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I Paid A Private Investigator To Follow Me For A Month

If someone was following you, 
do you think you'd notice? What if they were following you for a whole month? Well, I got someone to hire a private 
investigator, to do just that. And not only did I have no idea where they were,
I also couldn't believe what they found. How did you find that out? The world of private investigators 
is, by definition, quite private. So finding information about them, is tricky. But essentially, they are called in if someone,
wants to dig up some dirt on a rival, cheating partner, or mortal enemy. Now, I don't think I have any huge secrets, other than I absolutely adore Laurence Fox's music. LAURENCE: They stole a march on your indecision. So what would happen, if I got a friend of mine 
to hire a private investigator, on my behalf… And ask them, to follow me for a month. What would they find out about me, and would I notice them being there, 
even though I knew that they were there? [DING] To answer this question, I got my friend Aziz, to research and find a private investigator,
to follow me over the course of a month.

I wouldn't know where they were,
who they were, or what they were looking into. Either way, I reckon I feel 
like someone was watching me. [CAMERA SNAP] So, today is the first day in which the private 
investigator is meant to be following me. I am already paranoid and anxious, 
and every single person I walk past, I'm constantly thinking, are they taking pictures of me?
Are they following me? I mean, these gentlemen having chicken on the bench. I don't know. They could be following me. I have no idea. What I said to Aziz is to make sure that I am 
not looking over my shoulder every single day, I've asked Aziz to hire the PI, to surveil me 
at random points throughout the next month. So, they could be following me now, 
they could be- they could not be. So it just means that I can get on with my life, and basically, not have to 
constantly look over my shoulder. Either, way the time period has begun,
and I am…

Very nervous. [NERVOUS LAUGH] I had a right to be nervous, as across London, 
at that very moment, Aziz had made contact. Aziz has subsequently told me that,
in the research that he did, this PI was the real deal. Davide had given him five stars and called him: [FRENCH ACCENT] "Top of investigations!" Thanks, Davide. And with a quiet place to talk,
they were ironing out some of the details. PIs don't come cheap, but I want to know what my secrets are,
so Aziz came to an agreement… and the hunt was on. Meanwhile, I'd forgotten all about 
being hunted and was just generally enjoying my life, at an ABBA tribute concert. Can't believe you don't know them already. [DRAMATIC THUD] Over the next month, the PI, or PIs,
followed me on random days, and I didn't have a Scooby. [CLICK, DRAMATIC THUD] After all of that, one month later,
Aziz sent me a message with a time and a location,   for me, to come face to face with my shadow.

MAX: Hello. [MAX LAUGHS] Yes. Um, Max, I think, yeah. I have- I have no idea who you are and I do not 
recognise you, which- which really, really scares me. [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] That's correct. Yep. [MAX LAUGHS] They're very good. [MAX LAUGHS] I know that we've paid him to do this, but [INAUDIBLE] Yep. [MAX LAUGHS] But I'm- you know that, don't you? [MAX LAUGHS] I'm so glad that now everyone 
knows that I can sing. Oh yea, this is- this is a good one. Where were you? Genuinely, where were you? This was before I thought we'd started this, as well. So, for the past month, I've kind of been thinking,
'oh, there might be someone who's following around',  
Yeah, I'm- I'm- I'm in a choir. but genuinely, this was 
before that period of time. [CLICK, CLICK] Yes, I had a coffee with Zach. Also, Zach, it does look like I'm lovingly
looking at you over my latte. I'm so glad that got caught on camera(!) Uh, good. [MAX LAUGHS] I did. I should probably stop wearing that, shouldn't I?
right at you! How did I miss this? MAX: Get it in your gob, Max.

Jesus. [MAX LAUGHS] That is my Wi-Fi password. [MAX LAUGHS] [MAX LAUGHS] How- How? Is there anything you'd recommend that I do, 
to make it harder for someone like yourself? OK. Um, please, don't do this again. I guess I'm not gonna be paying you anymore. You won't be doing this. You don't do this. You don't do this..

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