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VA Loan Wednesday – Does a GI Bill Qualify As Income 🤔 (VA Home Loans/VA Loans 2020)

Happy va wednesday. So today i'm going to talk to you about income that we cannot use to qualify And this is one that shocks people a lot So a lot of times people have left the military and they're getting their education or additional education, which is fantastic And I really commend you guys for doing that but they want to use the gi bill in order to qualify And we can't use the gi bill We can't use the income that you're getting from that in order to qualify. And there's two reasons to this number one It's not income that's expected to continue. It's just for while you're in school. Once you're out of school it goes away So even if you're making four thousand dollars a month right now with the gi bill there's no guarantee that the job you're going to go into after college is going to support that so like If for instance we were able to use that income what happens if we qualify you off for 48 000 a year But then the job you go to starts off at 30.

It's gonna put you in a super bad position So that's one of the big reasons lenders don't use it to qualify Is because they want to make sure that you're not in a bad position um And then when I said earlier about the fact it's not meant to continue. So unlike va disability or a pension This is not likely to continue.

It's for a short period of time and it's supposed to be used towards education So I hope this has been helpful for you It's one of those things that I keep on hitting. So I was like, oh my gosh, let's talk about it on va wednesday So super quick video, but the bottom line is we cannot use Um your gi bill education in order to qualify Now one thing to remember guys is that if you get va disability, yes We can use that if you've been working a part-time job for two years I can use that there's lots of stuff we can use So don't be discouraged but know Upfront that if you're getting 4k a month for that we can't use that. Thanks for watching.

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