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We Moved To Hawaii 🌴

We moved to Hawaii!! I can not belive this morning is here I can not believe that this morning is here! This is what the kids are gonna see When they walk upstairs I am so nervous and excited for them to walk up the stairs Joel just went and got them and I'm like.. *gasp* My heart is beating so fast. I can not wait to tell them. Good morning you guys. You guys, we need to hurry and get ready. For what? 'Cause we're going to Hawaii. We actually are? *Laugh* We're going to Hawaii. Today? Today! Wait did you get my stuff in here? All of your stuff is there. Thank you, I knew it. Hey! Guess what? Huh? Today's April Fools day. *Angry* I forgot to do mine to dad. April Fools, just kidding. We're gonna go snorkelling. So our bags of stuff are in there? Yeees. Those aren't the ones we.. I-I like the ones that our mask goes all the way over our face.

'Kay *laughs* Are we actually going on a plane? We are getting on an airplane. Boston! *Gasps* This is my first time going on a first plane That's right! The shark backpack is yours. Where did you get these? I bought them. I wanna see what's in the other.. There's all sorts of stuff in here we're not opening.. Yeah, we can't open anything. Yep we're not opening the bags.

Boston look what yours is! 'Kay, let's go downstairs and get dressed. Boston! You wanna go on an airplane today?! Yes. Okay.. No, we're gonna get dressed and get ready. Who's excited? ME!! Hey! We can find some sea glass. Yes.. and seashells and lots of cool stuff We're going on a plane to Hawaii I know! Does it take a while to get on the plane? You guys, the plane ride is 7 hours long. Is that long? That is an extremely long time. Mom! Can I sit by the little window? We're gonna take turns. You guys will take turns sitting by the window. Can I go first? Can we bring the DVD? I can't even believe we're going to Hawaii Um, girl I can't either *laughs* Um, are we.. So like when I have to go to school on Monday, Next Monday, not this Monday, But next Monday… You know what I mean? You won't be going to school. I won't be?! 'Cause we're in Hawaii. Mhm! Did you make a note to my..

To my teacher? I went and talked to your teacher. Close your eyes. And she said that it's okay? Um.. She wasn't very happy. *laughs* Mom.. mom She was like "uh.. I don't know if that's the smartest thing to do". And I just said "Can you please give me all of Olivia's homework?" And I went and talked to Cody's teacher And I said "Can I please have all of Cody's homework?" And guess what? She was like..

I hope you guys have the most fun ever! She was a little more excited than your teacher was. *laughs* Cody, that's why you guys celebrated your birthday. Yeah. Are we gonna celebrate my birthday at Hawaii? Yes. Yeah, because they said are you gonna be- You're gonna be gone so we had to celebrate. Yeah, your teacher kinda blew it a little, but that's okay. Olivia's scared. Are you scared?! Yes! You're kinda scared of everything. I'm terrified of getting crashed. Alright, We're gonna say a family prayer 'Cause we need safety and we need To be watched over going over there. You think so? 'Kay! Fold your arms Dad's gonna say a prayer. Well, Ellie! Thank you for.. *laughs* Dropping us off! I'm glad I'm gonna go in the car and drive off! But! It still looks so exciting too. Um, yeah right, I wish you were getting in my bag and coming With us. Thanks for bringing us. You're welcome. They look so cute carrying their bags. *laughs* You ready Boston?! Look at him push that thing. It's a good thing it goes well.

You.. Boston! Boston, look at mama! You look so cute *laughs* Cody, can you believe you're gonna ride a plane for the first time today? Yeah, I am. Look at you push your stuff. Oh! You okay honey? Yes. Okay. You just tug that thing in there baby boy! We got Lincoln down here Did he give us all our stuff? Yeah. Yeah, so we don't have to do any of this. Yup, we just go straight up to security. You guys, I'm so excited! So cute.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited… This time or last time… I don't know. I think this time because… I'm excited for my babies to experience what I got to experience. Which time are you more nervous for? Oh! I'm terrified to take Lincoln on the plane. Terrified. You okay? You coming? I don't like this thing falling.

I know, it's kinda hard huh? 'Kay, we made it through Very.. um easily. They're just going through one of the bags right now.. so I think that was pretty smooth. I'm not gonna complain about that. He's working like a dog. *laughs* Cody, what are you exci- Tell me about the double days. Come here. We get double days today Because, um when we get to Hawaii Our side is gonna be dark And this one's gonna be light, So we get have our own- our double days full. I know. He's so excited for double daaays. Look at mama. Hi. Are you having fun? Yeah! Boston, Are you ready to take off into the sky? Yeah.

Yeah, are you? Are you ready to blast off? Yeah! I'm excited, we're already going. Yup, we're starting to move. And Cody said, "I can't believe we're gonna blast off." The plane's getting harder, I can tell that. Wait til we tip a little. Ooh, I can feel it. Look out the window guys. Oh my goodness we just landed and the flight wasn't too crazy, But I mean, It was 6 hours with the baby. So, anyway, We are good. My head hurts a little bit. I feel okay. I feel okay, just muggy and I feel very hot. Yup, yeah. I am wet because I am totally hot. Hot? What do you think of the pine trees, Cody? Yeah! Do you love 'em? Olivia, do you think it's pretty? Can I put my sunglasses in here? Yes, you can. Ooh, we are so excited! So, those are for the boys Mommy! Oh, thank you so much. You're welcome. Hey Bonnie, welcome to Hawaii. Hi, you guys. I like your camera. Oh my goodness. Cody, look what she has for you. Do you know how excited I am To like, have these? When we first landed the first time, that's all I wanted was someone to like, bring us leis and now we know someone to.

So this is so fun Boston, look honey. I tried to find a green one for you, but I couldn't find one. Aww, that's okay. Here you go. What do you say?! What do you say? Thank you. Look! This is for.. Oh my gosh, that's so cute!! Oh my gosh, you just made Our like.. Our whole trip We can go home now, we're complete. I know, Olivia, how special are these? Oh, I'm so excited. Thank you guys. Oh, you're welcome. If you guys don't remember, from when I was here in Hawaii, that was Keisha and her husband. And they are the- one of the IVF grant winners From Ellie and Jared's um.. giveaway. And they met us here and I can't even tell you How thoughtful like..

My heart just feels so full like having someone greet us here with like.. leis! I just can't. So excited! It was just so thoughtful. We're gonna hang out with them a little And I think they're gonna do a little babysitting too, so… Oo, I like that. We're very, very grateful for them. And I'm pretty sure they have a channel So we'll make sure to put it in the description below for you guys. Look out your window you guys, we're pulling up to our place. Is that ours?! Your destination is on the right. x2 Oh my goodness, you guys we made it to Hawaii! We made it to our place and Boston is spent. It was his real bed time hours and hours ago.

And Olivia was sad because her lei was dying, So I gave her mine, huh? Yes, it's okay, it's okay. That's just what happens. x2 We are going to head to dinner. Our kids are so spent. *laughs* So! Tomorrow, we will be giving you guys a tour of our place that we will be staying in. It is gorgeous, it's better than I could've imagined. Yes. Way better than I imagined. I was a little nervous, But it is unreal, and I can't believe our location. Yeah, this is very beautiful here. This is very beautiful here. Look at him, he just- Oh, Cody and them, they're just kinda going nuts.

We are gonna to say goodnight to you guys so we can get our kids settled, us settled, eat. If you guys want to see our journey, if you wanna watch us And see what we do here in Hawaii Make sure you subscribe. Oh! he just threw his little lei. You just threw your little lei! It's like 2 hours passed everybody's bed time so.. Oh yeah. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and we'll see you guys tomorrow! Alohaaaaa! Bye guys Take a drink.

Can you take a drink? Yay, that tastes so good. Yay, good job! I just had a group of girls come and say hello to me and they're so cute. And it's whose birthday? Happy birthday! Aloha you cute girls! Say hi! (All) Hi! Yay, thank you mom!.

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