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Top 10 Things To See In Oahu Hawaii – Travel Guide

here are my top 10 things to do in Oahu Hawaii visit Waikiki Beach one of the most famous beaches in the world Waikiki offers great Surf and Sun as well as plenty of shopping and dining options hike Diamond Head this iconic volcanic tough cone offers a challenging hike to the summit with panoramic reviews of Waikiki in the Pacific Ocean go visit Pearl Harbor pay your respects to the USS Arizona Memorial the site of the 1941 attack that marked the United States entry into World War II go explore the Polynesian Cultural Center this 42 acre Center offers a fascinating look at the cultures of Polynesia with exhibits demonstrations and shows that showcase the art music dance and history of the region and you have to go visit the North Shore the North Shore is known for its world-class surf like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach check out the famous surf competitions that take place there during the winter months go take a scenic drive to the Pali lookout the Pali lookout offers breathtaking views as the windward coast and the Coolio range with lush green valleys and towering Cliffs stop by and visit the Bishop Museum this museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and culture of light with exhibits on Hawaiian artifacts natural history and cultural Traditions hike the Manoa Trails fall this Scenic hike takes you to the lush jungle of the Manila Valley with a breathtaking waterfall as a final destination take time and take a surf lesson whether you're a beginner or an experienced Surfer there are plenty of opportunities to hit the lathes on Oahu book a lesson with a local instructor and learn to serve like a pro and don't forget to visit the Honolulu Zoo located in the heart of Waikiki the Honolulu Zoo is home to a variety of exotic and native animals including Tigers elephants and monkeys [Music]

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