosley chain Merry Christmas Merry Christmas now he can take Bosley wherever he wants with him love you Dad Merry Christmas it has a thing on the back that says love you dad from Bosley oh no way yep he’s going to be with you everywhere you go every second of the day Merry Christmas Jessica I need a tissue I just cried from the GI I didn’t mean for it to get emotional but I know Pap rug we’ll appreciate this a lot Jessica all right let’s see what we got here what can we gu yes Vuitton incorrect okay should you guys see it first yes ready don’t look don’t look don’t look oh my God wait wait wait don’t look looky don’t look okay Jessica look oh my God yes yes this is sick we’re building an office in my house no way yes well I didn’t the gra again I needed a computer you mer Christmas Merry Christmas dude this is sick I’m not going to lie Apple has like the best packaging all right Jessica who’s next oh I have to choose I’m going to say my brother Christian all right chran Christmas you want to help me help help help ready o hold up what is it hey it’s a care package care package of carart bro hold up let’s take it all out hold up we got a lot of stuff we got a lot of stuff hey you’re a hardworking man you deserve this we got a beanie and we also got some boots hold on wait I want to open some of these okay we got the flannel right that’s Christian we got the boots oh I want that there you go yeah we got a hoodie nice little long sleeve right here we got this right here and we got some slacks is this what they’re called or maybe just pants keep up the hard work look at that Dappa I’m going to go with my other sister Mandy Mandy fun fact I recently just learned that Mandy’s name is spelled with an i and not a y thanks to all your editors for always messing up Mandy Hey W my favorite logo already brand new iPhone and airpods thank you guys all right Mandy Woo oh I have to choose somebody I think I’m going to do Russell Russell Russell let’s go thank you Mandy one of the most hardworking people I know right here everyone knows in the family we all love you bro you’re a grinder so uh your family your family I have the coolest job in the world hey yes love you brother love you all right reny wait I’m nervous all right let’s see hopefully you like it yo hold on there’s no way guys we glitch it up we went from Lou to Gucci I don’t rock Gucci so this is different you know how they do it they wrap it in like 20 bags here we go is it in another bag dude oh yo y I’ve had this for 3 years it smells so bad turn around turn around turn around hey let’s go let’s go can we see you rocket can we see rocket let’s go I love you too yes sir okay I’m going to choose kayin kayin hey hey hey hey look at that two kin from ruggy claws all right stop Ryan uh-oh what is that I don’t know but it’s heavy okay how do I open this is the real question help you yeah ready okay show them first show them first guys I’m going to show you first all right kayin hey this is so kayin speechless this is insane oh my God I love this thank you so much I hey I was but where’s my hug guy at school my thank you I love it maybe I’ll take you to dinner who knows I’m going to go with my best friend’s [Applause] husband I feeling this is about to be a good one I think you’re going to love it I think you’re going to love it sir let me grab your gift before you open this tell the crowd who your favorite rapper is you guys can answer that right is about to be here here here here come on out Travis I know for real not yet guys hey maybe if you guys get me to 30 mil I could probably get Travis Scott next Christmas up Ry two boxes yes I love Ramy Jack bro let’s go oh my God got the Phantoms bro I’m not going to lie these are my favorite pair of shoes that I had so you know are the real deal ran wears those all the time I swear I wear these all the time bro Merry Christmas there’s only three people left it’s my Man Macho Macho Ry yeah hey me and Macho go way back I would say what 11 years all the trick shotting years trickshotting days buto we used to play back on what PS3 PS3 y exactly and now he helps film some of my YouTube videos bro a Hooper too bro so bro you’re the only person I’ll drive 3 hours for hey I love you brother I love you with that being said put this on oh hopefully you never met LeBron James before so cute all right MAA you can take your blindfold off so we’re doing a little Q&A here oh this is what we’re doing yeah actually we can both just get up and you can just check out your new chairs he supreme Supreme chair hey the director’s chair is bro a shooter like I said on the court off the court take some nice photos like that hey I got you bro Merry Christmas let’s go hey I’m trying to get created with how I present the gifts what are you thinking on this one all right Macha we got two people left we got Clint and Noah I think we’re going to go with my fellow shooter Noah Noah no my guy hey come on talk to me nice if I sat here and talk to you guys about how much Noah has done for me we’d be here for an hour you guys already know how much Noah means to me come on shout out simplistic yeah come on bro all right man hold up hold up okay Noah no no no no hey no it’s not one of those it’s not one of those sure you know what that is no idea it’s a blue box yes yes do you do you yo no what you walk around this house hey yo okay what is it okay relax it’s in a bag bro can I call you off to the side yeah yeah for sure over there yeah okay okay he’s going to have some sentimental words for me okay I like it it’s cool but I just don’t really like the color blue but it’s like grayish like it’s cool this is classicor no no no but if you look at it from afar yeah it’s like kind of cool but like I feel like up close it’s not it’s not exactly what I was expecting okay should I just go sit back yeah yeah I think you could sit back down I can’t tell I can’t tell he’s being serious no he’s trolling come on for real for real he told me he didn’t like it I’ve been needing a new backpack and every single time I try and pack mine I’m like damn it’s a little ripped so this is perfect hey bro put all your camera gear in there bro appreciate you brother yes sir love you gang n this is amazing I’m going to school now come on I was going to say we got to say The Best For Last Clint [Applause] yes yes y yo yo can I just say cuz people are going to notice it that there is a little hole in my pants BR RI the F it’s a holy Christmas we’re blessed hey we can all agree that we freaking love this guy he is one of the funniest one of the most hardworking people that I know Clint we freaking love you man or dad joke dad joke dad joke dad joke on the spot can he do it uh-uh he’s not going to pull one out what am I a Dalmation to give you a dad joke on the [Applause] spot all right how does he do that I really don’t understand how he does it open your GI this is like waist high right here what the heck wait can I do the bat it’s kind of crazy to be like the last one to open the gift in your Christmas video like it’s an honor here we’ll take this one out first no way no way no way wait it’s closed it’s closed it’s sealed this is a Santa Cruz Pokémon skateboard and they have five special gold editions these are super rare to pull so Clint do you want to open this in front of all of us if you get a gold you know how crazy that is when Santa Cruz dropped the Pokemon like collab I got every shirt they had but I could not get my hands on a skateboard you know I got you if this video gets no I’m just going to okay okay actually I want you to open it I won’t say no to that one look at that he’s wearing Pokémon shorts here we go guys there’s another wrapping to it there’s another wrap wa he knows he knows oh shut up Clint turn around freaking Charmeleon yeah look at that bro do a heel flip do a heelp all right Clint open the rest from here wait wait wait before we get to the next thing this is a $200 pack incorrect $500 $500 I was with him500 what first edition jungle booster pack can I just say I have the best memories of this like I was a kid my mom would take me to Toys R Us all the time and she would get me like you know the Pokémon card so it’s like a good memory for sure of course like unlock their memory it unlocked a good memory right there last one oh this one is crazy hey hey this one’s sick yo it’s a chrome Pokemon bear Bridge the gold one the gold one okay listen guys the biggest Pokemon fan of all time oh my my [Music] [Applause] goodness fire all right guys that is going to wrap up the 2023 Christmas gift [Music] video this was a really good Christmas guys this has to be one of my favorite ones of all time gringe hey this was a crazy Christmas for the it’s the end of the video please drop a like hit that subscribe button and we’re out peace

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