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Which Hotel Inspired “The White Lotus”?

Unraveling the Enigma: Which Hotel Inspired “The White Lotus”?

“The White Lotus”, the critically acclaimed television series that aired on HBO, quickly garnered a massive fan base for its intricate portrayal of guests and staff at a tropical resort. While the series itself is a work of fiction, its setting—a luxurious hotel in a paradisiacal location—had many viewers curious: Was “The White Lotus” based on a real hotel? And if so, which one?

The Real “White Lotus” Inspiration:

While “The White Lotus” depicts a fictional resort, the aesthetics, ambiance, and certain elements were inspired by real-life settings and experiences. Here’s what we know:

  1. Filming Location: The series was primarily filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. This iconic Hawaiian luxury resort is known for its breathtaking ocean views, plush accommodations, and world-class amenities. Its grandeur and idyllic setting made it a perfect backdrop for the show’s dramatic unraveling.
  2. Inspiration from Multiple Resorts: Though filmed at the Four Seasons in Maui, series creator Mike White has mentioned in interviews that his experiences across different hotels and resorts played a role in shaping the narrative. Elements from various luxury hotels, their dynamics, and guest behaviors inspired the overarching theme and individual storylines.

What Makes the “White Lotus” Hotel So Intriguing?

  1. Architectural Brilliance: The show captures the resort’s modern yet tropical architecture, with open spaces allowing for the seamless merging of interiors with the lush outdoors.
  2. Cultural Interplay: Throughout the series, the hotel serves as a backdrop that showcases the interplay of culture, class, and societal dynamics. This can be seen in the use of native Hawaiian cultural motifs against the backdrop of a commercial luxury setting.
  3. Character Hotspots: Certain spots in the hotel, like the spa, the pool, and the restaurant, become character hotspots. The real-life Four Seasons Resort Maui offers similar, if not more luxurious, amenities that are every bit as enticing as shown in the series.

Visiting the Real-Life Inspiration:

If you’re enticed by the on-screen luxury and wish to experience it firsthand (minus the drama, of course!), consider planning a stay at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. While there, explore their range of activities and immerse yourself in the tropical splendor.


While “The White Lotus” is a fictional tale with elements of satire, dark comedy, and drama, its setting is firmly rooted in the real world. The next time you’re watching, you can appreciate not just the compelling storylines but also the real-life luxury and beauty of the setting.

Celester Thomas

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