Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Oahu Island (Hawaii) | Honolulu | Part-1

Hello friends, how are you? waiting for a bus at bus stop (Bellevue) for Sea-Tac airport We are going to Hawaii Trip is about 5-6 days long Let see how adventure it will be, it will be fun for sure Watch further to see how we will enjoy in Hawaii.. Waiting for bus, look like it is coming now Excited for the trip? Yup.. Look at the US bus from inside We arrived at the airport on time so no worries Our second group, Heni Bhungalia and Sunil Lakkad Need to check bags now Waiting at airport lounge now Will have some snacks before flight – breakfast type Hi, Aloha! Welcome..!! Thank you! Hi, Aloha! Welcome..!! Sitting inside bus and going to our Hotel now Checking at the hotel Welcome to our room Let's check outside view of the room This is Honolulu downtown area And pacific sea is visible on this side, front of Waikiki beach Lots of boats are here Giving proper feeling of Hawaiian weather Hello, Good Morning..! Weather is nice sunny today as you can see in back Going for water activates now, but it is after one hour Hungry right now, so will eat some breakfast before that Aloha..! It means Hi.

Right? And Mahalo means Thank You. We arrived at place for water activities Need to do checkin 30 minutes before so will do that Total 3 hours of activities – lot of things are involved – snorkeling, kayaking, paddle board, trampoline, etc.. This is the place, completed the check-in process, got wrist band Will start in 10-15 min now, I think this is our boat for activates. Excited guys for activates? Yes, Yo,…

It will be fun for sure. This is our gears – life jacket, snorkeling equipment's etc This is boat from inside How are you feeling guys? Feeling nice.. Excited? Ya.. Boat will take us to one place and activities will happen there View is really beautiful and water is blueish And this is skyline of Honolulu Hawaii, Honolulu…Skyline there and this is our boat Some kayak boat are here We are just doing swim for now, getting hang of water Water is too salty, obviously it is a sea Heni & Sunil…

And Nidhi is here.. It is fun, trying to swim but we don't know swimming lol… Doing kayaking now, it's fun. Nidhi, are you enjoying the view? Ya… Lot of waves so becoming difficult to handle, but not bad. Our boat is behind us Thank you…! Aloha…!!! Thank you guys…! Sunil and Heni are trying snorkeling now. Fish visible? Little difficult, but lots of fish are there.

Let's try Yay…!! Ready? Going again for snorkeling with girls.. Just finished, and it is end of our 3 hour water activities It was really fun, feels amazing. Didn't do everything because don't know swimming, but overall we had good fun experience Thank you, man! Hey Aiden, thank you. It was nice meeting you. Aloha..Aloha…!! It was fun, now going back to our hotel. Going hotel, will take some shower, get fresh And will go to Honolulu downtown area Today is Friday, so should be happening there at Night This is our hotel, prince waikiki Hungry now, so will have dinner This street name is Kalakaua Avenue Looks posh area, many branded stores, shopping mall, restaurants here Many people are on the street today Finished dinner, ate Thai food.

It was delicious. Thinking to eat something cold. There is ice-cream store nearby , so going there You can see Hawaii vibes Girls, are you enjoying? Yes… Louse Vuitton brand, and Deepika Padukone (Indian actress) is brand ambassador. Feeling proud as a Indian that we are now becoming ambassador for foreign brands in Hawaii. Happening and lively – Kalakaua street We are enjoying the walk, night life is amazing due to Friday today Restaurants were also busy today Arrive at Haagen Dazs ice-cream store, but there is huge waiting right now.

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