Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Hawaii 2023-Part 1-Sunset over the Waikiki Beach

My name is Natsuki. I am an exchange student from Japan studying in the USA. This is my first trip to Hawaii. The trip is for exchange students from different countries around the world. After arriving at the hotel and taking a short break, I went to see the sunset over the Waikiki Beach. Weather was beautiful. Group selfies are very important for our friends in the back. Just a minute…picture first! And we finally arrived at the famous Waikiki beach. More selfies. After photo session at Waikiki Beach we all decided to visit the nearby pier.

There is always a time for more pictures. The view from the pier is magnificent. After visiting the pier we decided to continue our walk along the shoreline. Some people like to take selfies a lot. If you look behind me, more selfies are still taken. A beautiful view at sunset. Everyone is taking pictures of palm trees. Well, let me also take a selfie…why not? Something is going on in the park. A performance of some kind…? I need to investigate what is going on.

Too far…let me go closer. Time to join the rest of the group. They’ve just noticed I was gone. Narration and camera – Natsuki Video processing (360 to 4K), montage, and music – Krzysztof Music based on loops from Ghosthack and Producer Planet This concludes our walk along Waikiki Beach. Please hit the “subscribe” button and see you in the next video..

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