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Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Move to Hawaii

Hey, aloha. My name is Eric west with As a realtor, I've helped a
lot of people move to Hawaii, and I myself moved here. And I had some things I
wanted to share with you– the top 10 things
that you really need to understand
before you move here. And I think it'll just help in
terms of preparing you and also making sure that nothing
catches you off guard. So the number one thing
I think you need to know is it's hot in Hawaii. The average
temperature year round is between 80 and 90 degrees.

And the lowest is like 65
degrees at night at sea level. So unless you live
above 2,000 feet, expect to have some air
conditioner hopefully going, which means a higher
electrical bill. But also, we don't wear
a lot of clothes here. You wear flip-flops. I haven't worn socks in I
don't even know how long. But it is a warm climate. And most people enjoy
that, but be prepared. It's hot. And don't forget to bring
our Maui Jim's to protect your eye from that ultraviolet. OK, number two– Hawaii is expensive.

There's no question
mark about it. However, I think
if you compare it with Los Angeles or San
Francisco or New York, it's actually cheaper
than those towns. But the good news is,
as you become a local, you will figure out the
best ways to save your money and to make your
dollar stretch– where are the right
stores to go to, you know, who are
the best mechanics? Where's the right
place to buy gas? And really, the housing costs
and the electricity, I think, are the two major
things that you're going to find that
are more expensive. But other than that,
I believe it's well worth the price of paradise. Number three– I think
this is important to know. Everybody in Hawaii
is a minority. There is no majority and I
think that's kind of cool.

But be prepared because a lot
of people come from the mainland are not used to that. And I think it's a very
good, humble lesson to learn and to be a part of. But Hawaii has a high level
of aloha, and in my opinion, everyone gets along. It is a true melting pot. Number four– this
is really important. The ocean is actually
very dangerous. So when you move here,
have a high level of respect for the water. Learn the do's and don'ts. Don't go out if you're in
doubt of your abilities. And also, never turn
your back on the ocean.

But treat that thing
with kid gloves because every week, a
lot of people get injured and it's usually tourists. But when you move here,
it's very important to make the ocean a part of
your life but to also treat it with a great level of respect. Number five– I wasn't
really expecting this one. Most of your friends
that you leave back on the mainland kind
of forget about you. Of course, you've got Facebook
and things of that nature to stay in touch. However, you really do find
out who your good friends are, and they'll come
over and visit you. And everyone else, you just
send them pictures of sunsets. They'll love you for that. Number six– there are
no seasons in Hawaii. So if you're really into, like,
you know, fall or, you know, white Christmas, it's
not going to happen.

In Hawaii, it's
like Groundhog Day. Every day is exactly– pretty much like the
day it was before. In the wintertime, it
rains a little bit more. In the summer, it's
a little bit hotter. But generally speaking, on
Christmas morning, you're going to be opening presents
in 85 degrees, blue sky. But that's kind of cool. Number seven– the locals
might not like you at first. It's just the way it is. As a matter of fact, most
people when you move here are thinking you're going
to move back probably within a year or two. So they're a little hesitant
to really make those bonds. So just keep that in mind. And also know that
some of the locals just aren't maybe ever going
to like you, and that's OK.

But once you are here
for two or three years, people know you're
not going to go back. And then you can really
make those deep-rooted relationships. Number eight– your
family back home will secretly hate
you for living here. It's just the way it is. They might not say it. They might not admit it. But the fact is, you had the
guts to move to Hawaii and they didn't. And you're now enjoying the
best weather on the planet, no traffic unless
you're in Honolulu, and a lifestyle that doesn't
exist anywhere on earth in one of the most beautiful
places that you'll ever find. So just realize
that they're not– they're going to be
a little jealous. But just make sure they
come over and visit you lots and open up your home, and
everything will be fine. Number nine, and this
one's really cool– your diet will likely change. Did you know that Hawaii
has the longest lifespan– life expectancy of
any of the 50 states? And the reason for
that is threefold– absolutely the best
fresh air you can find. Number two, the best
water you can drink– and number three, I believe
that your eating habits will naturally change
once you move here.

There's lots of fresh fruit. Everything you need to eat is
brought here or is grown here. It's organic. But you just have this
motivation to eat better, to have a healthier lifestyle. And I think it's a result
of this pristine environment that we get to live in. And you're more active
because of the sunshine and the outdoor weather. And the last thing, number 10– you're not going
to want to leave. I'm just preparing you. If you don't get
ejected in the first, you know, six months
to a year, you're likely going to stay for
a very, very long time. And why is that? Because you don't want to leave. Let's face it– you now live
where most people vacation for one or two weeks a year. Enjoy that. You'll be blessed. I'd love to hear any
comments that you have, any experiences that you've had.

Leave in the comments section. Like the video if you
enjoyed it and we'll look forward to
hearing from you soon. Aloha..

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