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How to Sell My Home Fast in OKC!?!

– Hi everybody, this is Ruthie the REALTOR with Keller Williams,
and today I'm gonna talk to you about five things that
you need to make sure you do so that you maximize the amount of money that you're gonna make
when you sell your house and how quickly your home is gonna sell. A big thing is exposure. We need to make sure that we
expose your home digitally to the masses. You're most likely watching this video through a target market
ad that we intentionally exposed you to. We get thousands of views per every video that we publish for each house. This all happens through a
detailed digital marketing plan that continuously exposes your home to potential home buyers. The next thing that you
need to make sure you do is hire an expert negotiator. If you think about this, the average Oklahoma
real estate agent sells four to six houses per year. With that limited experience,
do you think they really have the experience and adequate
skills to negotiate in your behalf? My team sells more than
that in just a month. We really are expert negotiators, and we continuously keep
getting better and better in order to negotiate on
behalf of our sellers.

The last three things to
think about are price, location, and condition. When you're pricing your home, you can't just rely on Zillow. Zillow's just an algorithm
that doesn't take into consideration any updates
that you might have made to your home, and list
price is very important. If the price, the location,
or the condition are off, that can mean a lot of
things for your home. And just like an appraiser, you need to make price
adjustments based on those things. For example, if you
live near a busy street or near a park, which is a great thing, you definitely need to adjust the price. So to recap, exposure,
location, price, condition, and hiring an expert negotiator, someone that's at the top of their game and at the cutting edge of
technology and marketing. So don't leave the
largest financial decision of your life in the hands of someone that only sells a couple
of properties per year or that's only a part-time agent. Make sure you hire someone
who takes their profession very very seriously. So remember, my name is Ruthie Owens. I'm with Keller Williams,
and I'm here to answer any of your real estate-related questions.

Please know that I take my
profession very very seriously and I continuously get better and better at negotiating for my clients
and helping my buyers. So if you know anyone
that's wanting to buy or sell a home, please
share this video with them. And make today a great real
estate buying and selling day..

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