Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

One Week in Oahu: HAWAII FOOD VLOG ūüĆļ

we arrived in honolulu hungry which worked out 
well because we were able to head straight to   our reservation in waikiki at tonkatsu ginza 
bairin i ordered the kurobuta pork loin kotsu   with curry rice and my fiance got the specialty 
pork tenderloin katsu set and they both came with   miso soup and salad and they were both good and 
really crispy but we both agreed my kurobuta   pork was definitely juicier and tastier so that's 
what i'd recommend and also the curry was amazing dinner was maguro brothers and they already had 
a really long line 15 minutes after they opened   we got our order after about an hour 
of waiting and i'd recommend it to   anyone who loves sashimi but be prepared for wait later that morning we went to our snorkeling 
reservation with pure aloha adventures   and i picked it because they just had really 
great reviews so we went to the dock across   honolulu got on the boat and then we had a 
sail out further from the shore to get to   where we are actually getting into the water 
to snorkel it was a perfect clear day with   beautiful weather and we got an amazing view 
of the honolulu skyline during the boat ride after snorkeling we went to inaba 
where they make fresh soba noodles   and it ended up being one of my 
favorite meals of the whole trip   the good food day continued at miro kaimuki 
for dinner where one of my best friends works   we were actually celebrating her birthday that 
night and this is more of a fine dining spot with   a five-course tasting menu with french-inspired 
japanese food and it's about eighty dollars a   person before add-ons but everything we had 
was amazing so flavorful and so interesting   and honestly i think it's really underrated 
right now in terms of food in honolulu if   you're looking for a nicer dinner during your time 
on oahu i definitely recommend checking it out we arrived where we were zip lining and 
after gearing up and some instructions   we got into an atv and rode through the farm which   honestly felt like a jungle to get to 
the top of the hills to the zip lines   thank you do i look cute   looks good   it's perfect for the weather the next morning we wanted to try the musubi shop 
close to our hotel for breakfast where they sell   a huge variety for a really reasonable price but 
they also have a bunch of really cute merch like   buttons shirts bags and masubi kits i actually 
ended up buying a bag and t-shirt for myself   but we ordered our spam misubi one classic 
one with egg along with spicy cod romeo and   a curry tuna which were all really good and 
then ate that at the hotel before heading   over to the kcc farmers market the main 
reason i wanted to go to a farmer's market   during my trip was to try local food 
that wouldn't be available at home and   it didn't disappoint i ended up buying 
a couple different local products to try   but there were a ton of things that i 
don't typically see back home in california   the farmer's market was walking distance from the 
diamond head hike trailhead so we headed straight   there afterward and it was really rainy and cloudy 
at the beginning of the hike but as we started   getting closer to the top the skies were getting 
more clear and we still had some beautiful views so we had a big breakfast the next day with misubi 
from the same place as the day before along with   our hotel breakfast some local papaya and 
longins from the farmers market which are   kind of similar to lychee and after breakfast we 
headed to the hardest hike of the trip which was   coco head and even though the hike is only a 
mile and a half it's a straight steep incline   the entire way up these old railroad tracks so 
definitely had to take a bunch of breaks but the   nice thing is that there are still views along 
the way that just get better the higher you go there was one stretch called murphy's bypass 
that was a little scary because there's no   solid ground beneath you 
as you step over the tracks   do you feel and baby tell me if you need   my wonderful fiancee thought it'd be a 
good idea to do yet another hike right   afterward and makaputu is a generally easy 
hike but i definitely wouldn't recommend   doing it after a hike like cocoa head so 
please do not follow my fiancee's example   but with that said the views 
were undeniably beautiful can someone tell me why every time for dinner we went to sato seafood it's 
an underrated spot right next door to the   hugely popular marugame udon which always has a 
pretty outrageous line down and around the block   and sato is never as crowded but honestly 
they deserve just as much as a crowd   they sell hand rolls and poke that were 
all excellent definitely recommend and   right in the same plaza there's a 
dessert place called mantra cafe mico   my favorite thing there of all time is 
the vanilla and matcha swirl soft-serve on day six we started the morning with just the 
hotel breakfast which still had some really great   local fruit and then we drove to our last hike 
of the trip at manoa falls and this trail was   very unlike the other hikes that we did very 
super rainforest jungle like and really unlike   anything that we had ever seen but like many of 
the other hikes in hawaii still super beautiful what is this then for our post hike lunch we tried yet 
another poke place in the neighborhood called   off the hook where we got a combo poke bowl to 
share along with the pokey sampler and man you   are really spoiled for choice when it comes to 
poke and oahu because they were all really good   we actually moved hotels for our last two nights 
because we got a free suite with points with hyatt   so quick room tour we had a spacious bedroom 
with a lot of dresser space plus a separate   living room area which was actually really nice 
where we looked over the spa and wading pool   from the window and you can also kind of see the 
beach in the very back behind the pink building is me conflicted with what you said i tend 
to second guess myself like too much just a face just