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Can VA Reduce or Take Away a Veteran’s VA Disability? | VA Service-Connected Disability | theSITREP

can the va take away or reduce my va disability and if so how or why when you get a decision which is what i will stress this as much as i can you have to read your paperwork you have to look through everything that you sent because in your paperwork there's a decision and then there's a rating narrative it talks to you about why they came to that conclusion it tells you if it's permanent it tells you if it's temporary and it tells you if it's going to be a future examination you need to look at your cold sheet because it'll tell you if they're planning on looking at something that they don't feel is permanent in nature if you look at that block it'll say future exam and then if it has a date that's something you know they're going to look at again so then that way you're not going in unknowingly and then all of a sudden you get a letter saying they're going to reduce that you have to understand that when you get your service connection reading the narrative and then looking at the blocks to determine if they're going to look at something again tells you if it's a potential for that being reduced so again make sure you read your paperwork look to see if something that you're service connected for has an exam because they're going to reevaluate that and if they determine that it's better or it's improved then the va benefits side are going to look at that to determine if it still needs to stay at that percentage it's really just that simple the other thing is if it gets worse before you get to the future exam or you do have to continue to going for because it's degeneratively you know giving you trouble you need to go get that documented because now the decision makers when the future exam comes around they're going to look at that and go well this person's been having problems with this condition even after the initial service connection so we want to make sure that we don't penalize them for that we want to make sure that we give them either more or we just continue what they currently have and we don't reduce it so the reduction is usually based on future exams that's already of record or the fact that they put in for you to show up for an exam and you didn't go and that's the biggest one for the reduction that you're not getting back to us or you're not showing up for exams everyone needs to go to the exams and if you can't go make arrangements to reschedule because if you don't it's going to probably put you on the side of something being denied or reduced and it's usually now is when the veterans want to come back and start having these discussions take the time when you get a letter take the time when you get a call if you can't do it life is happening your schedule is tough you're traveling something's going on with your family or maybe something's going on with you get back to us we will work with you but when you don't get back to us we're not really left with a lot of choices because we still have to do our jobs as well you have questions about your va benefits and the sitrep has the answers visit any of our four youtube playlists that specifically cover va healthcare va disability va home loans and specialty topics choose from any of our playlists and connect with the benefits you earned and deserve

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