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we live in the candy neighborhood
originally we lived in the woodies if your housing you might recognize my
last name because we're currently working through an issue so I don't want
to necessarily have that resolved tonight
but I do want to bring attention to what we went through because I feel like
probably a lot of people in this room have that same issue that we've been
going through and I feel like it's my responsibility to tell our story so we
moved in in the summer of 2016 to the woodies which I understand it's an old
home it's a historic home it's a beautiful home but this home in
particular has had a lot of problems we moved in there was immediately a musty
smell um sir I'm an army brat too I was born Madigan Army and I was and I am a
veteran and I know you just okay we deal with it we keep going we trudge on we do
it so I figured it's an old home it'll be fine I'm sure all the hoses
it's got musty people weren't in it that's okay as we went on in this home
at the time I had my daughter was two and a half at the time the bathrooms
would be covered the walls would be covered in mold we would call housing
they would come out and they would dutifully paint it over and with the
fungicide paint and the mold would come back because the mold was then embedded
in the walls we had a dishwasher that would grow
algae I brought housing out there several
times say it's growing algae in this dishwasher and they told me that's
normal for Hawaii and I asked my daughter's preschool teacher who lived
here all her life do you guys have algae in your dishwasher and she said no of
course we don't i bleached that dishwasher every week and I called and
called and called and I was given a new dishwasher but that was just one of the
problems we encountered there was also musty smells coming from the
wall-to-wall carpeting our house was one of the older styles
they are renovating in Camby we had one of the oldest houses there
it still had carpeting but you could smell the carpet no matter what we did
no matter how many times we shampooed it it would have a musty smell in addition
to being an army brat and a veteran I'm a military spouse my
and never here so I'm trying to deal with my child deal with everything that
else that goes on with life while I'm also trying to deal with these things
that are happening in the meantime I have this two and a half year old
daughter who's growing up she's constantly developing colds beyond what
we could expect from daycare in preschool her existing allergies food
allergies were getting worse we didn't understand why some of her vaccinations
weren't taking we would getting her vaccinated we got them double-checked
they weren't taking her immune system wasn't responding to them she would
develop sudden fevers out of nowhere with no other viral symptoms finally
when she was four years old this last summer she developed asthma to the point
that she was on a steroid inhaled steroid and a rescue inhaler three times
a day because she could not breathe I also was pregnant with my second child
the entire time in that home I brought that baby home she had breathing
problems as a newborn she couldn't she would call she would have colt as a
newborn I got a breathing monitor because I was afraid she'd stop
breathing in the middle of the night that's the kind of worry i had meanwhile
my husband is leaving when she's three and a half months old to do his duty to
go to JRTC to go to these other training areas so I'm still alone with these
children trying to figure out why are they so sick what's going on with them
thankfully I had a pediatrician who was there with me trying to help me through
this saying what's going on in your environment what's going on in your home
and I told him we live in an old home we live in a historic home but there's mold
and I told him I understand we live in Hawaii there's gonna be mold and he said
see if you can take her out of that environment and see if these problems
persist and we went home to the mainland to my mother's house
my daughter's asthma stopped it's cold within a days she didn't have any issues
breathing we came back from the mainland back to that home I couldn't breathe
being out of that environment for two weeks and coming back I couldn't breathe
because it was so thick and I had just lived with it for so long that I hadn't
noticed it I noticed too that my own coughing had stopped my own migraines
daily migraines had stopped and still I try to trudge on because I am a military
wife because I'm a military brat because I'm a veteran
and I'm not trying to make waves but once my daughter and it was confirmed
that my daughter was having these problems that's my kid I'm gonna do
what's best for my child I called and I said what can I do to get to get this
remedied and they said well you could buy air purifiers so I bought $400 air
purifiers I bought purifiers for every room in my home I hired pro cleaning
teams because I said maybe it's me maybe I'm not good enough maybe I'm not
cleaning enough I hired pro cleaning teams I I bought the breathing monitor
for my daughter and finally we call it IPC and I said can we just get the
carpets pulled up maybe if we could get the carpets pulled up that would help
and they said no can be is due to be renovated we can't touch your home to
their credit they moved us into a new home but they said you have to move
within six days if you want this home you have to move quickly even though the
house was sitting empty but it's my child so we spent thousands of dollars
to hire a mover with the four days notice we called and gave them four days
notice because that was a notice that we were given and we moved ourselves over
we had neighbors I had neighbors that I didn't even meet before saying we heard
you needed help moving so they came and they boxed up our stuff and helped us
move to another home the home that we were given and
thankfully that home is better my daughter's doing better and we're
thankful for that but we've incurred over five thousand dollars of moving
expenses and we're not even asking for all of those expenses that we've
incurred to be brought to be remedied but when I asked well who's paying for
this they said it's an optional move this is an optional move so you have to
pay for it and I said the only option I have is to either stay in this home
that's making me my child ill or move to them one that doesn't and they said
that's the option and it's not our call who gets paid I'm not sure if that's
garrison and I'm not sure if that's housing that hasn't been made clear to
me but we're just asking for really the day that we we hired movers to be
reimbursed to us nothing we're not asking for anything else and I just
wanted to tell that story because I don't feel it's a unique story thank you okay thank you very much for sharing and
I appreciate you having the courage to share that with us thank you
what that was Megan please come see me when we're done – I'd like to speak
one-on-one you

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