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Common Household Bugs in Hawaii

Closer Look: Common Household Bugs in Hawaii

Hawaii, with its tropical climate and lush landscapes, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. However, this beautiful environment also welcomes a variety of insects, some of which might find their way into your home. Let’s explore the common household bugs you might encounter in the Aloha State.

1. Cockroaches


One of the most common pests in Hawaiian homes, several species of cockroaches thrive here.

  • German Cockroach: A smaller roach but often the most problematic due to its rapid reproduction.
  • American Cockroach: Larger and reddish-brown, often found in damp areas.

For more information and control methods, visit the University of Hawaii’s Pest Control Guide.

2. Centipedes


The Hawaiian centipede is known for its painful sting. Typically, they’re found in gardens but can occasionally make their way indoors. Learn more about these critters and how to handle them from Hawaii Invertebrates.

3. Termites


Termites are a significant concern for homeowners in Hawaii. The tropical climate provides a perfect breeding ground.

  • Formosan Subterranean Termite: Especially destructive, these termites can cause considerable damage in a short time.
  • Drywood Termite: As the name suggests, they prefer dry wood and are often found in furniture.

For a comprehensive guide to Hawaiian termites, check out Hawaii’s Termite Species.

4. Ants


Hawaii houses several ant species. The Little Fire Ant and Big-Headed Ant are two commonly found in homes, often attracted by food. Discover more about the ant species in Hawaii and control methods from Hawaii Ant Lab.

5. Bed Bugs

While not unique to Hawaii, bed bugs have been making a comeback globally, and Hawaii hasn’t been spared. These pests are often introduced via luggage or used furniture. Read more about identifying and managing them at the Hawaii Department of Health’s Guide.

6. Silverfish and Booklice


Favoring the humid environment, both these pests can be found in homes. While they’re more of a nuisance than harmful, they can damage books and wallpaper. Learn how to manage them with resources from the University of Hawaii’s Pest Management Program.


While Hawaii’s natural beauty is unmatched, homeowners should be aware of these common pests. By staying informed and taking preventive measures, you can ensure a comfortable living environment and protect your home. If you ever face an overwhelming pest issue, always consider reaching out to a local pest control expert to handle the situation effectively

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