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How to Market Yourself As A New Real Estate Agent

What's up guys Jason Wardrop here, and let's talk about you and your business for a second Let's talk about how to market yourself as a brand new real estate agent alright guys so I'm gonna be showing you about five and different things of how to Market yourself if you're a brand new real estate agent some of the things that you know are low-hanging fruit That are at your disposal that you can take advantage of all right well He's I think there's five things, so we'll hit those here in a second But for so I want to jump onto my computer I want to actually show you how to make some of these things happen because you know the great thing about today 2017-2018 You have technology you have the Internet at your disposal So you want to be leveraging that as much as possible? Because then you can have a lot of these activities that are pretty much hands-free Okay, now the first one.

I'll hit just because it doesn't necessarily require the computer But the first and number-one way to go through and market yourself is by going to different networking events now I know that's super old-school I know that's super classic a lot of these other marketing techniques and stuff a lot more cutting-edge But the good old old-school networking events of connecting with other mortgage brokers loan officers People to do title or insurance just making those connections Because if you think about it like when I went through and I bought my my house bouts I don't know was six months ago You know I I initially worked with the real estate agent, okay? And then he had his you know loan officer mortgage officer that he referred me to and actually I knew a I knew a mortgage Broker at the time, and he actually is like hey. I've got an awesome real estate agent I've worked a ton with and so like as you know And if you don't know this already if you're brand new Then everything works like not everything but a lot of this works off of referrals right now if you know somebody You got a close family or friend who's a real stage a mortgage broker does insurance those title does whatever? They're gonna go through connect with that person and then if you're already networked in Then you're gonna have that good referral base So that is the number one thing is be able to go through in connecting with others on Just networking events and connecting with other mortgage brokers and insurance people so anyway with that said guys for the other three or so Let's jump onto my computer because I want to show you guys how to make some this stuff happen because it's some pretty cool stuff Where even if you have like absolutely no budget like even two bucks to spend a day, which two bucks guys.

Let's get real That's like that's less than you spend on your morning coffee, right? So two bucks a day you can go through and have some Amazing results with a lot of this stuff and be seen on all the different social networks being people's email inbox their their mobile phone Just be everywhere so that when they think real estate They're thinking of you, so let me just jump over here on my computer guys Let's just go downstairs really quick okay, and then we'll jump on that and make that happen all right here We are on my handy-dandy laptop.

What's up guys? You can see me down here in the bottom right hand corner And I know I've been talking a lot about my brand new artwork, so you guys can see that I don't have it all hung up so you guys can see down there in the bottom. I've got to hang that up That's like. It's actually on my to-do list so and you see that there was just a new sign up I forgot to shut down slack, but anyway guys so for uh So we talked about networking groups right? That's super super important making those connections but now let's talk about your low-hanging fruit your warm market people that already know who you are and That this is this is coming from if you're like brand-new just starting out Let's think you've got a database of people probably there have names phone numbers and email address whether they're on your phone Gmail LinkedIn, I'm gonna show you guys how to use LinkedIn here in a second or outlook You've got this is an existing database right now If you're like most people you probably have at least 500 names and yes They're probably your family members your friends and all that stuff, but let's get real that's like your warmest market that is the easiest low-hanging fruit because they know you and They're more likely to go through and do business with you It's not like we're gonna be annoying these people and we're gonna be sending them emails and spamming them every single day But this is just great low-hanging fruit.

Okay, so guys if you look up here this top this URL And I'll add this down in the the comments section description. This is the URL for LinkedIn to export all of your contacts is kind of hidden. They they don't They won't like this data is super super valuable and so they don't want it to be like exposed Everywhere and just super easy to go through and read move all this data, and so what you can Do is come down here and let's see where it is It is I Know it's just fine it the other day. Okay, right here. Yep. Getting an archive of your data Okay, so you can say request archive and after some time? They'll send it to you and I'll have all their names phone numbers and email addresses, and so like you can see right here I've got 1600 connections Honestly, I don't know if that's a lot or a little I remember Way back in the day I don't know if this is still true, but when I was in college is probably seven eight years ago I remember they would have like they would show the number or if you had over 500 connections They'd just be like over 500 so like I remember just like adding like every one.

I possibly could know just be like okay I got a hit like this over 500 because once I hit that point I'll feel like I'm actually like official and and you know I'm not just gonna have like 272 contacts, but you know I'll have like over 500 connections So anyway who knows? I don't know that could be a lot could be a little Anyway, so export that data It'll get to you in a CSV file right so now what we could do is we can go through and import this data So this is number two import this data into our CRM right now obviously I'm biased We've got Arsenal marketing the Arsenal mkg CRM that you can go through import that contacts info This is not I don't try to make these sales videos ever so I'm not gonna really dive in I'll show you guys the website and that's about it So we've got our celeb Here's the website CRM social automation tool website builder all that good stuff So anyway check that out so number two is taking that low-hanging fruit uploaded into your CRM and then number three Okay, is taking that same exact file so the same exact file guys And we're gonna come over here to Facebook all right and then on Facebook We're gonna go over to our ads manager alright, and inside of our ads manager and guys I know I'm going pretty fast here But what you can do is just go take these concepts and then come back and watch this video pause it do whatever Once you have that file and then be able to take it from there, okay, and this is here's a little demo account I don't really run on this anymore, but up here in the top left.

You can see the ads manager You come to audiences or you go to all tools, and if it's audience is not showing up right here all tools assets and then audiences you can come and Upload your upload that contact file ok so you can see like I've already kind of did a little demo of this Outlook contacts 600 people and that's ready to go ok, so what you do is just click create an audience go to custom audience Click on a customer file and another thing is if you have an existing website Well obviously if you're watching This is kind of more specific to brand new agents how to get started marking yourself But if you have an existing website You can actually put what Facebook calls a Facebook tracking pixel that will track anyone who's ever visited your website Ok and then you could target ads directly to those people ok so you know how like when it's kind of crazy with Amazon where you go search for a product and then pretty much anywhere you Go it's like hey.

Here's here's like Here's another look at this product or like here's products related to this because you looked at this Like on different blogs and even when you're searching all through Amazon that is how it's done ok It's called retargeting and you do that with the website traffic picture right there Alright, so anyway with this customer file you can say add customers from your own file or copy and paste data And then you just come down here And you see this copy and paste and all you do is hit you know ctrl C to copy on your Excel spreadsheet Ctrl V.

Which is pasting right here, and then you can name the audience, right? so I'm not gonna go do through and do that but you guys can see here now we have this audience of 600 people let's say and You can go through and create ads specifically to those on Facebook and those people on Instagram And go target those in like literally what you would you just do from here is Create an ad and you can run it for just one dollar a day targeting these people ok because for one dollar a day you're not gonna be hitting every single one of those people all the time you're maybe gonna get like 50 or so I Don't know it kind of depends on Facebook's algorithm for that day But you could say I want to post on facebook on instagram & even they've got something called audience network Which will pop up on other blogs and even inside some apps they so you just always stay in top of mind right okay? So um I don't know was that the third way.

We've got the networking the CRM Facebook Instagram kind of filter kind of tied in together and then the last one is YouTube actually no not YouTube we got to go to Google Google Adwords right here guys. Okay, so if we go to Google AdWords We could do very similar thing to what we did on Facebook of uploading our data okay, so we're just come over here to sign in and What we're gonna do once we've signed in and guys This is literally all just using your existing stuff, so you're gonna come over here to shared library and you're gonna go to audiences click on view and then what we're gonna do right here is we're gonna go and I Believe it's right here Remarketing list customer email, so we're just gonna click customer emails upload those emails And we'll create this remarketing list that we can go mark it on on YouTube on Google on pretty much any blog That's out there And then now and and you can just set this campaign up for just a dollar a day so now guys look at this For just two bucks a day okay, or less than like your Starbucks coffee or whatever you're drinking, okay? You have now so 60 bucks a month You are now going through your networking with people which could be like one time a week, right? Networking with other mortgage brokers insurance people title all that stuff Just getting into that world just making those connections All right number two you've got your email list your import into a CRM and your mailing out Maybe two times a month just to stay top of mind let them know who you are what you're doing and then also You're gonna be touring them on Facebook Instagram YouTube and Google okay, and that was off of $2 per day All right, and that's tapping into your warm market Which man the number of referrals that come from that the number of just new businesses just people just knowing and remembering What who, you are and what you do is crazy guys so anyway.

I just want to share those things with you Those are just kind of the five tips I Think there are five, but to be able to go through and if you're brand new and real estate how to start marking yourself leveraging that existing network that you have and be able to go through and make things happen so anyway guys if You feel like this content was helpful make sure you subscribe to the channel because we're releasing a daily video Every day at 8 a.m.. Or Almost every day. I try to make sure that we get a video every single day, but obviously sometimes things crazy fall behind And so anyway make sure you hit subscribe and also If you guys don't mind hit the like button if you guys like this video found it helpful and comment right below Let me know what you are putting in action today to help make your real-estate business grow Thanks guys.

Make sure you hit subscribe and I will see you guys on the channel tomorrow.

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