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Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii – Travel Vlog ✈

you know so I just landed in Hawaii I'm
in Honolulu and I'm out here with my friend Kassandra say what's up so yes
today is day one we're just gonna get into some trouble as usual first we're
gonna get something to eat and then we're going to explore the beautiful
island of hawaii the weather here is amazing it feels great so let's see all right go for it
thank you sir the cool thing about being on this island is that there's a lot of
tour trucks right so you can stop anywhere and get an amazing meal at an
affordable price like this shrimp tempura OMG is absolutely delicious all right so we just tried a Malasada
we just tried a Malasada from Leonard's kitchen or Leonard's bakery sorry how is
it it's a main position all right guys I'm having a malasada which is you know
in Nigeria we kind of call this puff puff it's basically like a fried donuts
from Leonard bakeries and it's amazing so in Hawaii there are these amazing
trees with very long branches that reach all the way to the ground and you can
actually kind of swing on them too that's pretty cool don't you wish you had this in LA don't
you wish we have this in LA Oh all right so I'm just leaving
mermaid cave it was a lot of fun they told us not to go down there because the
waves are too much at this time of the year the best time to go to mermaid
cases during the summer when the waves are a little bit calmer but we went down
there anyway it was a lot of fun it was very it was amazing to be down
there it was awesome so I recommend I highly recommend if you come to Hawaii
you have to come down to the mermaid caves so check it out so right now we're
at bamboo forest hiking up to Mahna Falls
it's a pretty challenging hike it's about a mile and a half but you're
climbing uphill the entire time and it's extremely hot as you can tell I'm
sweating a lot already so yeah so I'll show you guys once I get to Manila Falls
I think it's definitely something you should do while you're out here in
Hawaii another thing I forgot to mention is that these rocks they're very
slippery and like I said you're climbing uphill so you have to be really careful
don't rush it take your time so alright guys so I finally made it out
here so Menaul falls as beautiful as you can see I think the trek is definitely
worth it it only took me about 25 minutes so if you guys are out here in
Hawaii I think this is something you should definitely do just come out here
relax get in touch with nature and maybe even meditate so right now I'm at
Lanikai Beach I just did the line the kite fell box hike um as you can see and
it was pretty fun the one thing I would say was that it is a little bit of a
dangerous hike so if you are going to hike it's just don't carry a 15 pound
camera bag like that like I have behind me just make sure that your light
weights and you have good shoes maybe some boots that has a good amount of
grip so you don't trip because definitely coming down this coming down
the hike is actually a lot harder than going up the hike because you're coming
down on a very slippery slippery path and it's kind of muddy and you can
easily get lost so it's um you know it's important to be safe and be careful and
take extra precaution so right now this is Lanikai Beach as I said um as you can
see it's a nice spot to come out here and chill if you're in Hawaii definitely
something to do another thing you can do when you come
out here to Hawaii is to come to the copperhead stairways the stairways are
pretty steep as most of the hiking in Hawaii is easier to go up than it is to
come down so when you come out here make sure you have very comfortable shoes
that has good grip and then once you come out just hike you know enjoy the
view okay so as I round off my trip today's my last day and being a being in
the island of hawaii so as I round up my trip you know I like to say you know
Hawaii is definitely a very wonderful place is very beautiful it's a
definitely place you can come out and just relax
there's tons of activities to do the food is great tons of beautiful hikes
and nature and scenery you know definitely come out on the beach is
definitely great one thing I'll say about Hawaii is that if you're coming
out here you definitely need a car because you can basically drive around
the entire island in an hour from opposite ends but you definitely need a
car to move around from point A to point B because things are a little bit spread
out the people here are a little bit they're nice but it seems like a lot of
people prefer to just you know mind their business and just stay on their
own or just stick with their cliques so you know I was surprised about that a
lot of the locals and the natives to be honest they seemed a little bit they
seemed a little bit irritated by the amount of foreigners and Western
civilization and the influence that it's taken upon the Hawaiian culture so
definitely if you come out here just make sure you have love honor respect
for the land and for the people and yeah just have a good time so Aloha guys are
see you in my next video

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