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O’ahu, Hawaii : The Documentary

[Music] today I take you to a rather unique place ablaze where you can have fun from the top of volcanic mountains to deep into the ocean with fishes a territory with some of the most beautiful wet forests but also with many very dry regions a town where you can escape to the most beautiful botanical garden in the world or let yourself be amazed by all that the city has to offer you like this delectable blade for example or that one all along a nation that never sleeps you will have fun days and nights and what if I told you that all that happened on an island right in the middle of Pacific Ocean welcome to Hawaii on Hawaii [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] let's make things clear with some statistics Hawaii's at 137 Islands archipelago with a total area of 16,000 635 square kilometers which make it a little smaller than s WA teeny the small country between South Africa and Mozambique among these islands we find the hate main ones the biggest island is Hawaii better known as Big Island with an fine Maui Oahu Kauai Molokai lanai Amenia and kau Holloway if that can give you an idea the other islands look a little bit like that it's so negligible that we will not talk about it today a total of 1 million three hundred sixty thousand people leave on these islands the most populous one is Oahu with 70 percent of the population the least populous one is Kahului because it's simply inhabited for the simple reason that it was used as a target for several explosive in World War two and that there is till today some bomb that doesn't have explode yet did you know that Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii finally nini ah who is hardly more populous with its 170 people by the way sorry about the way I pronounce those names the Hawaiian language has the peculiarity of having only 12 letters the vowels a e i o cute and the consonants h k l m and p NW and there is the apostrophe which create a kind of buzz in the word like in oh wow otherwise it will be like waa hope so with so few letters it's not that sounds are difficult to pronounce with our mouths but we never put so many vowels in ours they are saying every letters one after the other in a word and sure things we never put so many times the same vowel following each other for example I visited ahaha what region do you realize ha ha ha two thirds of the word his composed with the letter hey can you pronounce it better than I looka Mahima louia loco waimalu yeah why Malou yeah Vimal ouya loco mama Lewton loco loco why my lujah the most difficult thing about this language is that almost all street names are in Hawaiian we hand up recognized the street we often use but it's quite difficult to remember the name of the destinations they all look alike in my opinion but who owns a ye everything begins with a monarchy under the reign of King Kamehameha and its descendants from 1810 to 1894 Lin owners Americans and capitalistic reprehend took control making Hawaii Republic for four years until 1898 the archipelago then became an oversea territory of the United States and finally sixty-one years later on August 21st of 1959 Hawaii officially became the United States 50th and last date so far so yes going to Hawaii is sort of going to Uncle Sam's country Hawaii is the fourth smallest States the 11th least populous but the 13th with the highest density with 85 people per square kilometer and now let's visit that famous so while it you'll see soon enough that despite the fact that we are in the u.s.

We feel very wealthy rich of this wonderful Island the first thing you'll notice when you're arrived after that's Shifu hitting hate oh yes getting off the plane in Hawaii creates a bit the same effect as opening the door of an overt accept that that he doesn't go away no kidding it's very wet and fair reality but yes the second thing that strike after this speed wave is this smile the living joy and the kindness of these people we are really on another planet have you ever seen a lot of bus drivers smiling and happy to do their job I saw some of them in a white really in every doming people seem happy to do what they do and they are Zen but I don't know if it's an effect of the heat but it seems that no one is in a hurry do you remember the scene at the licensing office in Zootopia I felt a little like that few times can I do well I was hoping you could run a poor you well I was hoping you could de well I was hoping you could run a play for us we are in a really big hurry sure what's the plate – 9 T number and it's hardly not exaggerated oh yes and for the language don't worry about that the Hawaiian language is still there but everyone speak English with a few small difference in the white rather than saying hi they say hello ah it's so official that it's even there modo the hello estate you will also notice that many people say Mahalo that means thank you last but not least you know why you do not wave your hand to people the same way they do the Shaka it's so official that you can even find it as an America Joe perfectly oh whoa impress with all its contrasts you know me I like mountains on my first one I was surprised to find myself on a volcano which such drew islands that it's forbidden to smoke by the way if you're a smoker Hawaii is probably one of the worst place you can travel I never seen so many smoking banners in one place but I was expecting more tropical vegetation at least the humidity in the air at the airport the palm trees the banyan trees in the city gave me that impressions and I was right only eight kilometers away from visible on the Pacific Rim in downtown Waikiki yes only eight kilometers away from the serene environment lies a magnificent bamboo forest and huge trees all larger than the others the kind of forest where vegetation grows on vegetation each plan tried to go higher than the others to gain sunlight all that with the water stream fed by this fall a little higher on the other side of the island there is also mountains with a mix of both vegetation probably the most impressive mountain range on the island in my opinion a very ethical cliff of greenery as we see nowhere else other areas of the island are very flat and used for agriculture in addition to coconuts bananas and pineapple there are also fields of coffee sugar cane and macadam nuts or why not solar panel fields oh yeah you can also find them on the roof of several houses not surprising when you are in a region of the world where it almost never rains lease for summer let's change the subject beaches because you cannot go on oh wow without going on the beach they are all around the island from the crowded beach to the desert Beach through the rocky beach where you can watch the wave hit the shore the beach at the edge of the forest where we can watch the crabs run away from danger the beach for sunbathing the beach for surfing the beach surrounded by mountains the night beach or the beach to go snorkeling and lobster fee on the water life even though it gave me a huge sunburn it was my favorite there is something for every taste in fact there is so much variety of climate geography on Oahu Island that the entire lost series was shot on this island the beach the jungle the valleys the scene in town the scene the airport the ports where they make us believe that it happens in Africa or Iraq or even in Korea every single scene of lost we're shot on the island of Oahu in the real Hawaii scenery yes this temple exists for real in Hawaii this is Valley of the temple Haitian culture is that important on oh wow that this temple was created to serve as a fur neural complex or why and Buddhist and Shinto resident the population of the Hawaiian archipelago today is made of 37 percent Asian 27 percent white 23 percent Metis 10 percent of wine and 3 percent black this is also the place that remind me the most Japan Japanese and Korean restaurant offers succulent dishes downtown and that's logical because when you look at the map Hawaii is the closest to Asia after Alaska which bring us to talk about food and you will have some choices colorful lunches cold soup warm one or even boiling hot Haitian fried ramen pokeball the best garnished nachos in the world or this plate of chicken and shrimp served with very sweet pineapple black beans rice and the best Blanton's I eaten in my life let's finish with desert why not a gelato shave ice this cloud texture slush or weina the best cheesecake in the world are these donuts I made a lot of friends a jai-ho is a restaurant paradise Hawaii is a great destination to please your taste buds but since nothing is perfect and I made myself a duty to postpone the lease enchanting point of each place it's not to be annoying it's only to share my point of view and be constructive so the point that shocked me the most is the number of car on the island oh yes there is a ton of car and that's not normal for an island in the middle of the ocean in Bermuda for example to drive a car you must first be a resident and to have a permit a license so if you're a tourist forget it you're not allowed to drive then for resident there is a limit of one vehicle per household so a family of five living under the same roof cannot have two cars and several country around the world charge a ridiculously high tax rate on the purchase of a vehicle to discourage people from using the road but Hawaii is part of the United States and in that country the population has been educated that way the car is the best way of transportation and if you want to living the dream you need a big car they're brand new built for a big car with big car comfort and big car features now here's the rest of that important story something really big in the way of news for 1941 the grandest ride ever engineered into a Ford car an entirely new sensation a ride that combines smoothness level riding and comfort it's the result of basic improvements in the new Ford cars so after the same mentality on an island of 1542 square kilometers than on the length of the third most land area country in the world I noticed that it give really good and result there is virtually no space to park the street are congested I thought about renting a scooter would be easier but finally no because I was told by some resident that many parts of the island are not accessible without going on the highways which are prohibited to scooters I think it is possible to get everywhere by taking great day tour but that's what population told me so we use the bus but as Oahu is an island and there is not enough room to make a reserved lane for public vehicle in addition to stop at every corner of the street to catch people buses are also coughing traffic so much that as I was saying a big flaw here is the amount of vehicle and that there is nothing that is done to encourage public transport right now we just got off the bus because it's faster on foot and that's a shame because a little 44 kilometres ride will take more than a hot were and a half by bus if you're lucky with the transfer and without calculating the waiting time of several regions where a single bus pass every hours so the biggest negative point about WoW is the transportation then you'll not realize it in the great tourist area because the government is currently chasing them from these sectors but there is a large population of homeless people more than 4000 people have no roof to sleep at night on the hoja island only they can be seen very easily when you leave the most known areas some subtle on the beach some in parking lots and in some area sidewalk literally serve as a homeless camping which brings me to the last negative point Waikiki is a really clean area of the island but really really clean you could heat on the ground almost anywhere city employees clean the street constantly by collecting all the waste and even the dead leaves everything is perfectly clean but unfortunately we cannot say the same about the rest of the island in some areas all this people leave their garbage when they leave a place elsewhere it's the ocean that brings the trash of the world Hawaii lies directly on the road of the waste I weigh between two plastic island of the Pacific Ocean have you heard of these famous plastic hot line on the ocean it's not just a legend they really exist do some research on Kamilo Beach it's a beach on Big Island and it will give you a good idea so many beaches in Hawaii get waste from around the world directly on the shore thanks to the ocean if you still use plastic bag to make your grocery if you still buy a bottle of water if you go get your coffee in a cup that you throw every day if you pack your sandwich in a ziplock bag that you threw at the end of the day or that if you simply not have yet paid attention to the amount of plastic you use it is.i time you get started the vast majority of the plastic is not recycled so do not think because you put your peanut butter jar in the recycling that it will necessarily end up being recycled if you use single-use plastic you are partly responsible for that I am myself part of the cause but if I allow myself to speak to you about it it's because I pay more and more attention to it finally if we return to oh wow it's really a beautiful place that I highly recommend to visit there is something for every taste and I'm not just talking about food come discover it's jungle and mountains or swim with fishes come surf or swim with friends and Maya the beauty of the beach and have fun on the street at night come discover the Aloha lifestyle of a Wow finally I'll leave you on some images of this majestic alley and if you wish to visit it I invite you to come and see my guide who will be available right there if it's not already [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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