Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Welcome Home Mililani


KRIS HAWAII IS A UNIQUE PLACE…AND WE’RE DIFFERENT NEIGHBORHOOD TO FIND OUT WHAT MAKES EACH COMMUNITY SO SPECIAL. RON IN THIS MORNING’S “WELCOME HOME” SEGMENT…WE HEAD TO CENTRAL OAHU, 1960’s. Families began buying homes and moving in…long before there was an H-2 Freeway to take them there. The town quickly grew, adding parks, recreation centers and shopping for residents. In 1986, it like Susan Ihle. neighborhod and it’s a great place for kids.” Residents say it’s a great place for kids, especially those involved in sports. COACH ALAN TALLMAN: “Our team, I know for sure the reason having the kids come out and learning the game of baseball.” The community expanded in the early 1990’s when Mililani Mauka was created on We’re comprehensive high school.” FRED MURPHY: “There is really something for everybody and so that is the key to finding the interest that students have and trying to offer high-quality received awards and recognition. like you’re at home.” RON: WHEN WE COME BACK, WE’LL CHECK.


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