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Trump Tower Waikiki Pricing Trends

Analyzing Trump Tower Waikiki Pricing Trends: Insights into the Real Estate Market

Trump Tower Waikiki Pricing Trends Revealed: Significant Price Drops Over the Years

Aloha this is Bryn Kaufman I’m the creator of OahuRE. com so I brought up some Trump Tower Waikiki pricing trends and you can get a general idea what’s happened at the Trump Tower over the years I think there was some very high expectations at first when it was built in 2009 and here you can see this unit 3601 started selling in 2010 for three million six hundred ninety seven thousand and then finally it kept reducing the price and sold in 2019 for two million one hundred thousand so much less and we’ll look at a few more units this unit here had kind of the same experience they started selling in 2011 for two million five hundred and seventy-five thousand this is Trump Tower Waikiki unit 2502 and they finally sold in 2017 for 1,750,000 now they’re trying to sell again for two million seventy thousand and then this unit Trump Tower Waikiki 1321 started out at 900 thousand and was asking $460,000 when it went into escrow it has not closed yet but that’s quite a difference in price so that gives you an idea of what’s happening at the Trump Tower you can look at more of these there’s a lot more data to look at if you’d like and you can get there from a couple ways if you look at any of the detail pages on the Trump Tower listings on our website the easiest way to get there is scroll down under the notes about this property section and we have price trends for Trump Tower which you can hit and then it goes to this page alright if you have any questions please let me know thanks bye now

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