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Navigating Zillow’s User Interface: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating Zillow’s User Interface: A Step-by-Step Guide

For many, Zillow has become the go-to platform for real estate inquiries. From buying to renting to just casual browsing, Zillow offers a plethora of tools and listings. But with its expansive offerings, first-time users might find themselves a tad overwhelmed. Fear not! This blog post will guide you step-by-step through Zillow’s user interface.

1. The Homepage: Your Starting Point

Once you land on Zillow’s homepage, you’re greeted with a simple search bar. Here, you can input a city, neighborhood, ZIP code, or specific address to start your property hunt.

2. Understanding Search Results

After you input your search criteria:

  • Listings appear on the left with corresponding pins on a map to the right.
  • Use filters on the top bar to refine your search based on price, type, number of bedrooms, and more.

Diving Deeper into Zillow’s Search Filters

3. Property Listings in Detail

Clicking on a listing provides:

  • Photos and/or virtual tours of the property.
  • Price and Zestimate, Zillow’s property value estimate.
  • Property details, including square footage, number of rooms, and amenities.
  • Contact details for the agent or owner.

How to Read and Understand a Zillow Listing

4. The Zestimate Explained

One unique feature Zillow offers is the Zestimate. By analyzing public data and user submissions, Zillow provides an estimated market value for most properties.

Deep Dive into Zestimate’s Algorithm and Accuracy

5. Saving and Tracking Properties

To keep tabs on interesting properties:

  • Click the heart icon on a listing to save it.
  • Access saved listings by clicking on ‘Saved Homes’ at the top right corner.

Benefits of Creating a Zillow Account for Tracking

6. Contacting Agents or Owners

Found a property you’re keen on?

  • Click the ‘Contact Agent’ or ‘Contact Owner’ button.
  • Fill out the form to get in touch or schedule a viewing.

Tips for Communicating with Agents on Zillow

7. Exploring More Tools

On the top navigation bar, you’ll find:

  • ‘Buy’: Access tools for buyers, including mortgage calculators.
  • ‘Rent’: Tools tailored for renters, such as lease applications and affordability calculators.
  • ‘Sell’: Resources for sellers, including options to get a Zillow Offer for a quick sale.

Navigating Zillow’s Comprehensive Tool Suite

8. Zillow Mobile: Real Estate On-the-Go

Zillow also offers a user-friendly mobile app for both iOS and Android. It mirrors the web interface’s functionality, ensuring you can hunt for properties, even on-the-go.

[Download the Zillow App: iOS | Android]


Zillow, with its vast database and innovative tools, has simplified real estate search for millions. While its user interface is designed for intuitiveness, having a guide ensures you make the most of your Zillow experience. Happy house hunting!

Celester Thomas

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