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What Terminal at LAX Does Hawaiian Airlines Fly Into?

What Terminal at LAX Does Hawaiian Airlines Fly Into? A Quick Guide for Travelers


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a bustling hub, playing host to countless airlines from across the globe. For those traveling to or from the Aloha State, knowing the precise location of your airline can save valuable time. If Hawaiian Airlines is your chosen carrier, this guide is for you!

Hawaiian Airlines at LAX

Hawaiian Airlines, known for its warm aloha spirit, operates out of Terminal 5 at LAX. Whether you’re catching a flight to the tropical paradise or landing in LA, this is where your journey with Hawaiian Airlines will begin or end at this airport.

Navigating Terminal 5:

  1. Check-In Counters: As soon as you enter Terminal 5, you’ll find the Hawaiian Airlines check-in counters. Make sure to arrive well ahead of your departure time, especially during peak travel seasons.
  2. Boarding Gates: Terminal 5 is equipped with multiple gates. Monitor the live status of your flight and gate information through the LAX official website.
  3. Amenities: Terminal 5 boasts an array of shops, restaurants, lounges, and other amenities to make your wait more pleasant. You can explore the full list of offerings and locations on the LAX Terminal 5 services page.
  4. Connecting Flights: If you’re catching a connecting flight, the LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections service provides a free and easy way to transfer between terminals.

Getting To and From Terminal 5:

  1. Parking: LAX offers various parking options, including those specifically for Terminal 5. Visit the LAX Parking Information page for rates, availability, and more.
  2. Public Transport: Several public transportation options connect to LAX, including buses and shuttles. The LAX Ground Transportation page offers a comprehensive overview.
  3. Ride Share and Taxis: Designated pick-up and drop-off points for taxis, Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share services are available at Terminal 5.

Final Thoughts

Traveling can be stressful, but knowing where to go can alleviate some of the pressures. By familiarizing yourself with Terminal 5’s layout and amenities, you’re one step closer to a smoother journey with Hawaiian Airlines at LAX.

Remember to always double-check the most up-to-date terminal and airline information before heading to the airport, as details can occasionally change.

Safe travels and aloha!

Celester Thomas

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