Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

What to eat in Hawaii – Part 3 | Oahu Food Tour (oh so good!)

here's what I ate in Oahu part 3. we first 
started off the morning at Kona coffee   purveyors in Waikiki and look at this line it 
was so long not only because of the coffee but   these Queen amounts which is basically like a 
twisted croissant and because I'm gluten-free   I didn't have it my boyfriend did but he rated 
it at 10. and let's just take a moment of how   beautiful that cappuccino art latte was we then 
stopped by a healthy lunch spot and there was a   deal going on it was 15 for a smoothie and taco 
combo I definitely choose a smoothie over the   tacos tacos looked amazing but the taste was okay 
and believe it or not we didn't drink except for   this hard Seltzer which was Asian pear flavor and 
I'm a sucker for anything Asian pear I was most   excited for this green tea soft serve which was so 
creamy and then I came back to this gelato place   you'll most likely see in part four or five then 
had a late night snack with some salmon onigiri.