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Supa Thai Kapolei, Hawaii | Fried Chicken and Green Curry Combo | Basil Fried Rice

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day. Thank you for watching and if you’re new here,  my name is Misty and I go to different mom and pop restaurants or local restaurants around  the island of Oahu. And today’s restaurant is Supa Thai. It was suggested by viewer Patricia  Cullen.

So thank you Patricia for suggesting this. I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t.  If you’re wondering where it is, it’s in the Kapolei area in the newer shopping center next  to the Walmart. This shopping center also has..

.I believe it’s Jersey Mike’s and Dickies Barbecue,  which I’ve done a video in the past on. And they obviously specialize in Thai food.

So this is  their Thai fried chicken plate and it’s a combo. It comes with this.

..hold on…

big  tub of green curry. So this is combo “B”. They have many different combos and what I liked and  drew my eye to it is if you go to a traditional Thai restaurant, I’m not sure how it is elsewhere,  but in Hawaii most of them are Chinese restaurant-like family style. So if you are just  wanting a plate lunch to yourself, you have to buy the whole dish. And it’s a very big portion.

It’s  meant to be shared with many people. So it’s kind of hard to eat by yourself and it doesn’t come  with rice. So I’m kind of glad that they have rice and two different dishes that you can try in one  plate lunch form. And the only other restaurant I know that does that is Bangkok Chef.

So this is a  great option if you’re craving Thai food and you want an actual plate lunch with the rice.

  So the one I chose of course has the Thai style fried chicken and it comes with a sauce looks  like a Vietnamese type sauce. I’m not sure if it’s the same as Thai. It’s got that vinegary  fish sauce smell, but this one has a lot more chilies in it. So let’s dig in. The smells are  amazing coming out of this box and the chicken looks fabulously crispy.

Lets it dip into this. Wow great flavor. I like how they chop it up in smaller pieces so it’s easier to eat. Great  crunch to it. The sauce is really good too.

Not too sour. It has more of a savory fish sauce type  of taste but not smelly like fishy smell. But you can tell that there’s fish sauce in that sauce  and it just coats the chicken so well and it glistens. So good, so crunchy, but I’m not  sure if you can see how crispy and pointy some of the pieces are. Great crunch, great flavor,  but it hurt the roof of my mouth.

So just be careful when you eat these little morsels…little  morsels of death. The rice is good.

Not a big fan of jasmine rice but as every Thai  meal comes with it’s Jasmine rice. But cooked perfectly. Man that’s good. The sauce itself  isn’t very spicy unless you actually get a piece of the chili on your chicken.  But the sauce is actually just a nice sweet chili sauce more sweet than spicy at all  and it really does complement these little pieces of fried chicken.

Let’s  go into the other part of the combo, which is this big vat of green curry.  I’m probably going to taste it by itself first and then put the rice into it because I don’t want it  to get my chicken wet and soggy.

So I appreciate that they’ve put the curry in a separate dish or  container. And the good thing is when you’re on the go and doing takeout too it doesn’t spill  all over your car. Alright it looks delicious.

 It’s got the pieces of eggplant, some broccoli,  which is new to me. Usually I don’t see that in there, the typical cow peas or the long beans,  and some bell pepper in there.

So let’s taste some veg in this green curry.  Wow an explosion of flavor. Very flavorful green curry.

Green curry is one of my favorite curries  out of all of them – the yellow and the red and the masaman. This curry’s got a lot of bright  flavors popping in your mouth. A lot of lemongrass compared to the others I’ve tried, but in a good  way. A lot of flavor in this curry and it just has a lot of vegetables in here too. And I think it’s  a good dish with a lot of flavor considering it only has vegetables in it.

I don’t think in  this one you got to choose any kind of meat if you’re getting it with a combo.

So it’s purely  vegetarian. I like how the eggplant soft and some of the other vegetables such as the long beans and  looks like some cabbage in there too have a little bit of crunch, which gives it different textures. And the vegetables aren’t too overcooked.  Perfect amount of seasoning, not too salty not under seasoned or bland.

Let’s put a little  bit of rice in here and try to soak up some of the curry. Get those flavors going on in there. Wow. So good. If you’ve never had Thai curry before, totally different from Japanese or Indian curry.

  It’s more of a milky coconut flavor with the savory, the saltiness going on. Obviously  it’s mostly made out of coconut milk for the liquid part. So the flavors are different.  They’ve got the lemongrass going on and all the different spices and the chilies,  but this one’s not too spicy either. It’s got really good flavor.

So if you’re not into spice,  this is mild and will serve the general palette of the population where it’s not offensive or  totally burn your mouth hot. So very, very good and look at the portion. That’s a lot of curry  and it will definitely keep you filled for the day. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t film  it inside, the reason is it was actually really crowded in there with a lot of people eating.  It’s very nice and quaint in there and very clean and service was very friendly and fast.

Supa Thai Kapolei, Hawaii | Fried Chicken and Green Curry Combo | Basil Fried Rice

I called  it in my order it was ready to go and it was nice and hot everything’s still hot and fresh.  So I didn’t want to film people, you know eating, without their permission and you know due to  privacy. So when you go though it is clean inside and everything’s good and if you want to dine in  they have an ample amount of tables and chairs. Don’t forget also with your combo meal you get a  drink and I like that it’s not a fountain drink. So you can grab it on the go.

You can choose  any of the sodas in her fridge in the front. So there’s different ones – Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero,  etc. So don’t forget, you get a drink with a combo. Alright if you want to know the price of  the combos and you can pick any combo from their list. The one that I picked was obviously the  fried chicken and the green curry.

It is $16.95 and quite expensive sounding, but definitely  probably could feed two people. That was a lot of food and came with the big scoops of rice  and it was very delicious. Definitely recommend the fried chicken. However you get it with the  combo, because there’s different combos with fried chicken.

So if you don’t like the curry you can  get something else with the fried chicken or just get the fried chicken on its own.

It is wonderful  and if you’re a green curry fan definitely try the green curry too because it’s one of the top  tasting ones I’ve tasted on the island. Alright next up is the Thai basil fried rice. Big fan  of Thai basil fried rice and always like to try it at different places that serve Thai food. I  also like to try green papaya salad, but I figured this was a lot of food so I don’t need some green  papaya salad today.

But smells really delicious again when I opened it up. Got that nice cilantro  smell. You get to pick your protein with it so I got chicken. You can get beef, pork or shrimp,  I think some other kind of seafood but that is I think more if you get seafood. So it’s a lot  cheaper with just the regular protein such as chicken, pork or beef.

So let’s dig into this. Hmmm… One more try.

It just doesn’t taste…not a bad taste,  but it doesn’t taste like the Thai fried rice I’m used to getting from different restaurants. Different flavor.

I do appreciate a lot of holy basil in here – Thai basil. So good and I like that there’s different things in here that I have not seen in  other Thai fried rices in Hawaii anyway. Like I see bamboo shoots, some long beans and egg.  A lot of things in this fried rice. Usually I just see onion, egg and the protein you picked.

  But this has a lot of things in it and I like the spice. This one’s pretty spicy but I asked  them to do it medium. I will say it’s very good. This is different tasting from what I’m used to  from the other restaurants I’ve been to.

But not in a bad way.

I think because there’s so  many things going on in here. So you got the flavor of the bamboo shoots, the chilies,  the cow peas and just the basil. So there’s a lot of flavors just mixing with each other  but that’s not a bad thing. Because sometimes when you get the fried rice that I’m talking about you  just kind of get that saltiness and the you know savoriness of it.

But this has a lot of things  going on including the spice.

I appreciate the cilantro too. A big fan of cilantro. So that’s  a nice touch as well and you do find throughout some fresh Thai bird chilies. And I think that’s a  great addition. It’s not like that dried powdered crushed pepper that some cheap places put in.

So  you’re getting real fresh Thai chilies and it gives it that nice burn. So if you’re not into  heat just ask it for this mild but if you’re a fan of heat definitely get it with the chilies because  it is delicious for a heat lover. Really nice burn. Gives it a more complex flavor. A bit  of chicken here too.

Chicken’s okay. To be honest it kind of tastes like it’s boiled. I wish it was  a little bit more fried first before adding into the rice but other than that this is a pretty good  solid dish.

So if you’re wondering what the basil fried rice costs, it is $13.95.

Again, most Thai  restaurants are family style just like Chinese restaurants so this is expensive sounding but it’s  actually for a whole meal to share with different people. So that’s why the portion is huge and so  you probably wouldn’t eat it alone. If you eat it alone it’ll probably make four meals or something.  So definitely good basil Thai fried rice and it’s got a lot of ingredients in it compared to other  restaurants I’ve been to. So the quality is there, the ingredients are fresh, love the addition of  the Thai fresh chilies.

And if you’re one to like fried rice you probably enjoy this one. And so  thank you Patricia, for suggesting Supa Thai. It was delicious food. Definitely recommend it if  you’re craving Thai food or trying to look for something different to eat in the Kapolei area  if you’re on this side. And parking was pretty simple.

There’s a pretty big parking lot and  it’s not too crowded and you can phone in your order and the order is done within 15 minutes.  And it was done at the time she said and it was ready to go.

So in and out, super fast,  don’t have to worry about parking, and you can go on your merry way with your meal. So if you found  this helpful press the like button, subscribe if you’re new, and I’ll show you more food adventures  next week. And I’ll see you again next time, take care, have a good weekend, peace out.


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