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Oahu NORTH SHORE things to do!

what to do where to stay helpful tips 
for traveling around oahu's north shore   with prices coming up and if you're new here aloha i'm christine with 
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seeing the big waves on the north shore is a must   but you're only going to see big waves depending 
on the time of year in which you're there so the   thing to note is that october through april 
is when the big swells are there and december   through february is when you'll see the biggest 
waves and if you're there during that time   it will obviously be more crowded because 
there will be a lot of surfers but going   to bonsai pipeline is the spot to go to to watch 
the big waves and the amazing surfers in the water but if you're looking for a beach where 
you can just go and chill get in the   water hang out there are obviously a lot of 
popular beaches on the north shore for that   but if you're looking for something a 
little bit more secluded a tip that i   loved was going to the northeast side 
of the island and checking out beaches   like pounders or hooky lao which aren't as 
crowded as the other north shore beaches here's a great one to do if you like to hike 
and you want beautiful views i really enjoyed   the ehukai hike i did it with my family 
and it brings you up to beautiful views   one tip for this hike is it 
dries out a lot toward the top   but prior to that if it's been raining at 
all muddy another one that we considered that   didn't do is the waterfalls hike it does have 
an admission fee of about 20 dollars per person   but that's something to consider link in the 
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because we're all a community here another one   that can't be missed go to sharks cove and get 
in the water it's a really awesome spot because   the water in sharks cove is secluded but it 
has a point in which water is coming in from   the ocean and pushing the fish in so it's a 
great place to get in the water and snorkel   i could go on for a long time so make sure you 
check the description below for the full list   of things that i consider doing or i've done in 
previous trips but if i could give you just two   more especially if you like adventure consider 
skydiving on the north shore as well as going to   climb works if you like to zipline and you 
want a little bit of adventure one helpful   thing to know about prices is that when you're 
visiting all these beaches on the north shore   the parking is free but depending on the 
season and depending how many people are there   i could totally imagine parking getting very 
very filled up because i'm here in march 2021   it was a lot emptier than it normally is given 
tourism is down on this island so i didn't have   that much of a problem with parking but one thing 
to know is free but there might not be a lot of it   all right let's talk about food because there's 
a lot of good food on the north shore and you   can't miss going to the trucks there's so many 
shrimp trucks so many popular shrimp trucks but   i tried fumi's and i totally enjoyed it 
plate will run you about 14 and it is so   delicious and you can't really miss it a couple 
other trucks that i really love mike's huli   chicken which will run you 13 dallas for a whole 
chicken and i also loved rye's poke pokeshack   so one helpful tip to know about the north shore 
is that there aren't a lot of restaurants where   you can have a sit-down meal at there are 
places in hailey west such as the haleiwa   beach house but they don't take reservations so 
i was traveling with a family of six so we ended   up driving all the way back to honolulu to have a 
sit-down dinner but if you're considering staying   at a house for example there is a food land 
up there that isn't nearly as stocked as the   ones in honolulu but you can buy groceries out 
there and then cook at your place that you're   staying ooh and if you're looking for produce 
or just looking for fruit and freshly cut fruit   make sure you stop at the fruit stands 
kahuku farms is a great one to stop at and once you've had something good to eat maybe 
you should have some sweets you can't miss going   to matsumoto shave ice the line can be really 
long but you can get really delicious shave ice   for just three dollars for a small one pineapple 
let's talk about a few helpful tips and then let's   jump to some tips around where to stay in the 
north shore one of the other things to know about   getting around aside from parking potentially 
being really tough is that you really do   need a car on the north shore it's not really an 
option to take a taxi up there and do ubers while   it not impossible i highly recommend you make sure 
you have a car if you're going to visit the north   shore and as you're driving around another tip to 
know is that there's just one road and so if there   is traffic it can get pretty backed up but just 
something to keep in mind another helpful tip is   that water shoes are kind of a must on the north 
shore there's a lot of really sharp rocks and you   want to protect your feet so make sure you're 
wearing water shoes or some kind of sandal that   straps to your feet and another thing to know 
is that on sundays a lot of things can be closed   so make sure you're planning in advance and 
checking the hours of places you want to visit   so you're not like me and my family driving around 
unable to find somewhere to eat on a sunday and   please be sure to add your tips in the comments 
below so that it can help me as well on my next   trip to the north shore let's talk about places 
to stay and my tips around accommodations i think   one thing to note in general is that the supply is 
kind of low on the north shore and the demand can   be really high as it compares to waikiki honolulu 
and so here are three examples of places that i've   stayed on this trip i booked an airbnb that was 
a single just okay looking bedroom with a shared   bathroom and before taxes it was 120 dollars per 
night that's not very good value in my opinion   we also booked an airbnb that was a three-bedroom 
one-and-a-half bathroom and there was no air   conditioning it was on the water with a nice view 
and had parking but it was 360 dollars before   taxes as well again not super affordable but for 
the north shore not too bad in the past back in   2017 i have stayed at turtle bay resort please 
comment below if you stayed there recently my   experience and i'm just being honest here i just 
remember it being very tired and very exorbitantly   priced so that's just my experience trying to help 
you out please add your comments below because   we're all a community oh and here's a helpful 
tip if you're looking for cheaper accommodations   consider going during the summer when it's lower 
season and you don't have to worry about competing   with all of the surfers who are trying to find 
accommodations there in the winter with the big   waves so that could be a way of saving money all 
right if you've made it this far in the video i   have a secret for you there's a video that i'm 
making that i love this island but there are   things about it that i didn't really expect and 
there are some things i didn't really love that   i want to share with you my experiences so that 
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