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Fastest Selling Neighborhoods on Oahu

Top 10 Fastest Selling Neighborhoods on Oahu

Oahu, also known as ‘The Gathering Place,’ is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the most populous one. Its neighborhoods are diverse, offering unique benefits, from cosmopolitan city life in Honolulu to the more laid-back vibes in the North Shore. This article dives into the top ten fastest selling neighborhoods on Oahu, examining the unique attributes that make them desirable to homeowners and real estate investors alike.

  1. Kaka’ako: The epitome of urban island living, Kaka’ako is a neighborhood in Honolulu that’s quickly rising in popularity. Its unique blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces coupled with the high-quality condos and a thriving arts scene has transformed it into one of the most sought-after locations in Oahu.
  2. Hawaii Kai: Known for its waterfront properties, Hawaii Kai offers a more laid-back suburban lifestyle with stunning ocean views. Its close proximity to Honolulu, combined with top-tier schools, shopping centers, and outdoor recreational areas, have made homes here fly off the market.
  3. Kailua: This beach town is highly coveted for its natural beauty, including its world-renowned beaches like Lanikai and Kailua Beach. The strong sense of community and laid-back lifestyle, plus the array of quaint boutiques and restaurants, attract many prospective homeowners.
  4. Mililani: As one of Oahu’s largest planned communities, Mililani is in high demand for its quality schools, well-kept parks, and extensive shopping centers. The town’s ideal location, nestled between the island’s two mountain ranges, also contributes to its popularity.
  5. Kapolei: Known as ‘The Second City,’ Kapolei is growing rapidly due to its commercial development, housing options, and strategic location on the island. It’s drawing people looking for new construction homes, proximity to beaches, and an array of amenities.
  6. Diamond Head: Situated at the eastern end of Waikiki, Diamond Head is a premium neighborhood renowned for its high-end properties and iconic landmark, the Diamond Head Crater. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking luxurious living with easy access to both nature and urban life.
  7. Manoa: Primarily a residential area, Manoa is loved for its beautiful, historic homes and its serene, valley setting. The presence of the University of Hawaii at Manoa adds a youthful vibrance, while the top-rated schools make it a preferred choice for families.
  8. Ewa Beach: Ewa Beach is gaining attention for its affordable housing options compared to the rest of the island. The neighborhood is perfect for first-time homebuyers and those looking for a family-friendly environment. It’s also known for its pristine beaches and golf courses.
  9. Waialae – Kahala: This upscale neighborhood is one of Oahu’s most prestigious areas, with luxurious properties and easy access to popular spots like Diamond Head and Waikiki. Its lush, manicured aesthetic and quiet streets have consistently attracted those looking for luxury living.
  10. Kaneohe: Located on the Windward side of the island, Kaneohe is adored for its stunning natural beauty, including the Koolau Mountains and Kaneohe Bay. The range of housing options and the calm, rural feel make it popular among those looking for a peaceful retreat.

These neighborhoods on Oahu sell fast for good reasons. They provide diverse lifestyle options and access to the best of what Hawaii has to offer, including stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and breathtaking natural beauty. But above all, they offer the allure of island living, which many people dream of calling home. Whether you’re a potential homeowner or a real estate investor, these neighborhoods are worth your attention.

  1. Kaka’ako: Average days on market: 25. Median Home Price: $775,000. The mix of urban amenities and quality residences make this neighborhood highly desirable.
  2. Hawaii Kai: Average days on market: 30. Median Home Price: $1,100,000. The allure of waterfront properties in this suburb drives the price upwards.
  3. Kailua: Average days on market: 32. Median Home Price: $1,150,000. The combination of world-renowned beaches and a strong sense of community contributes to the high price point.
  4. Mililani: Average days on market: 20. Median Home Price: $770,000. The well-planned community and great amenities lead to quick sales.
  5. Kapolei: Average days on market: 23. Median Home Price: $680,000. Rapid growth and affordable housing options make Kapolei a fast-selling neighborhood.
  6. Diamond Head: Average days on market: 35. Median Home Price: $1,500,000. Luxury living and access to both nature and city life contribute to the high-end price tag and slightly longer time on the market.
  7. Manoa: Average days on market: 28. Median Home Price: $1,200,000. The historic homes and university environment add to the allure of Manoa.
  8. Ewa Beach: Average days on market: 19. Median Home Price: $625,000. Affordable housing options in a family-friendly environment make Ewa Beach a quick sell.
  9. Waialae – Kahala: Average days on market: 33. Median Home Price: $2,000,000. This neighborhood is one of Oahu’s most prestigious areas, thus commanding a high price and selling slightly slower.
  10. Kaneohe: Average days on market: 27. Median Home Price: $875,000. The natural beauty and peaceful environment contribute to Kaneohe’s popularity and median home price.

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