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The World’s Most Isolated Hotels

I was a bit bored so I decided to stay in the most isolated hotels in the world we got a ton of flights ahead of us we have I think three in the next 12 hours our goal is to visit six of the most isolated hotels we could find and if we fail to reach them due to harsh conditions we will have to sit in a tub filled with snakes we got stopped cuz we’re we’re handsome young men hell love man these are my friends nway and U they’re coming along with me on this trip but they have no idea this is a punishment for losing a competition in my last video to reach these isolated hotels we have to travel all across the world the first hotel is an Airbnb that you can book for $11 a night but what makes this hotel so isolated it’s in the middle of the Sahara Desert which is not only one of the lonliest places on Earth but also the hottest it took 24 whole hours and three different flights from North Carolina all the way to Morocco to get there once we landed we already faced our first problem we somehow had a lot of issues with security they took some of our cameras because they looked looked too professional as if we were a new station but somehow We snuck the Drone through security even though it was illegal here we barely got through security bad I don’t know how dude we’re going to be like this for 8 hours just to get into the middle of the desert our 8 hour drive let’s say could have been better all five of us were cramped in the stranger’s van we were fully putting our trust into this driver without knowing a single thing about him the whole drive there was nothing but mountains and Sands every few hours or so we came across a new Village but all of them were ghost towns with not a single person in sight by the time we arrived at the entrance to the desert it was the next morning but this wasn’t even our final destination since we were so sweaty from the car ride we decided to get dripped out now would you look good at this bro would you ride anything I don’t know about that one but going to yo hey my brother all the ladies going to be hitting me up we were still 10 mies from the Airbnb and what better way to get there in style rev up the Bugatti bro are you ready socks I’m ready we’re going to go get lost in the desert this is what I’m talking about baby yo sh look at that dip though Yoo yeah baby yo we’re going so fast dude now we’re revving up that Bugatti W oh my God after 15 minutes of driving I quickly realized the remaining distance to the hotel was not going to be fun look at that guy bro he’s got a British mouth British teeth wa yo waa yo there’s no seat bels no seat bels on this now way oh we’re American we don’t go with no sheat Bouch no we are literally in the desert right now first time ever riding camels yeah if you fall you’re done I’m holding on for deer life our tent is going to be in the middle of this desert in the middle of nowhere we’re just trusting basically these guys in this cam with our lives so guys I’ll actually be your tour guide for today if you look to the left you’ll see dirt and sand look to the right uh dirt sand some trees yeah I’ll give you an update every 5 minutes we are officially in the middle of nowhere bro there’s nothing I don’t even know where we’re going man I don’t know man I just got here I’m just following this guy the deeper into the desert we went the more word we got that we were going the wrong way how did this guy know where we were going it was literally all sand I’m just eating Sand Dude I see nothing I don’t know where we are the journey was so long and uncomfortable but after 2 hours we saw lights for the first time oh wait I think I see it I see it oh my God is that it we made it to our first hotel took us all day to get here dead and night and the Camp’s right there when we got to the tent site we were welcomed with hot tea a fresh cooked Moroccan dinner and a fire with traditional music first time I actually felt air conditioning since we got here it feels so nice all right now we’re going to go see where we’re staying the tents themselves were super fancy inside was fully furnished with a queen-sized bed working lights and a full shower I’m not sure how this place had air conditioning and running water but I’m not really complaining so the thing is we’re staying here me and the cameraman there’s another tent for you guys let me show you let me show you guys let me show you guys if if you just keep walking into the abyss you’ll eventually hit it trust me let’s go you’ll eventually hit that that sounds perfect G to sleep yeah it sounds great this is exactly where so they’ll just be sleeping out in the middle of the sand I’m ready man I’m ready whatever is lurking there after hours of travel I was so relieved to be sleeping under the stars I couldn’t imagine how it could get even more isolated from here sleeping in the middle of deserts highly recommend you know why nothing disturbs you because everything’s dead out here we only had a couple C hours left in the sand so we ate our breakfast and started to sandboard this is not going to go well dude that’s actually kind of scary boy go down boy oh oh yo he’s just eating the sand that was actually pretty cool we had to wrap it up so we could hit our flights for our next isolated toel so a driver came to take us out of the desert and boy was that fun w w yeah so after another 8h hour drive we boarded our flight out of Morocco it took a total of 12 hours to get to Switzerland by the time we landed it was already the next morning I feel so dirty bro these were in the middle of the desert 12 hours ago and now we’re going to go to Switzerland the next most isolated Hotel was a futuristic metal building place literally on top of the Swiss Alps we still have a 3-hour train ride and then a 4-Hour hike this is my honest reaction right [Music] now we were so sleep deprived we didn’t realize how much we were behind schedule we were supposed to start hiking 4 hours ago but instead we went and got pizza probably going to need three more of these we’re going to be all the way up there I am definitely not looking forward [Music] the lady at the front desk gave us extensive directions to the hotel we were trying to reach she warned us about the intensity saying that we need a guide in certain equipment like hiking boots ice piics and crampons uh so it turns out Crocs are not good enough for a hike uh we actually need some legit stuff so that actually shows how the difficulty of this might be I mean you can already see everyone has like professional stuff we were literally just going to go like this that would have also probably gotten us killed we quickly threw our bags into a local hotel and rented the equipment we needed then we went to buy our tickets for the train and the lady had high hopes for us we’re staying in the uh Monte Rosa Hut what the Monte Rosa Hut the hotel Roto B yeah and then we hike to there 4 hour 4our hike this may be more difficult than we thought I looked up how many people died on this hiking thing and uh six dead in 24 hours what what that could be us every single person we’ve talked to says either it’s not possible we need a guide or we we can’t do it right now I don’t know what to think about this is this where we’re staying oh my God wa this is where we’re staying where do we even [Music] begin so with absolutely zero hiking experience and no guide to show us where to go us three idiots were headed to our second most isolated hotel location all right this is honestly the stupidest thing we’ve ever done minimal hiking experience actually no hiking experience and minimal hiking gear in short sleeves and we’re already at 10,000 ft we’re going to go to 15,000 ft yeah we what could possibly go wrong we were 4 hours behind schedule so at this point we were racing Sunset basically Day falls it’s over for us cuz we won’t be able to see where we’re going how you guys feeling we’re what 10 minutes in I think so yeah I’m already almost out of breath it’s hard to breathe up here look the hotel is literally right there yeah we we can see it’s like right to line of sight basically you could jump that it seems doable in less than 3 and 1/2 hours I don’t know why they said 3 and2 hours that like they’re old people man they’re slow we’re just those guys this Trail is rated as a T4 which means it’s four out of six on the hiking difficulty which also means it’s not cut out for gamers I think the easy way is going up that one and then going on the side and climbing up ladders to the the easy way I don’t think there is an easy way I feel it’ be the easier easier way I don’t see an easier way I think the easiest way is turning back dude is it just me or is it it feels like the sun’s kind of dropping right now hopefully the sun is still shining on the Monta Rosa H by the time we get over there who look at that oh you feel that oh dude that’s cold that’s cold wind we’re about to go on an actual Glacier when you see what’s black that’s not dirt but it’s a giant solid block of ice if you fall through that hole you’re drowning in deep depth ice water I don’t want to slip and fall so we’re putting these Spike Contraptions on these Spike shoes definitely help you hear that crunch every time that’s the spikes just gnawing into the into the ice oh my God mot M came off seriously okay go on this rock go on this rock sit here even with the crampons and Ice pigs Glacier trekking is extremely dangerous every 10 ft or so there were huge cracks in the glacier if one of us were to misstep and fall through we would be severely injured yeah watch out right here dude there’s actually half R right here right here you could actually fall through [Music] there what a stupid video idea bro people are like oh why don’t you make bigger cooler videos well this is why oh we have to go all the way out this yo let’s keep walking I still have 2 hours left you good now way it’s hard bro come on you got it let’s go as the sun rapidly dropped the temperature dipped below freezing this what what’s the temperature right now this is like this is a NE it’s like -40 right now our Pace was slowing down drastically and NAD Way’s crampons kept falling off you good nway it’s hard keep going come on you got it come on we can’t stop man I didn’t sleep at all why didn’t you sleep I told you to sleep I would rather not do this in the dark come on come on it’s going to be 10 times worth seriously man like we have maybe at this point we knew we would be hiking in the pitch black this is inhumane man why this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done this is not even isolated this is psychotic I’m losing feeling in my hand seriously like this feels weird this is numb this is weird and I’m pretty sure to me it’s starting to look blue or I’m going crazy that’s actually blue there were points where we were going straight down at a 45° angle it was so steep that you had to slide down on your butt to avoid falling this is looking kind of nice now it’s like a normal Trail again you know this is it for the rest of the all the way to the hotel we might actually make it before it’s night time cuz if it’s night time we’re dead are you kidding me we still have to go across that entire Lake there’s a who play who put a lake right in the middle we have to go all all the way around no don’t tell me we have to go in the snow again I would literally die actually all right you probably don’t see anything but we don’t either when Nightfall hit it was impossible to keep track of the flags we only had three headlights and the trail was just a bunch of sharp loose rocks we lost the path zero sleep too what look like the pass right here actually I’m not even sure at this point D I actually don’t know man maybe if we just get past these rocks dude this is not normal this is not human bro I fell twice oh oh oh what happened my entire B just unzipped oh really yeah seriously thatway was really showing the worst signs of fatigue at this point he was laying down every 200 ft or so to get some rest or water come on come on nway the longer we’re here the long the worse it gets come on come on he kept telling himself he couldn’t do this but we couldn’t turn back now okay come on don’t be don’t get tired don’t get like sloppy cuz then you make mistakes like like my leg physic can up I’m foring them yeah you got to force them you got to get that second wind okay Second Wind bro bro no seriously bro no no look that way seriously bro no you got to wake up seriously that way like literally Force Beyond okay man yes you can if you keep on telling yourself you’re going to actually die you’re actually going to die okay you need to force yourself no sloppy cuz if you’re just going to be slashing around you’re going to SLI on a rock okay I it’s hard cuz I have so many rocks in my sh okay let’s take them out right now okay let’s do it sit down here after a stop for water we got a sudden boost of energy we were going to do this even if I had to carry nway myself all right this is a new operation this is save NAD way on three 1 2 3 Saveway we thought we only had one more hour but the trail kept on getting more intense we were walking on metal beams drilled into rocks using thin ropes to hold ourselves up we even had to cross a small wooden bridge that dropped over 50 [Music] ft now are you [Music] good by now we were completely lost we had no other option but to cross a moving waterfall to continue along the path it was the dumbest and most dangerous thing I’ve ever done one misstep and we were sliding off 100 foot cliff that fo down come back down here left foot it’s what 1:00 a.m.

This is this hike has taken us 8 hours it’s more it’s probably 2: a.m. we’re losing track of time I I scraped fell twice no sleep hungry thirsty there’s not much footage here because we just wanted to survive nway was basically sleepwalking and I didn’t even have enough energy to talk to the camera oh my God that’s it it’s right there oh my God it’s right there it’s here the [Music] entrance we finally made it to our second most isolated hotel in the middle of the Swiss Alps standing at an altitude of almost 10,000 the Monta Rosa Hut has five stories and is built on an aluminum shell the building is used as a resting point for extreme hikers and is entirely powered by solar energy dude I know we slept only a couple hours but guess what if you want hot chocolates you need to go now after a quick breakfast we got ready to hike back down we realized that it was going to be too difficult for nway to continue so we had to call an emergency helicopter to take him back to the start it took us 8 hours to get here but we’re going to make it back in 4 hours goodbye metal box in the middle of nowhere after a grueling hike back down we somehow made it to the airport just in time the next isolated location is an Airbnb on an island in the middle of the ocean so we’re going to a place that only like nine people [Music] live where are we even though these flights were relatively short compared to the other ones this did not mean we weren’t isolated you realize these are the only two planes on the entire airport right only gate there’s only one gate there’s two I have a car with no insurance who’s driving this thing oh mebody your oh my God he’s about to hit a cone already the drive from the airport to the small village was supposed to only take an hour but we were idiots so it took a little bit longer than expected we don’t know where we’re going and I don’t care I don’t know the speed limit either so I’m just going to go faster than I’m supposed to go who lives here there’s not a single house here it’s just a road where’s this guy going I’m telling you if we get to a one lane someone’s going to die what do we do what did I do in this situation go right turn make that person was wrong they were supposed to go into there do I they’re going to go they go go that thank you good sir we drove miles and miles through uncivilized mountains and valleys the road seem to never end but finally we made it oh this place is insane dude we got a grass roof bro we got our own garden on the top of the house oh I just can’t get over like where this is right now yeah we’re Lally in the middle of nowhere this house is listed on Airbnb for $170 a night it is the only hotel in the entire Village it has three bedrooms a kitchen and enough space to sleep Six Guest so we got this whole place we have a grill who’s cooking I’ll cooking you oh that’s hot tub they were talking about dude what is this powered by steam engine all right oh Yep this is definitely where we’re sleeping tonight and you see that tiny room back there yeah that’s for you buddy have fun let’s check out my room wow you know someone’s already sleeping in my room we’re sleeping like a log we still got to oh we got to go inside yeah we still didn’t even tore it inside if someone’s inside of here already oh wooden is this a sauna oh wow what is this oh it’s the bathroom yo that’s a nice bathroom nice just so you guys get a scale this place is so small right as a 67 man I mean that’s not his height right dude this is awesome I just I don’t see how all of us are going to sleep in here oh wait I I didn’t even know there was a door here oh this is sick oh they have upstairs there is an upstairs okay so there’s more space to sleep to here we got like a bed and a half at least on here oh nice okay and another bed here all right we’re going to be shoving nway in the Attic then there was a much to do here so we found a way to entertain ourselves we decided to split up and explore the rest of the island I always wanted to touch a dock so we’re going to try to lure him in with some cringle come on right here Pringles Hey Oh Come here no don’t go away no don’t turn around there we are the very first step in our [Music] hike oh ah I did it after a quick stop at the grocery store o volunteered to cook us [Music] dinner Hey guys guess what what dinner’s ready no way go go go go yo no seriously what that looks B bone Apple tea is it good all this work for what it was absolutely delicious and honestly the best meal of the trip for how hectic and how exhausting the first few days of the trip had been this felt like a bit of a reward even though we were in one of the lonliest places on Earth it was fulfilling to share a meal with some of my best friends as the day turned to night and the night turned to morning the Sun never set we were so North in the world that the sun stayed up for 20 hours each day when we woke up it was time to pack our things and head to our next location the fourth isolated hotel location was back in Europe near the southern coast of Sweden it was a literal lighthouse in the ocean and we were going to sleep at the very top for the night after an hour drive back to the airport we had to take two flights to reach our destination the first of which was completely empty we have to run all the way to get our connecting flight aired so bad cuz we’ just been hiking non-stop for like the last 2 Days by the time we flew from the Pharaoh Islands to Sweden it was already evening time there was a driver waiting for us when we arrived we are currently getting kidnapped so we can go to a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean after an hour and a half we arrived out of port we then were met by speedboat that would take us to the islands nice and warm oh oh this is good cuz that would be freezing bro guys am I not the drippiest person on the planet right now or what dude you think you’re dripp I’m more dripped out than you I’m more dripped out than all you yeah dude where are we going right now the lighthouse is 5 miles out into the ocean and somehow this ride was only going to take us 15 minutes I didn’t know to the speed B that oh that’s it that’s it it’s in the middle of nowhere we finally made it to our next most isolated Hotel a lighthouse in the middle of the [Music] ocean this Lighthouse was built in 1868 it was remodeled into a luxury hotel with nine unique rooms and enough space to sleep 24 guests along with beautiful views the island also features two hot tubs a five-star dining service and beautiful artwork throughout the island itself is only 150 M long and 200 M wide and we reserved it all for ourselves we’re going to be touring the island now I’m actually curious how big this place is supposedly we’re also allowed to go swimming anywhere so we can swim anywhere we want to anywhere you can swim in this one by one swi back to America there wasn’t too much to do so we thought it was a good idea to climb to the very top of the 100t lighthouse where’s the ladders are you supposed to climb from the outside oh there’s a door oh there’s stairs why does this stuff make me dizzy oh I just got flashbang getting up here oh yo okay the stairs might have been worth it this is a sick view what’s that over there is that a [ __ ] that’s a ship help help me what are three idiots trapped on this SM Island supposed to do for fun we’re going to have a race between o and nway who can catch the fish first wait what we don’t know how to fish good luck oh we’re not even using bait we’re just throwing it in and see what happens our goal is just to catch a fish 3 2 1 go they just they Tangled in each other’s ropes that chill chill clearly this wasn’t something any of us done before he’s going to hook himself you’re a safety hazard you’re a danger to society this is a patient man’s game a patient man’s game o was so much more confident but sometimes fishing is just simply luck oh this is a fish this is a fish yo wait what is that I got it a fish no way I got a f he got it that way wins wa what throw them in there hey to close out the day we relaxed in the hot tub and then we served our dinner I was not a big fan what was even scarier than the plate we were served was the sleeping Arrangement set up for the night going to sleep in the lighthouse I’ll be honest we literally just have a mattress and a pillow on the floor this is not going to end up well and plus this light just goes on every 10 seconds so I’m just going to get flash bangs but it should be fine right it’s 11:30 right now we’re going to sleep as best as we can can and then at 3:00 we already have to leave for our next flight so we’re excited for that oh is that go time let’s go after 2 hours of tossing and turning on a metal floor we stumbled on our way to the dock the last two locations are even scarier than the first four combined but they were all the way back in the US it was going to take another 12 hours of travel to get there after a boat a car ride and two plane rides we finally made it we just landed in America but turns out there’s also a Taylor Swift concert so there’s traffic everywhere so we don’t even know if we’re going to make it we’re here and we’re going to go somewhere in these mountains to hang off on a little Cliff we traveled all the way here to do something called Portage camping this death defying experience involves sleeping on a bed strapped to the side of a cliff hundreds of feet in the air why would anyone in the right mind want to do this following a 2-hour drive through the mountains we arrived at our check-in location how many people just have fallen down down uh no one’s Never Falling like on the cliff camp or anything like that not yet well never not on my watch as promising as that was we were still all extremely nervous to put our lives in this stranger’s hands all right we’re going to follow this random man now in the middle of the mountain he’s going to take us for food wait are we going to go on top of that mountain no way oh no yeah we’re going to the to that left one right there the the rocks that have like kind of like the two the two points that feels a little more than an hour hike this time we’re going to be a little smarter we got a handsome Nick right here here last night we didn’t have a tour guide and the trail took us twice as long although the hike was less than a quarter of the distance it took to reach The Monto Roa Hut it was entirely uphill not even 100 m in and we were already struggling to catch our breath this is obviously a very silly question Nick but I’m assuming everything is uphill oh yep great the trail was made out of dirt loose rocks and tree roots You’ have to pay close attention to your footing or else you’d be risked twisting an ankle and falling down the mountain oh no we just started that ways behind oh my God [Music] bro it hurts after multiple stops we eventually made it to a shed where we got geared up in helmets harnesses and grappling equipment and we’re going to go all the way right there and you know the funny part they said is that we can make it Rock so we got to be careful not to do that basically we continued towards the base of the mountain the gear made the uphill 10 times worse I really feel I really feel the elevation now you know what I’m fine cuz I got my Crocs in sport mode The Climb was super intense with ladders and steep rocks all the way up that didn’t even compare to what we had to do next this is well outside my comfort zone we were literally scaling the side of a mountain I was terrified all right we’re almost halfway there I think but it only gets more steep from here the only thing between me and 180 ft fall to my dad with some Gables normally at this point we would show an epic drone shot revealing the hotel but we couldn’t predict [Music] this I just prayed that my fate wasn’t the same as that drone as I started my descent oh I’m terrified of height so I don’t even want to look down Lean Back Lean Back Lean Back it will hold your weight okay I’m good I’m going down see you w yo okay the beds were attached to a mountain about 30 ft below us so we were each lowered one at a time we officially made it to the fifth most isolated Hotel hey dude look at this this is crazy how you feeling that way it’s slipping hey you did it though no tub of snakes for you I’m so scared bro I don’t even know if I’m going to sleep I don’t think I can as we set up for sleeping the temperature dropped drastically it is getting really cold I need to get in my sleeping bag now or it’s not even going to be the height that kills me it’s going to be the cold all right my feet are going to be over the edge the helmet is like a it’s like a pillow that’s what I was saying dude that’s actually so nice I wonder if this is actually the one place we’re going to sleep out of all theot this is going to be the best sleep of our of our entire trip here we all fell asleep instantly the still chilly air and the Starry Sky above made for an incredibly peaceful night it was not every day you got to experience something like this dude we just did this we slept on this I don’t know how so do you see this see how tilted it is oh my you’re wait how are you not half his body’s falling off I told you we slept like this anybody want some G oh my God that’s crazy I’m bit thirsty I’ll be honest even though we survived a night suspended 180t in the air we still had to Rupel all the way back down it looked just as terrifying as you would imagine staying the ledge was scary but I think the scariest part for me is now going back down I can’t believe my life is decided on this one piece of rope right here to me this is definitely one of the most isolated places we’re in the middle of nowhere right now making my way around is this is this good all right go all right right foot on the Rock left oh okay we’re on the Rock nice and easy one of my biggest fears is Heights I tried my best not to panic as I lowered myself down but all I could see was these sharp Boulders hundreds of feet below I have never been so relieved to be touching the ground we did the portal ledge we’re all good we’re all one piece we’re feeling okay but also pretty tired H but that means we have to travel even more to our next location considering the circumstances in Switzerland we doubted that we were ready for the final isolated Hotel so we decided head back home and sped some time to physically prepare we have 31 days into the hike and I’m training I’m going to get ready I’m a beat Socks for one he doesn’t want to run with us but watch out I’m going to pass him the hike to the last hotel is so challenging that we fear nway wouldn’t make it he ran every single day for an entire month to prove that he was ready before we knew it the day has [Music] come we have to hike that today the journey to the last Hotel was going to be the hardest thing any of us have ever done it all started with a 6-hour flight to Seattle Washington so appar there’s a wildfire that’s happening in California that’s going to affect the air quality ofik oh that was my bad I left the stove on we did our research this time and learned that biking the first section of the trail would cut the overall time in half we have a backpack we’re going straight up and on an uneven Road I’m already out of breath with just biking around the parking lot yeah all right we’re doomed we spent the next 2 and 1/2 hours on uneven dirt road searching for the start of the hike this is extremely safe what we were doing we are going into the middle of nowhere I just know that we have to go to one of these mountains all right I don’t know which one but one of them one of them have a house on it by the time we actually found the trail head the sun was already [Music] setting this so-called hotel we were trying to reach sit on the very top of the mountain 7,000 ft in the the air this hike has a T6 grade which means it’s the hardest out there and it’s two times harder than the Switzerland hike to start we have a 9M bike ride towards the mountain this may not seem too bad but it’s all at a 15% incline we’re not even like 3 minutes in and I’m already gased I’m not even I’m not even like fing it the incline on this thing is crazy actually like what 10 minutes I feel like this is going to be harder than the hike park at this point things were not looking good for us it’s pitch black out and we couldn’t even see directly in front of us this Trail if it’s super uphill we we can only walk it it’s it’s too difficult we’re like 12th there iest I just want to die we aren’t even halfway up yet and our legs are already throbbing everyone kept cramping up forcing us to stop and rest I tried my best to keep the morale high but I really didn’t know if we were even close I don’t I don’t think we know what time it is anymore half our headlamps already died a little worried about our water supply I thought we packed good this time okay but I don’t know man here’s the thing we are 3 hours behind and we woke up really early to go to this so it’s almost been about uh 20 hours since we slept theoretically speaking of course theoretically everyone was dead tired we literally couldn’t push ourselves further and we were about to settle with sleeping in the middle of the path oh we filming their pain that’s how you see it we’re here I hear everyone so s so excited so this must be it we were so relieved to make it to the end of the bike trail we locked up our bikes on a tree and set up camp for the nights but us three idiots have never set up a tent in our lives what is this I don’t know you got the tent what do you mean I got the tents bro I didn’t get these TS I’m looking at pictures am I supposed to oh I don’t I don’t I need studed like hir Griffin in high school like eventually I gave up and decided to sleep in this uh so-called tent oh welcome to MTV Cribs it doesn’t get better than this it’s a whole coffin size space and I can feel the Rocks beneath me they’re stabbing me day one of hiking complete I’ll see you tomorrow I love waking up have the team cuz I think there’s a bear in the middle of the night but hey on the bright side there wasn’t a bear so that’s good good morning oh my goodness if I was a camper and I saw this I would diss US this is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen ever we slept maybe 5 hours it’s time to wake these guys up good morning good morning the hike begins how you feeling my uh thighs my ah he thinks we have time for that all right wakey wakey we’re coming in I’m going to go back to sleep we’re coming in you don’t have a choice the hiking actually starts now we may have survived our first night but the hiking hasn’t even started yet after packing up camp in a quick breakfast of dried fruit and Cliff Bars we were on our way our goal is to make it to the house today in 8 hours if we’re at this pace we’re good this is it all right here we go in order to get to the lookout we must follow a very intricate Journal the route is split up by three checkpoints Saddle Lake goat flats and the hotel where we will be sleeping for the night the hike is from point to point it will progressively get more difficult as we continue our first objective is to get to the Saddle Lake which is 3 m away this is what it takes to get to the most isolated Hotel possible through all of this still multiple more miles to go the path is narrow with trees on both sides logs roots and loose rocks at our feet we were all very optimistic at this point simply enjoying the beauty around us oh my I might say it iing might actually be worth it for a view like this I mean this is something you see in the movies like the further along we go the more intense the terain becomes our Pace starts slowing down and our water supply is running low o separates from the group and goes ahead on his own with a steep incline and a lack of water things are not looking good for NAD way how do your like feel Dy dude hey you make it to the lake you can rest there yeah this is all uphill bro you got it you got it I really don’t you guys want to go ahead and I’ll just like take my that’s not allowed that’s not allowed why you got it come on we’re in this together I thought we were close we are we are so close I don’t feel it all right you got it man come on we’re so close at the lake you can rest I need water we got you got to go we have none let’s go on top of this part come on let’s go it’s the biggest incline yet if you could do this everything else is easy yeah okay we have an issue he’s not going to make it bro despite nad’s current condition we pushed through the pain and continued up the trail oh look at that we’re hit our first checkpoint we are so happy to be at the lake because this means we’re 65% of the way to the top the stop gives us time to rest our legs refill our backpacks with water and mentally prepare ourselves to continue the hike we refilled on water with lake water honestly there’s a 50/50 this is going to poison us but honestly we don’t really have a choice there’s no other water here the the goal is still to reach the hotel by the end of the day we’d rather not hike during the night but was nice we gave nway a little head start that Head Start that we gave nway did not last very long you got this put myself in overcharge on the first one bro and this is this you got it this is the last this is the last hike and then you’re chilling nothing else you’re you literally you can sleep for 24 hours what’s hurting everything everything yeah at this point he was looking dead inside there was no life left behind those eyes every time we stopped I’m worried he was about to fall over the goal is to push to the next checkpoint that’s where nway and U will be camping the checkpoint that we were headed to was 3 and 1/2 mil away as we make our way there we were all really being pushed outside our comfort zone at certain points we were climbing at a 37% incline this was really taking its toll on NAD way the most come on that way it’s all on the mind no man I like my legs they’re actually giving up it’s one more mile it’s one more mile I know I know that’s it that’s [Music] it it’s going to be hard let’s go right here come on all in one go you got it it bro let’s get let’s get it just keep walking like literally just keep walking it’s it’s that simple eventually we exit the forest completely and the train becomes mostly rocks and grassy Fields feel like we could just touch the house we’re so close but this doesn’t even look like what we were on before before it would look like if you just took one step wrong you just fall off but now I could play golf look that’s a golf field energy levels uh you know legs functioning that’s what matters can still mov but if I had to compare this to Monta Rosa I would say this is [Music] harder okay we’re reaching near the end of the the third point and you see how high up we are it’s actually unreal I’m surprised that we’re able to actually breathe dude I think we’re so close and we’re actually not that far behind them we’re making really good pace you’re doing really good nway wait wait you see where the house oh it’s there didn’t see that damn okay we’re like 3/4 there but we still have to get to the house it’s are you serious that’s on like a third Mountain how is that so far we have to get there I know I I regret this a bit right as we were about to give up we see our second checkpoint just over the horizon dude okay but the view here is incredible there’s no smoke here you can see everything oh wait this is it we made [Music] it okay we’re going to get ready for our final Journey this probably going to be the sest thing we all ever do the final stretch we might have reached the second checkpoint but the hike here was so brutal that our worst fear came true nadwe was literally incapable of moving on he was constantly pushing his body to the Limit time after time but this was officially his Breaking Point even after all his training and preparation he collapsed inside his tent this means when he returns home he will have to go in a tub of snakes if the rest of us wanted to avoid the same punishment we had to make it to the top the remaining distance to the hotel was 1 and 1/2 miles and we had 4 hours to make it before Sunset we’re venturing off to the final point we’re going to try to do it with no stops um honestly I can’t feel my legs at this point but I’m just going to go what’s the worst that’s going to happen fall down die it’s not that bad that confidence that I had did not last very long as fatigue was really starting to take over the path was now just rocks on the side of the mountain and it just kept getting steeper we were going as fast as we could but we were constantly needing brakes this sucks I got rocks in my shoes the incline is crazy it’s like we’re climbing a mountain or something I don’t know if I’ll make it we want to get it before it gets dark but at this rate we might not and if we have to do this in the dark it’s probably going to be the most dangerous thing we’ve ever done with sunset approaching we had to move quickly if we wanted to reach the hotel in time holy are you serious doesn’t look that far away actually where is it was it that yeah we see it but it’s still so far away this is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life the next section took us much longer and it was extremely dangerous we climbed over aot and had to slide down holding ourselves up by a thin rope the path became even more narrow as we walked walked across a [Music] ridge oh my goodness dude we’re so high up you don’t even see the bottom anymore because we forgot the pots and pans we literally could not eat any of the dehydrated meals we packed the only nutrition we had in the last 48 hours was dehydrated fruits and Cliff Bars man trying to get a bit delusional we’re still so far away aren’t we all right let’s go come on let’s get out of here okay we can’t be here in the dark let’s go you got it come on I got rocks in my shoes my legs are dead somehow I’m out of water again and to top it off the sun’s dropping we have maybe maybe 30 minutes of [Music] sunlight please don’t be close I’m actually going to cry bro we have officially run out of food and water o was collapsing every 100 ft and I couldn’t even catch my breath even when we stopped one second here yeah please [Applause] [Music] sure I don’t see the house is it around this corner it’s around the corner seriously yeah oh my God I still don’t think we’re going to make it the sun has already dropped our legs are nonexistent and our morale was now at an alltime low all right you guys have one hype up song that’s going to get you to the top what is it VI play yeah he can see it right there can you that box you serious okay we just got to get past this giant block of [Music] ice [Music] man I I don’t think we’re going to make it at this point we barely talked to the camera as our mental stability crumbled I was suffering drastically from starvation and dehydration I wanted to give up so bad but I just kept on reflecting on all that my best friends and I had been through that way o and I had gotten through all of this together so I owed it to them and to myself to get to that house we made it to the most isolated hotel in the world I’ve never experienced this feeling before we were literally above the clouds after all of that we had been through I was overwhelmed with feelings of relief and content it was just a small Hut with some beds books and most importantly food so we could stay alive another day that was when I R the world well that’s the Hut wait are we supposed to hike back down we completed our isolated trip around the world it was one of the craziest things we experienced but nway still had to experience this punishment with a tub of snakes you can find that over on our Instagram at Star for one subscribe

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