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Top Free Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii

no travel agent can put a price on natural beauty Oahu Hawaii has it in Spades and you can experience it for free the Island's beautiful beaches waterfalls volcanoes and other sites are enough to keep you occupied for your trip but there are plenty of other experiences for budget conscious Travelers Oahu offers a glimpse into the local culture hiking trails of various difficulties and more keep watching to learn about the top 18 free things to do in Oahu Hawaii 1. Waikiki Beach Hawaiian royalty used to visit this string of connected beaches to relax on its honey colored Sands and surf its high waves tourists visit it for the same reasons today and it's now one of the most famous beaches in Oahu there are plenty of ways to spend your time at this famous landmark you can swim through or ride across the beautiful water in a paddleboard or catamaran you can also surf the waves Waikiki Beach is a coveted photo op location with a perfect view of the volcanic tough cone Diamond Head you can also visit the shops restaurants and designer boutiques at nearby kalakaua Avenue if you prefer a more relaxing experience you can park your gear on the beach and watch the Surfers and fellow beachgoers Waikiki Beach has experiences for all Oahu visitors to enjoy the Royal Hawaiian Center this Cultural Center sits in the middle of Waikiki it's a perfect place for shopping but also hosts weekly cultural events including ukulele hula lay making and Lao Hollow weaving sessions you'll also enjoy live music and hula dancing performances from locals the Royal Hawaiian Hotel also known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific is nearby it offers another memorable free experience as you explore its unique architecture and Design the Pearl Harbor National Memorial the USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the 1177 Sailors killed during the Pearl Harbor attacks visit to catch a glimpse of the sunken Battleship get a video show or become a part of a docent tour this is one of the most popular landmarks in Oahu so you'll have to arrive early try for one of the 1300 walk-up tickets distributed every day if you manage to get one remember to arrive before 7am the memorial isn't completely free to visit you'll have to reserve a ticket online and pay a one dollar service fee the small price is worth it for history Buffs and those interested in learning more about Hawaii Waikiki Historic Trail this Trail spans two miles from capiolani beach park to kalakawa park you'll learn about the history and culture of Waikiki as you walk along the path includes 21 bronze cast surfboard markers over six feet tall each one sits at an important location like the Hilton Hawaiian Village international marketplace and Royal Hawaiian Hotel the more you visit the more you'll learn about the culture and history of Hawaii the Duke Kahanamoku statue and the healing stones of kapaemahu aren't marked out for you but they're worth venturing to while you're already out walking keep in mind the Waikiki Historic Trail is a self-guided tour be sure to stay on the path follow the markers and bring enough supplies to keep you going the Duke Kahanamoku statue this bronze statue located on Kuhio Beach is a perfect photo opportunity it commemorates Duke Kahanamoku an expert Surfer five-time Olympic medalist in swimming and WW2 military police officer if you want to do more then take a picture you can place a lay at the statue's feet don't Place one on the Statue itself because the acidity of the flowers can chip away at the bronze the Hawaii state Art Museum this museum is located in downtown Honolulu on the second floor of the number one Capital District building it's open 10 a.m to 4 P.M Monday through Saturday admission is free you'll only need approximately 30 minutes to an hour to see all the Hawaiian art it has to offer Manoa Falls this 100-foot waterfall sits five miles from downtown Honolulu you'll need to complete a one and a half mile hike to reach it once you arrive you'll enjoy otherworldly scenery that feels like a part of an ancient rainforest it's full of exotic plant life such as prehistoric Ferns and Banyan trees with snaking Roots Steven Spielberg filmed scenes for Jurassic Park in this memorable location because it's reminiscent of the time of dinosaurs set out before 10 AM to avoid hordes of tourists that also want to see the impressive Falls the Haleiwa Surfer signs the surfer signs are another worthwhile photo spot for shutter bugs to scope out they were designed by Carol Beller in 1996 as a way to attract visitors to Haleiwa town the plan works because they're now a popular Oahu Landmark there are two signs to see the surfer girl at 62 330 Kamehameha Highway and the surfer boy at 62-400 Joseph P Leong Highway carve out enough time to visit and take a photo of them both to get the full experience Sunset Beach this two-mile stretch of soft beige sand sits about an hour outside Honolulu it's a famous wave surfing destination in the winter and a great place to swim in the summer it also offers visitors the opportunity to relax and as the name suggests watch the sunset laniakea Beach this beach is also known as Turtle Beach because it's a favorite habitat of the Hawaiian green sea turtle these animals are reclusive so visiting lanaiakea may be your only opportunity to get up close and personal with them free parking spots are available across the street walk to the far right of the beach and come in the summer months between 11 A.M and 1pm or around Sunset that's the best time to catch a glimpse of the turtles or just enjoy everything the beach has to offer the Bonsai pipeline this North Shore Beach is like a magnet to Surfers who want to ride its barreling waves it's also a perfect spot to watch them at work if you're interested in the sport but not yet confident enough to get on a board come in December for the best waves sharks Cove despite its name there are no sharks in this area The Reef surrounding it just looks like a shark from above you'll find a wide range of marine life including butterfly fish parrotfish surgeon fish Tang sea turtles and Eels it's one of the best free locations for snorkeling on the North Shore visit in the summer to avoid the large waves that arise in the winter rent or bring your own snorkeling gear and be sure to arrive early to get the best parking spot omaluhia Botanical Garden ho'omaluhia means to take a place of peace and tranquility and that's exactly what the Hawaiians did when they created these beautiful gardens relax under the palm trees and other local plant life the gardens are open from nine to four every day arrive early to make sure you get a parking spot while avoiding the crowds Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach these are the top two ranked beaches on the windward Coast they're located directly next to each other meaning you can visit them both on the same day the beaches are popular thanks to their warm water perfect for swimming they also have important differences to keep in mind Lana Kai is often considered the more beautiful but requires you to park on the street and has no public restrooms Kailua has designated parking and public restrooms the Lanikai pillbox hike this 1.8 mile hike takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete it's considered moderate to hard difficulty but the picturesque views of lanakai Beach and the makula islands it provides make the Trek worth it the makapuu point lighthouse Trail your entire family can hike this Trail pets included it's 30 minutes from downtown Honolulu making it easy to access two hours and 2.5 miles may seem like a long trip but paved paths make it less strenuous and there are plenty of benches to rest on the beautiful sights you'll see are the best part of this Trail you can catch a glimpse of the nearby Molokai Island on clear days and may even see a humpback whale if you visit from December to April Lookout this Historic Landmark offers beautiful views of oahu's windward Coast it's only five miles from Honolulu and it's easy to access you'll get a glimpse of Kaneohe Bay Kailua and other important landmarks here be prepared for strong winds because it sits within a natural wind tunnel entry is free but parking costs five bucks you'll need to bring a bit of cash if you want to ensure your car is waiting for you when you come down from the lookout Ala Moana Shopping Center a short bus ride from Waikiki will take you to the largest outdoor mall in Hawaii when you're done window shopping you can enjoy free events and performances you may want to also check out skiro Ikea a Japanese Village Walk now it's time to hear from you have you ever been to Hawaii let us know in the comments section below

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