Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Top Things To Do In Hawaii: Oahu Travel Guide, Hawaii Travel Vlog | Best Hawaiian Island | XOTKS E08

Malama aina and malama i ke kai one meaning to respect the land and the 
other to respect the ocean two concepts   that are total truth in the hawaiian 
islands more like a way of living i came to hawaii with a classic tourist itinerary   but then something happened something 
that really changed the perspective it was like if the island itself wanted me to have 
it a beacon of knowledge that could show you the   most incredible destinations this time in Hawaii 
a secret that i am about to show you and i had it   in my hand not knowing yet that the craziest 
adventure of my life was about to take place   we started this adventure in the island of oahu 
even though we could do the resorts and luaus   we decided to see the real Hawaii instead 
to explore the land and see the ocean   when i travel i tend to fall in love with culture   and nature going for a swim with dolphins sounds 
amazing but first we said a prayer to the ocean   so it can give us the chance to 
encounter them or at least stay safe Chanting in hawaiian language as a sign of respect and admiration to the 
ocean we threw flowers to finish the prayer   and we sailed to find dolphins a few minutes 
after we found ourselves in the water after that crazy adventure we made our way 
to the Makapu'u Tide Pools for a refreshing   solution to hawaii's tropical climate we suggest 
that if you make it to oahu you should visit   these tide pools and make sure you bring good 
hiking shoes to climb up and down sharp rocks after a moment in the pools a swim
and caressing the ocean i realized   this was our first real hawaii experience a moment 
in time that will always stand still for me more   like a movie looping over and over but hey life is 
about collecting moments instead of things right just like that we made our way to one 
of the most impressive beaches in hawaii   Halona Cove beach is a small 
pocket of sand surrounded by cliffs   we enjoy its turbulent waters and make sure you're 
a good swimmer before you enter the water here if i was asked what i learned so 
far during our trip in this island   i will say that if you respect the planet you 
get rewarded with majestic sights and adventures   our next stop was oahu's north shore a stroll in 
this side of the island will make you feel the   real hawaii history a bridge between traditional 
and modern day hawaiian culture make a stop along   the route enjoy a mai tai and take a walk 
at the polynesian culture center is the most to learn about another culture is so inspiring   the way of living with the 
chants it's just a wonderful thing i'm thankful to the nature too that's 
why we paid a visit to laniakea   beach better known as turtle beach where we had a chance to swim and 
enjoy next to pacific green sea turtles   and see how wonderful Oahu can be after all these adventures we decided to 
visit the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens as   much as i love to be around the ocean there 
is also land wonders that defy beauty itself   and views the challenges perspectives 
this place has so much to offer we   enjoyed the smell of flowers and 
got amazed by touching crazy things next stop was one of the top 12 shore dives 
in the world i'm talking about Shark's Cove in the end memories get printed in your mind and 
soul it's only up to you to live them again and   again this is not the end of the adventures 
we'll bring you more soon until then see ya

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