Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Living in Hawaii Best and Worst, Moving to Kauai

The sacredness of Kauai is jaw drop awesome And so much it effects your heart that you
don't want to leave Very special place, so this is about the pros
and cons of living here Right now I can't think of any cons. But for Kauai the pros are extraordinaryly
beautiful nature And the energy of the land and the sea and
sky is unsurpassed anywhere And that's the main thing – everything else
– it's a simpler life here on rural Kauai, it's very rural. And you don't need much. So the temperature is always between 72 degrees
Fahrenheit and 82 Lots of fresh vegetables and wonderful fruits:
mangoes, papayas, the biggest avocados I've ever seen in my life. And I guess people would say the cons are….

Architecturally if you really want a well
made home you have to build it. Or you just have to happen luck into something
really amazing. So if you're meant to be here you will be
here. That's the thing so if you are called to be
here you should come here because any cons will outweigh the pros if you are meant to
be here and I feel we're all meant to be in our special places that we're called in our
hearts to go to so follow your happiness and go to your happy place. For me it's here. Well its many places but I love Kauai and
it is now my home base and enjoy the nature so much so, beautiful, clean ocean water, dolphins to
swim with lots of wonderful pros so better if you have your own self-employment. Rather than relying on getting a job so, course
that's easier to move with your job that you create yourself but highly recommend it for
Hawaii so otherwise you have to get a job in the tourist industry which is OK.

You certainly can. Or create your own thing, that's what I recommend. So have a beautiful day. Subscribe, for more information about worldwide
adventures and sacred travel..

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