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with that Nick Wright joins us I acknowledge it’s a weird herd hierarchy I don’t you’re out of your mind well I I I don’t think out of your mind okay go ahead out of my mind go ahead the all listen I’m and I’m not arguing with you about the Chiefs the Chiefs deserve to be they’re lucky to be in the top 10 after that performance offensively so I’m not I’m not here to argue you about the Chiefs we’ll see if they can fix it come the postseason but your Eagles and bills faith is baffling Al I understand it was a holiday weekend but did you miss the game Buffalo played this weekend they needed a field goal at the gun to avoid losing to east east and stick paron me and GIF Smith they were 14-point favorites trailing with a minute left that team you think is peing right now that team is peing that that Buffalo Bills team they just played terribly on Saturday against a team that had just fired its coach and whose quarterback who’s the one redeeming quality about the team everyone says wasn’t playing why did the Bills earn more of your trust then we can do the Eagles Okay the reason is is because despite that off a huge win they won and it’s a situational league and you see these Raiders did it yesterday backup quarterback can’t complete a pass interim coach we to week you don’t know what’s coming out of that locker room the Raiders look like a Super Bowl team the Chargers played their butt off it’s situational bills had come off a big win the world loves them they traveled 3,000 miles played like crud okay and they won and this in this league that means something to me okay so that’s listen I I agreed to a degree with that I think three is a touch rich now to Philadelphia which I guess you can make a similar argument they found a way to win Colin Philadelphia has looked bad for a month they again another double digit favorite whose game comes down to the wire they can’t stop anyone through the air their quarterback is not healthy and is not playing great and everyone on the team keeps telling you something’s wrong serani fires a DC Jaylen Herz says people need to be committed Devonte Smith says we’re not playing well those are all things have happened in the last month so like I think Philly right now is super vulnerable and I think that if if in the first round of the playoffs the Rams were to play The Eagles I like the Rams I think if Philly ended up losing the division to Dallas and they had to go to Tampa I would like your guy Baker Mayfield on that Bucks team I think this Philly team is ripe for the picking and their their own players and coaches have been telling us that that for a month and a half now okay so I I said this earlier I said this earlier if you were a scout and the head of scouting says I want you to go out you’re a a pres Scout and watch you’ve never seen him this Brock pry guy they’re saying’s MVP and Lamar Jackson guy and come back and give me a report your report would be yeah the pretty guy may have been a fill in I I don’t see it and the Lamar Jackson thing would have been a yeah I think he’s running at half speed and he’s still faster than all the boses and all the Fred Warner and I’ve never quite seen anything quite like him can we at least acknowledge when you watch Lamar on a field with other great athletes it doesn’t it you know what it looks like a division one football player in high school playing with other non-division one players and Brock pie looks like a guy yeah right that’s what you saw right yeah I I don’t think I don’t think you’d have to be a pre Scout or a scout I think you actually wouldn’t even have to know the the rules of football I think it could be your first time ever experiencing the sport and we’re like hey the guys I don’t even need to tell you the position but the guy who gets the ball on every play Give Me Your read on each of them and then I’m going to tell you something you won’t believe which is that the people who are paid to talk about the sport for four months have sworn one guy is the League’s Most Valuable Player and it’s not the guy you’re thinking I mean this is listen Lamar was Sensational Lamar’s been better than his numbers suggest this season and there is all of a sudden a very sneaky pressure on Baltimore to make the Super Bowl because the Chiefs look right for the picking what you Miami does have issues with good teams Baltimore’s going to have the one seed and Lamar’s playing out of his mind so all of a sudden if Lamar and the Ravens fall flat in the postseason again it’s almost worse than if he didn’t play so well this year but the story out of last night is the ners and it is their quarterback and it is baffling to me that otherwise smart people saw Brock pie and instead of seeing what I see which is the weak link on the team yeah they saw the League’s Most Valuable Player of the 15 ners that matter if they don’t win it will be because Brock H is the reason why everyone else in the MVP discussion including his own teammate when we talk about them were like he will he is the reason that team is great or one of the bus drivers to use the Barkley term with pie and this is why I was not moved every time the ners got up 14 nothing and then pery had a 140 passer rating with 300 yards everyone would come to me be like oh you ready to admit it has he shown you enough and my answer was always no that’s not my concern my concern is not can he look great when things are going great my concern with him is two things one is if any of the Avengers are out Trent Williams CAC dbo I any of them if any of them are out will he melt and if all of a sudden the Kyle Shanahan game script gets off course and we need you to make some plays can you and I would one last thing Colin I would encourage anyone who claims oh Shanahan trusts him Shanahan loves him watch the pass plays they called down 21 to Baltimore not a lot of deep downfield routes a lot of screens a lot of dump offs not exactly the game plan you do if you really trust your quarterback but I mean I feel like everybody knows it and folks were just pretending to think Brock pie should be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player so we’re watching the stitching come loose on the Chiefs argument on the sideline altercations could I not argue this version of them has become a little like buffalo in previous years hey Josh Allen save us it’s a bad receiving group Travis Kel’s limping in virtually every game I don’t think as Greg coell said he trusts his tackles they’re a little beat up on defense it’s one of the great things about this Chief’s Dynasty is as great as Michael Jordan was for the Bulls you only need didn’t be crazy three times a game momes only had to go sidearm and make a big play three to four times a game but the components around him were excellent this feels a little like the Buffalo team you’ve rolled your eyes at where momes is being asked on the fly to solve all the issues and he can’t it’s just not that good enough there’s spots on this team on offense that aren’t very good is that fair it’s no the last part’s definitely fair and saying listen we I have to keep keep the Buffalo comp going people have often said Josh Allen is the modernday Brett Favre and I’ve said yes absolutely as you know if you remove from Favre The League MVPs the Championships and the Super Bowl appearances they’re just alike except for the fact that’s what made farre far yeah the Chiefs are like the bills if the bills had a pedigree of winning with this coach quarterback but the chiefs of course have that and the bills do not so that is the reason that I if there is if there is any reason to believe the Chiefs can pull out of this it is because momes Reed and Kelsey have been there before now they look disorganized on offense they look uninspired on offense they they are absolutely having a hard time just getting plays in they have all the benchmarks of a team that is going to have a very short playoff life we heard Tony Romo say repeatedly for the first time in the Mahomes era the Chiefs are going to have to go on the road in the postseason I think some people might have heard that and been like no they’re not cuz in order to go on the road they’re going to have to win a postseason game and the team that showed up yesterday doesn’t look like a team that will win a postseason game the reason I think it would be insane to write them off is in the midst of all of this they have had now for SI 15 weeks a top four defense in football and you do think that at some point Ms will be able to put the cape on like he did in the Patriot game and at other times but yes the chief’s path right now is very simple the defense keep it up and momes be the best player in the world by a mile that is a big ask and right now no one on the chief’s offense is up to it I said this earlier finally with the cowboys that Jerry’s a great salesman he may not have a good BS radar because Mike McCarthy said when he got the job is I watched all your plays and then he later admitted I didn’t and then he said I would lied about it yeah and then before the season we’re moving off Kell Moore we’re going to be a physical run team no you’re not you go on the road you’re just Dak Reliant is that McCarthy just wanted Kell Mo he wanted him out of the building that’s what he want he saw him as a threat I watched Dallas they’re totally Dak Reliant which when you don’t have a number one running back and you go on the road against teams that can score you lose a lot of those games by the way that that explains Philadelphia the Rams Detroit Tampa those kind of teams that you have to get into a a shootout well they don’t run the ball they’re totally daak Reliant it was just a it was a comment by Mike McCarthy to keep a job retain power and I I I’m a sucker I got reeled in I bit the bait and it’s like they’re just the Cowboys again I mean I think that they are better than the Cowboys teams in recent years I think that you know if and I know this is how football works but if they don’t fumble on a fullback hand off andine here’s what I will say this is my take and partially Nora princiotti of the ringer first mentioned this and I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head uh the best thing for the Cowboys obviously is to reach the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years right we are nearly 30 years we all agree that’s what their goal is here’s my question Colin is the second best thing for them to go on the road to Tampa in week one of the playoffs as a wild card team and lose and have and have Jerry Jones say you know what yeah three straight 12 win Seasons three straight disappointing playoff performances something’s got to change and here is here’s where the Nora princiotti part comes in uh if Mike McCarthy were to get fired do the Dallas Cowboys become the number one landing spot for bill bich is that is is that a marriage that you could see actually happening Bill going for the schula’s record Jerry recognizing this is a short-term thing like it was with Jimmy Bill knowing he has the quarterback all of those things like is that and Jerry wanting to spend the money the way maybe the Chargers wouldn’t is that at least on the board of possibilities is Bill bellich head coach of the Dallas Cowboys one of them yes yeah I think that’s because I don’t think he wants to go all West uh and I I still don’t think the Chargers would go all in on Bill r everything that’s interesting to me and I do buy it yeah I think so I think they Cowboys goal win the Super Bowl goal number two if you don’t get goal number one have such an embarrassing playoff defeat that you fire McCarthy these seem to be die the worst thing for them is like win round one and lose to the ners in round two by a field goal and just run it all back again that’s that’s the worst case scenario for him by the way a Nick Wright who’s on TV more than Susan Luchi in the 9s he’s got more commercials it’s and you look great by the way I knew you were going to say me honestly I I can’t knew you were going to say you’re like Ryan seest I can’t get you out of my life this guy for four years I had to watch kin coward walk into a dry cleaner and be like here’s the thing about quarterbacks they get the ball at nine and I was just happy for you I watched that thing in my sleep I’m just happy for you I get my first ever commercial for two weeks and now was good timing with the Christmas games and stuff just be happy for me that’s all all right I’m you know kind of little resentful but little tiny small I get it I get it I’ll see you later little petty hi everybody thanks for watching subscribe here to get the latest from the show also be sure to check out more of the best clips from the herd or go watch a few segments from other shows on FS1

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