Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Mike Parillo on moving to Hawaii and never looking back!

"I blew out both my knees, and I had to sit down for six months in Laguna and I started painting." "My name is Mike Parillo." "Volcom contributor since '91." "Today I'm doing a mural at the Volcom house." "It's a tie-in to the artwork for the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro." "In 1990, I was living in Big Bear just chasing my dream to be a snowboarder." "Met the crew and we became instant friends." "I worked my way through being a team rider to being a team manager." "So, right around the time I was hanging out with Jamie Lynn, and I was in the mix completely and kinda at the height of that dream and realizing I wasn't as good as I needed to be to sustain that." "I realized pretty quickly that I had the same amount of talent as those guys did as snowboarders but in a completely different way." "Like 2005, after doing a show at the Volcom store in LA, moved to Europe for a while, got bored there, moved back to Jackson to start snowboarding again and to be around my friends, got bored there, moved to LA for three years, um, felt like killing myself, then I came to Hawaii." "Fell in love with surfing, thank god." "And from that point I was completely addicted and I knew I had to get back here." "I was supposed to stay for nine days and I stayed for nine weeks." "Basically, just left a car in the parking lot in my loft in LA, called the bank and said, 'pick this piece of shit up.'" "Got out of my place." "Gave away all my furniture." "Gave away everything except for tools and art supplies, shipped everything over, and then, I'm here." "It was just like that." "Yeah, I mean, I left a woman I loved behind and luckily I got my dog over here finally, but I would say the rewards for chasing my passion far outweigh any of the, any of the downfalls or any of the sacrifices." "Yeah, I mean, I found out that over the years I'm definitely happiest when I'm not depending on my art to sustain myself." "I'm happiest when I'm just creating to create." "My definition of happiness is, it's becoming a little more mature." "Alright, I'm going to take a break and go for a surf." "Done."