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OahuRE vs. Hawaii Life vs. Soldier to Soldier: A Hawaiian Real Estate Showdown

The Hawaiian real estate market is unique, reflecting the islands’ natural beauty, culture, and evolving needs. Key players like OahuRE, Hawaii Life, and Soldier to Soldier serve different client needs, with each having its strong points. If you’re navigating the maze of Hawaiian property listings, this comparison could be your compass.


About: OahuRE is primarily focused on the Oahu real estate market and has one of the most comprehensive property listing websites for Hawaii.


  1. Depth of Listings: Their platform offers an extensive collection of property listings, especially for Oahu.
  2. Resource-rich Platform: From detailed neighborhood overviews to market analyses, OahuRE serves as an educational hub.
  3. User-friendly Experience: The website is intuitive and designed for easy property searches and comparisons.


  1. Focused Scope: While they excel in Oahu-based listings, they might not cover other Hawaiian islands as extensively.

Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

About: Hawaii Life is a statewide realty firm with a diverse property portfolio spanning the major Hawaiian islands.


  1. Broad Reach: With offices across Hawaii, they offer a wide range of listings across islands.
  2. Diverse Services: Beyond property sales, they have Hawaii Life Vacations for vacation rental services.
  3. Community Engagement: Their Hawaii Life Charitable Fund reflects their commitment to local communities.


  1. Expansive Focus: While they cover a broad spectrum, some clients might seek more localized expertise for specific islands or regions.

Soldier to Soldier Hawaii Realty

About: Soldier to Soldier is a veteran-owned and operated real estate firm that often caters to military families, though they serve all clients.


  1. Military Expertise: Understands the unique needs of military families, offering insights into VA loans, housing allowances, and more.
  2. Personal Touch: Their team offers a highly personalized approach to real estate, valuing relationships over transactions.
  3. Island Knowledge: While they have a special emphasis on the military, their expertise extends to the broader Hawaiian real estate market.


  1. Niche Focus: Their strong emphasis on military families might make some non-military clients wonder if they’re the right fit, even though they serve all clients.

In Conclusion

Your choice between OahuRE, Hawaii Life, and Soldier to Soldier will depend on your unique needs:

  • For deep dives into Oahu: OahuRE.
  • For a broad view of Hawaiian properties: Hawaii Life.
  • For military-oriented guidance or a personalized touch: Soldier to Soldier.

Each of these firms brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for Hawaiian real estate, ensuring clients are in capable hands.

Celester Thomas

Company Blog – Soldier to Soldier Hawaii Realty

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