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14 Things to do Oahu, Hawaii | Hawaii Travel 2023

Hey everyone, it's Madalyn and this video is 
all about what to expect when traveling to the   island of Oahu in Hawaii. Oahu is an incredible 
vacation destination and we think there are a   few things you should know before heading out on 
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you stick around until the end of the video we'll   discuss our favorite things about our own trip 
to Oahu. Let's get started. Know before you go.   Oahu is also referred to as the gathering place 
because it's the most populated of the Hawaiian   islands and attracts millions of tourists 
each year. Honolulu is the capital city of   Hawaii and was once home to the Hawaiian monarchy 
which you can learn more about by visiting the   Iolani palace. Big wave surfing originated 
on Oahu with the father of modern surfing   Duke Kahanamoku. Each winter several popular 
surfing competitions are held on the north shore.   By law all beaches are public beaches in Hawaii, 
even high-end resorts have to provide public   parking for beach access.

Things to do. Hanauma 
Bay Hanauma Bay State Park is one of the most   accessible and most popular spots to snorkel 
on Oahu. You do need to reserve a time slot   ahead of time and they will have you watch a short 
video about reef safety before entering the water.   Entry into the park is $25 with a three dollar 
parking fee. You'll walk down into the bay and   snorkel in beautiful blue water. You can 
bring your own snorkel gear or rent some to   use while at the park. Be sure to have reef 
safe sunscreen whenever you go snorkeling.   Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor is 
a must do if you are on Oahu.   We all learn about the history of what happened 
at Pearl Harbor and how that prompted the US to   enter World War II but it doesn't prepare you 
for what it's like to visit the memorial itself.   You reserve a time slot and a ferry boat takes you 
out to the USS Arizona Memorial where you can take   in the wreckage of the ship below.

Tickets to 
the memorial are free but advanced reservations   are recommended. Iolani Palace The Iolani Palace 
is the only royal palace in the United States.   We love visiting this grand estate and learning 
about the history of the monarchy in Hawaii.   You'll walk the palace halls 
and learn about King Kalakaua   and his sister Liliokalani the last king 
and queen of Hawaii. Kualoa Ranch Oahu   is an incredibly popular filming location for 
some of the most memorable movies of all time.   If you head over to Kualoa Ranch you'll be able 
to see the valley where they film movies such   as Jurassic Park and Jumanji. You can take atv 
tours horseback ride or zipline through the park   we simply took the bus tour and loved 
seeing famous sites that felt so familiar.   Makapuu Lighthouse this paved two-mile round-trip 
hike will take you up to incredible views of the   island and the ocean below the hike does gain 500 
feet in elevation and does not offer much shade   but the views are well worth the hike up you 
may come across people fishing in this area   and it's best to leave that to the 
experienced locals. Makapuu lighthouse   is a perfect spot for whale watching in 
the winter months.

Ko'alina Resort lagoons   on the west side of Oahu you can find the very 
popular Ko'alina resort area this is where you'll   find the Four Seasons and the Disney Auluani 
resort the four man-made lagoons are a great   place to lounge with the entire thing. They're 
calm and you don't have to worry about any rough   surf as you snorkel and enjoy fun in the sun. 
Waikiki Beach quite possibly the most famous   beach in all of Hawaii this popular city beach 
area stretches the south shore of Oahu. If you're   staying in this area you'll find this beautiful 
beach is just steps from your hotel here you can   also explore downtown Honolulu and enjoy shopping 
and nightlife. Diamond Head state monument diamond   head is one of the most recognizable formations in 
all of Hawaii.

The Diamond Head trail allows you   the opportunity to hike around the rim of the long 
dormant volcano at the top you enjoy beautiful   views of the Pacific Ocean in Honolulu below. 
The hike of Diamond Head is just over a mile   and a half round trip. Coco Crater Coco Crater is 
one of the most popular spots for hiking in Oahu   the cone rises up 1208 feet and to reach it you 
have to hike up 1048 railroad tie stairs. We did   not hike up on this trip but we enjoyed taking 
it in from the ground below. The Dole Plantation   Pineapples have long been a 
staple of Hawaiian agriculture   and a trip to the Dole Plantation will 
show you precisely where they come from.   You can ride the train out into the 
plantation, wander through the pineapple maze   and admire native Hawaiian flowers in the 

We stopped in for a dole whip and   some pineapple. Pineapple in Hawaii just taste 
better. Surfing Oahu has some of the best surfing   in the world on the north shore you'll find 
where they host the annual surfing competitions   you can book lessons in Waikiki and learn how to 
take part in this traditional Hawaiian pastime.   Waimea Valley Nature Preserve Located on the north 
side of the island you'll find the Waimea Valley   Nature Preserve. Not only is this a beautiful 
place to explore waterfalls in Hawaiian landscape   but it's also home to the toa luau which we cannot 
recommend enough if you're looking for a luau to   attend while on your trip. Visit the state capitol 
building we can't visit a capital city without   swinging by the capitol building. Honolulu state 
house is one of the most modern we've seen which   makes sense considering it was the most recent 
one built in the United States. Eat Great Food   We had so many amazing meals while on Oahu. 
Some favorites include Helena's Hawaiian food,   Marukami Udon and Giovanni's Shrimp Truck among 
many others. We'll put a link to our Oahu food   tour in the description below.

Where to Stay We 
have an entire video discussing where to stay   on our channel which we'll put a link to in the 
description below but here's the short version   Waikiki Waikiki Beach is where you'll find the 
most hotels and resorts on Oahu Prince Waikiki,   The Modern Honolulu, The Westin and the Hilton are 
all great options in this area. The North Shore   the famous Turtle Bay Resort is where you'll want 
to stay if you're looking at the north shore.   It's a beautiful area and one that we would love 
to experience in the future ko'olina resorts this   is where you're going to find the Four Seasons and 
the Disney Aulani resort. You'll enjoy beautiful   beaches and plenty of opportunities for golfing 
and nightlife. As I mentioned at the start of the   video we'll now discuss our own trip to Oahu. What 
was your favorite thing you did while visiting   Oahu? For me my favorite part of Oahu was Hanauma 
Bay. It's really a premium experience.

The bay is   absolutely beautiful and the snorkeling was really 
some of the best we did in any Hawaiian island we   visited and I like the fact that they limit the 
number of individuals who can actually visit   because it keeps crowds at a minimum so you do 
really get to explore the bay and it's also a   really nice beach, so even if you're not big 
into snorkeling it's a great beach to go lay   at and beaches can be a bit more crowded in Oahu 
because there's more people. So it works for a   lot of different reasons and it was just really 
a terrific experience the day we were there.   I would have to say my favorite thing was Kualoa 
Ranch. I absolutely loved feeling like I stepped   into Jurassic Park and seeing that incredible 
landscape that we've seen in so many movies before   and we did just do the bus tour which was great 
we got to see everything but but on the way out we   saw people driving in on atvs and that looked like 
a lot of fun so I think if we went back uh i would   definitely want to do an atv tour or maybe even 
like a horseback riding tour through Kualoa Ranch   but that had to be my favorite part.

If you 
want to see more from our adventures in Oahu   click right here. Don't forget to subscribe 
and we'll catch you on the next one. things to do oahu



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