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Jaan e Jahan Episode 01 {Eng Sub} Hamza Ali Abbasi | Ayeza Khan | 22 Dec 2023 | ARY Digital

did you loose deliberately, or you got tired because of the night? what do you think, dad? I think, I have to set your routine the way I had set your routine in your childhood come on be quick, we have to go very far no matter how far I go, I am happy in being a few steps behind you but I want to see my son equivalent to me in fact, way beyond that how! how are you so disciplined? everyone is sleeping right now the matter is about principles… few people think its a burden but I think its a blessing maybe that's why I could have done so much now you have to do all this yes Sir, let me do it Sir, actually the light was fluctuating that's why I had switched off the fans its important to take care of the humans along with the machines Moeen yes sir, let me check that too somewhat act like a bride, for God sake my dear Mahnoor really? then tell me what shall I do? Shall I be anxious? or shall I be shy? Or shall I runaway? you will get a beating from me while getting married your mother-in-law had sent the best henna artist, show me but she had applied such a simple design no matter what it is, don't spoil it first thing, the henna is dried & washed second thing, not mother-in-law but to-be mother-in-law and third thing, she had sent those people for her respect not for my happiness spare us! Please forgive us I should be saying this to you people.

You are after my life! people say, quick engagement & quick marriage. But here everything happened instantly what rubbish you are talking? come here show me
have a look its so beautiful! there is one for you too, its downstairs with dad dad is back home? I am coming Greetings dad! Greetings! dad, what is all this? Mr. Murad Shah had sent all this for you, although I had told him not to its such a beautiful dress dad, he takes very good care of such things right? rich people are like him he has fulfilled a long relation with so purity I am so grateful to that person this…
at least, keep it on the side somewhere you will value my oil lamps after my departure, because you had never valued them in my presence Kindly leave your things here its not necessary for your in-laws to understand this childish desires of yours dad, it depends upon one's thinking.

Some people consider diamonds as hard seeds too there must be someone, who will value these oil lamps preciously as they are by the way dad, I have always heard about Mr. Murad but I had never seen him it seems as if all of his family members must be like him is it like that? its not a house but a huge mansion maam, she is Sania. She is here for the house chores greetings, younger maam younger maam? if you want to pay me respect, then do it completely why are you giving me respect by lessening it? maam, her tongue had slipped by mistake it seems that she misses her elder maam a lot even after so many years, you guys always call me younger maam Anyways…

nobody can take anyone's place everyone has their own place and now this is my place I don't have any place for her over here. Take her away Okay Okay, give him some more money and forgive his loan but Mr. Shah, you are not getting my point. These people… I have understood your point but maybe, you couldn't understand the importance of my forgiveness I hope you don't have any issue of ration or so yes sir Moeen, now you shall also go back to the factory as I didn't wanted to show all this in the factory Sir, these are a few last month's transactions of Mr. Tabrez please have a look Sir, 7 lacs 7.5 lacs 10 lacs is this amount withdrawn from the office account in the last 30 days? yes sir Okay, I will see Okay, sir where is Tabrez? I thought you will miss it have I ever missed it? what are you looking at? Go bring it mom, why do you make me wear white color? Because you look like a little angel in white color also you look like my life when you'll grow up, then this hair style will suit you a lot Ok? do you want to remind me something else, or shall I go? I did the breakfast alone I thought that now I will meet you at night does my day starts before meeting you? you came back after spending half of the day you are busy all the time let it be, sometimes you have your own work.

Sometimes you have servants etc I kept waiting in this line in the last how can you be in the last? my everything starts from you I can never be busy for you what happened? is there any problem? Kishwer, talk to Tabrez don't know where does he spend a lot of money its not a good thing to take out such a hefty amount from office's account No no, Shahjee you are having a misunderstanding how can he do that? I just saw the records if this keeps on happening then he will endure a loss yes, greetings sir yes Shahjee, how are you doing? yes Shahjee, all good You did so much of formality, I felt so guilty when I saw a lot of stuff what's there to be guilty about, Rauf? if I had a daughter, then I would have done all this for her as well I wanted to come over there since so long, but I am unable to take out time but I will definitely attend your joyous occasion yes yes, Shahjee you are most welcome even yesterday, I was saying everyone that other factory people are so fortunate that they are under your guidance then come here what? I? how? You have handled dying & printing for so long now we have a vacant position of retail & sampling.

The post is good, also the salary is very good and then I want you to come here what happened? if your house is nearby, then shall I drop you in the car? No, my husband is about to come his bike wasn't working husband? sister, please take some no no, nothing I came to do some shopping, so I thought of getting her size checked what happen? Did Mahnoor like everything? Has she checked all? yes yes, she has cheeked it. All is fine I hope kabir liked his clothes obviously, since the girl is of he choice so end of matter I still remember it very well He was quite stubborn on the fact that he'll marry the most beautiful girl in his college otherwise, honestly speaking. Even today there are so many good proposals for him yes, its God's planning sister Naila Okay then, I am leaving now but you haven't eaten anything oh! this plaster has not been fixed as of yet I thought you must have got it fixed as its a wedding house actually it had slipped out of my mind while doing the wedding preparations.

Don't worry, I will get it fixed tomorrow Okay fine, do pay my regards to Mahnoor. I am leaving sister… please don't say anything dad, how was she talking? now you don't start please leave it please…
you stay quiet! dad, we are doing a marriage not doing any favor we should ignore such petty matters, and if you don't know then learn it is it a petty matter, dad? to humiliate us after coming to our house, is that a small thing? Ayesha, take her inside!
lets go sister why don't you guys say anything to her? what shall we say? Shall we answer them back? Shall we insult them? what's wrong with you? We are girl's family aren't girl's family human? dad, you are giving them your daughter not a piece of paper that anyone can come & throw it after ruining it Abida, tell her that I am having a headache.

So ask her to be quiet please I am quiet! that's why I am doing whatever you are asking me to do I am so grateful to you! do one thing, go to your room & sleep Mr. Murad Shah has called me for another job. And I will go after your wedding, if you say so then I will go right away you don't go anywhere, I am going make her understand I will make her understand..
we'll explain her the plaster is not fixed, they didn't like the groom's dress fabric I did a lot of practice, I am an expert now I can see all but I am also your father by the way, its a different thing that I feel happy to see you winning oh dad, what is this? we won't enjoy like this, it means you are loosing deliberately from me since that time by the way Shehram, if you listen to me then marry a girl who knows how to play chess checkmate! Wow! Wow…

Wow! this is so dangerous! Its better for me to stay alone in fact, let me do one thing. Let me stop playing chess how is this possible? will you live alone for your entire life? you have to get married after all everyone needs a companion Mr. Mooen has come with a few documents for signing Shehram, please go & check. Also sign them Sign? but how come I? your sign has been authorized! whether I do or you, its the same thing Okay hmm… Greetings!* is this the time to come home? shall I serve dinner? No, we did bbq that's why we got late wait here I want to talk to you yes dad get up! where are you sitting, its Shehram's place. Get up from here its ok mom, what happened? I have asked you to wait! what is this? what is it? I am asking you, what is this? what is it? these are account bills, and I have signed them dad!
Shahjee! what happened?
What happened, dad? bring water quickly Asjad, go take out the car.

We need to go to the hospital you were telling her that who you are, so I am asking that Because as far as I know, you are the son of the most respectable person here & that's your only identity what's there to cry upon? Nothing! Its just like that You are my left hand You are my everything I cannot imagine life without you this is the world's habitude… whoever comes, he/she has to go back as well be strong! I am not strong, dad I'm that 12 year old kid who had always been under your protection after his mother's demise I only know this neither I want anything anymore than this, nor I want to learn, nor I want to know. That's it! Shehram I love you so much, dad I love you so much! I love you too! stay strong…

Uncle, what can I do now? Its the matter of our respect if some people wants to come over from our village, then it doesn't look good to refuse them and then, a few of my friends also want to come along with their families So, you shall at least increase 100 to 200 people Look, you can do the henna party as per your desire. We don't have an objection but our wedding reception shall be good, also please ensure to make best arrangements for the food. Ok? I will do something, don't you worry at all yes yes, bye! what happen dad, is everything alright? No, nothing. Actually their number of guests have increased all of a sudden so.. we'll see, what can be done now how come their number of guests increase so easily? if the guests will be increased, then obviously there will extra expense. Please refuse them did I ask you? Dad, look at your condition. Is this the way to annoy someone? such things do happens, its an ordinary thing in a wedding. let me go & check the hall.

I had given you some amount yesterday, bring that to me let me come with you did you hear her? You are bride to-be and.. if it was a son, then he would have accompanied me don't try to become what you are not. Please! I shall come along… Enough Abdul, you have been massaging my feet since so long no no dad, just tell me what did the doctor said & how are you feeling now? the doctor didn't said anything, he said everything is fine just refrain from being angry how are you feeling now? its fine lets go, Abdul lets go & rest then try giving us some time too sit down are you going somewhere? yes, actually I am going for some work dear, one shouldn't mind whatever their parents says whatever they say, they say for your betterment tell me something, are there so many responsibilities on you? No do you have many expenses to deal with? No then dear, where do you spend a lot of money? your office guys always complains about me no dear its not like that dad… my car broke down it couldn't even start, what else I could have done if I haven't got it fixed? dear, the matter is not about money its about realizing the responsibility do you know, what I am saying? you know it very well Okay shall I go now? go come Abdul here you go dad, all of your medicines are sorted mom…

Please let dad sleep in my room with me, just for tonight Please… please don't refuse. Please give me a chance to serve him little am I a kid? whom you'll take care in your room? agree with him, if it is his desire I have no objection as you feel happy thank you! do realize your responsibilities a bit look at Shehram, he is signing the documents in the factory & here you are collecting partridges & quails he thinks of me as a servant we pay respect to the person whom we handover a responsibility You aren't the servant of this house, but the next owner.

Got it? what are you thinking? I know every girl is so upset like me before her marriage but whatever I am feeling its something else leave all this have you seen your event's pictures? You were looking so pretty everyone sees this this face… even Kabir only see this but neither I know anything about them, nor they know anything about me Except that they can't see anyone in front of them neither anyone's pain, nor feelings nor anyone's status mom & dad must have said "yes" by thinking about something parents make better decisions for their children but sometimes they ignore the fact that happiness is not associated with money if it was true, then a rich person's daughter wouldn't have ever be sad Enough! don't think this way think good so that everything happens good in the future as well Greetings! Greetings! how are you, my friend? leave me, & tell me about yourself.

What had happened to you? I am fine, everyone is getting worried uselessly its good that you are here if you would have informed me then I would made some arrangements for you No sister, there is no as such formality. Its our own house Mr. Shah called me, so I came running please sit, let me ask them to serve tea
thank you! by the way you are quite superstitious you just got some pain in your arm, & here you have called me to write your will No Shehbaz there is a right time for everything and I think, this is an appropriate time to write my will shall I say something? don't mind Do you think, Shehram will handle all the responsibilities alone? I mean… you shall put the burden of responsibilities on the rest of your sons too you know everything I trust Shehram he had passed such a difficult time after his mother's demise also he had faced so many difficulties he had learnt to fight with life and both of these boys..

they didn't even know life Okay don't take tension & tell me what do you want me to write let us drop you you should be ashamed! You have been following me since so long I am not following you at all, I am just saying it for you. Come let me ask my husband and… will you tell your husband? Wait what will you do by telling your husband? Will you get me thrashed? yes? move away! I won't! I am saying it with so much of love. Agree with me, Come let me drop me go away from here, otherwise I will call the police you will call the police? you don't know who I am.

Whose son I am! who are you?
yes! who are you? brother Shehram I am not asking my name you were telling her that who you are, so I am asking that because as far as I know, you are the son of the most respectable person here & that's your only identity and maybe, you are not interested in making any other identity brother Shehram, let him go.

He was just joking a woman's respect is a joke for you guys? is Murad Shah's years long respect & honor, is that all a joke for you guys? you… quietly go home, before I do anything wrong are you insulting your brother for that ordinary girl? ordinary? how ordinary or precious a person is, we get to know that by its actions and right now, only you are doing ordinary & disgusting actions next time, if you ever see a girl then consider her a human not an invitation!
now leave, you also go! go home! Please go home, I am sorry from their side Thank you! ok but still you didn't tell me that brother Shehbaz had to come today Greetings!*
greetings dad come here why you seem so furious? sorry to say dad, but if you allow us then…

Can we make a complain to you? we agree that brother Shehram is the eldest of this family & we should pay respect to him but it doesn't mean that he shall insult us in front of everyone what did he said? Greetings dad!
Greetings mom! dad, how was your meeting with the doctor? the meeting was fine, but his demands were quite unfair according to justice.. if you are talking about justice, then please start from our own house dad ask him why did he pushed us in front of everyone? why did he insulted us? since you have told him that I had misbehaved that also tell him that why I did that hey no no, we had stopped that girl's path jokingly and…

Brother Tabrez was just talking to her we weren't taking her anywhere forcefully though if I hadn't reach there, then you guys were about to do that too Tabrez, just think… if you are feeling so ashamed on your insult then think what that girl must be going through when you had stopped her way? Shehram why did you only pushed him? you should have slapped them! so that they should have realize that from which family background they belong to I don't have any daughter but every girl of this area is dear to me like my own daughter I wouldn't like to hear unfortunate sons of Shah Murad let it go Shahji, he did a mistake leave it since they are stupid, so you can make them wise take them to work forcefully you'll see, both of these guys will help people in the future God has blessed us with respect it doesn't mean that we shall become God ourselves! what are you looking at? Go inside! dad..

you have said a lot I haven't said anything as of yet why don't you make them understand?
After all, you are their elder brother its your right the matter is not about elder or younger one, dad its about real & step brother if a stone thrown by a real brother is considered as flower while a flower thrown by a step brother is considered as a stone.