Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth

(peaceful music) – [Narrator] A two-hour boat
ride off the coast of Colombia is an island, the most
densely-populated island on earth. (chattering) Santa Cruz del Islote consists
of more than 1,200 people living on land the size
of two soccer fields, making it four times
as dense as Manhattan. On the island is a school
that runs up to the 10th grade, two shops, and one restaurant. There is no steady supply of water and a sole generator that only
runs for five hours per day. There are no police, but there
isn't much need for them, as everyone on the
island knows each other. (children chattering) 150 years ago, the island
was primarily uninhabited and was sometimes used by local fishermen as a place to rest and
take shelter during storms. Gradually, some fishermen came
to build their homes here. These were the grandparents
and great-grandparents of the current generation of residents. Despite the close living quarters, inhabitants on the island
say they wouldn't give up their peaceful existence for anything, not even a little more room. (chattering) (peaceful jingling).

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