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We drove around Oahu, Hawaii in ONE DAY!📍🗺 Skoolie Life Vlog Ep 27

so we were in Hawaii a place that was never
on our Pan American Travel route yet here we were we documented the wedding vows of
our good friends and then explored stunning Landscapes and some super interesting history
in Oahu now we had one day left in Hawaii and we were about to change it up and for
a pair of Travelers used to driving around an 11 ton pile of Steel and love this was
quite the change [Music] foreign foreign to rent a motorbike but then realized today
that you need a license for that so we did a little something different [Music] [Applause] for breakfast in the garage [Music] so it's
our last day in Hawaii and we wanted to go out again and get some more footage and see
some more sites while we're here you know you can never assume that you'll be able to
come back to one place so while you're there you have to soak it all up first we were just
gonna use the the buses that was our plan but then we looked at some of the things that
we might want to really do places that we'd want to go and the buses don't really go to
some of those places so then we thought ah okay we'll do like a motorbike but it's not
like Vietnam where you can just rent a motorbike any Joe schmoe you well you can for a moped
for like a single person but for a two-person you need a motorcycle license then we got
we saw the Smart Car downstairs huh that's an idea so here we are riding in style it
is so cute it's like being inside a widow bottle we can get one of this and put it up
on the deck carry with the bus this guy is driving with his macaw on the back of his
moped gosh that is that is too cute [Music] there they go that's pretty cool [Music] so Lush a green it's beautiful something that's
very fun about just driving through neighborhoods is seeing all the different homes and you
get inspiration from every neighborhood and every house you know we tend to we see architecture
that we really enjoy or Landscaping that we really enjoy it's like we're keeping a mental
note oh I like this oh I like this for one day for the little place in Nicaragua that
we're gonna have wow look at this [Music] get it back this guy doesn't waste any time [Music] foreign [Music] everything [Music] it is amazing the diversity of options
that Mobility can give you having that little smart car opened up a world of possibilities
and we hit the road to see as much of Oahu as we could we were on a mission to see and document as
much of the island as we could and in fact we had a mind to do a loop and almost completely
circumnavigate the entire Island foreign we also had to get more b-roll to fill out
Pauline and Jeffrey's wedding vowel video it was a task we took on with gusto you know
what this reminded us of that time we had a 19-hour layover in Iceland and we rented
a car to see as much of the island as we could that was the trip that we braved cold to film
me singing change under the Icelandic Midnight Sun and if you know our story you know how
many amazing things happened because of that one video [Music] all right [Music] we just
saw the time but we don't know what koi is that we want to try what is it so it's like
a shop yeah please [Music] what like meat or something okay so
you have a plate uh meat or something that can go with this yeah already so I got back
to the car and there was no Jose and I ran to the bathroom I get back to the car no Jose
where's my man where'd he go so I came out here started walking back to the POI Factory
and I find him check this out [Music] you saw me I lost you [Music] all right we got it we're gonna find out what
this is curiosity sometimes can be expensive this was 17 something that'd be good well
food isn't good The View was [Music] foreign [Music] foreign it's like um Malanga we actually have this
in Nicaragua this is um some kind of yuca and this then it's like puree it tastes like
I'm not 100 sure that's what it is um oh yeah hmm you like the coconut well it was delicious oh yeah some left over
we're gonna have tonight yum yum yum [Music] thank you [Music] so we were reflecting on
a if one were to live here how it's really cool it has like so much of the kind of things
that we both love like if at the beach you've got the mountains you have hiking trails but
then you can also go into Honolulu and go to a big Museum and go to art galleries and
shows and that big city by but relax you know which I love that you know yeah not too hot it's always cooler at night yeah
I don't know if it gets any hotter than this on any point during the year but beautiful
during the day it's always This breeze you know this waned and we were also reflecting
on lack of bugs we don't know if it's just the places we've been maybe maybe it's just
not the season or we just haven't been in the right and we haven't been into certain
places yeah but um yeah surprising lack of bugs for such a tropical Place beautiful beautiful
place if you ever have the opportunity to to come over here definitely should because
it's beautiful little gem on the planet the sun was getting ready to set so for our
last stop we had a mission to capture just a little more Drone footage before we lost
the last Light of Day this right here it's got the beauty of planet Earth so amazing [Music] foreign [Music] I think a sunset is like a really good analogy
for life it's so brilliant yet so brief and if you turn away for just a second I miss
it a whole day is like your life it starts off in the early morning you feel like you
have all this time ahead of you and you have all this energy and then as you go throughout
the day you are working you're doing your thing you still feel like you have time but
as the day draws on you start to feel this urgency of wow time is running out I'm not
getting everything done that I wanted to get done and then by the time we reach the sunset
you're just potently aware of how quickly it all goes there it goes [Music] so is this success yeah I think so awesome
let's go back to Waikiki we successfully did it we almost circumnavigated
the island of Oahu as you can see we missed the western coast road because by that point
the sun had already set and we had an early morning the next day good morning it's our
last morning in Hawaii we don't fly out until one so we're gonna use the morning time to
shoot some extra b-roll for the wedding bell video just to be safe so that's four 5 45
A.M and somebody's making breakfast now we're gonna head out what you're making bacon the face goes yummy good morning we're all packed up and ready that once we
get back here after shooting we're ready to go and head back to the bus breakfast is ready
thank you I mean you can't beat this breakfast with
this View no Diner could top this we are in route to spot where the vows were
exchanged to go get some more b-roll and more Drone footage we got a plane to catch in about
five hours yep it's raining what is b-roll b-roll is the secondary footage you use to
enhance and surround the main footage of the video so for instance in Polina and Jeffrey's
video the footage of them exchanging their vows is obviously the main footage or a-roll
the b-roll is all the extra shots of them together we also wanted to fill out the video
with footage that infuses the video with the experience of Oahu the landscape the ocean
the Flora we had already caught some b-roll but we wanted to get more to make sure that
we had all of it that we needed [Music] you got the corner photographer here [Music]
[Applause] [Music] and now we would like to take this opportunity
to transport you to Oahu from the bustling Metropolis of Honolulu to its pristine beaches
and rugged Coastline sit back and travel for a bit to this remote Gem of the Pacific [Music] around the world where I go where you follow here I go [Music] [Music] alone foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] let me show you how it feels to be free here
we stand on the edge of everything cause I Wanna Be I Wanna Be Wanderer [Music] so it was a successful shoot and we got the
footage that we wanted to get and we are checking out exactly on time getting the the car back
exactly on time and we are ready to head to the airport because I go bye to Hawaii to
this beautiful experience yep beautiful day today yeah all right onward to the airport
[Music] to the airport back to Bobby we need to get Bobby ready because in about a week
from today we're gonna be hitting the road again yeah that's super exciting yeah almost
to Alaska finally [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] foreign foreign and with that our little side step to Hawaii
came to a close it was an unexpected page in the art with Ariat story and we're so grateful
that it happened we were grateful we could support and share in a precious Milestone
of our friend's story we're grateful we could spend more time with them building memories
and strengthening the bonds of friendship and grateful The Experience brought us to
another beautiful corner of the world that we could appreciate and honor through the
lens of our art [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] are we there yet it was time to go after landing
back in Cape Cod we had one week to move back into the bus fix her up for the next leg of
the journey and hope that she would crank up after six months turned off a moment of
truth see if it starts hey guys if you enjoyed this video be sure
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