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Hawaii Real Estate Neighborhood Spotlight: Mililani

in this episode i want to draw your attention to the neighborhood of mililani are you ready let’s go hi thanks for tuning in my name is dean ueda and i am a real estate investor and realtor in honolulu hawaii today i wanted to share with you information on a neighborhood in hawaii on the island of oahu called mililani the neighborhood is broken into two sections mililani town and mililani mauka let’s start with mililani town mililani town touts being the first master planned community on oahu this neighborhood can also brag about being awarded the title of all america city by the national civic league being the only city in the state of hawaii to ever earn this award the older half of the mililani community milani town sits on the west side of interstate h2 veterans memorial freeway built on what used to be plantation fields mililani town is centrally located on wahoo being approximately 20 miles from downtown honolulu and 14 miles from haleiwa town on the north shore home sales started around 1968.

Hawaii Real Estate Neighborhood Spotlight: Mililani

regardless of which mililani you live in residents are members of the mililani town association or the mta whose mission is to maintain preserve and enhance common areas and contribute to the homeowners quality of life four of the seven recreation centers yes you heard me right seven recreation centers so four of them are located on the town side with activities for all ages including martial arts music swimming pickleball tennis fitness exercise classes and even a splash park the population of this neighborhood was approximately 27 600 per the 2010 census as for schools mililani town has three public elementary schools kipapa mililani and mililani waianae elementary mililani high school is also in this neighborhood there’s also a private school in the community hanalani school which is a private christian facility that goes from preschool to high school if there’s anything you need you don’t have to leave mililani town at all there are three commercial shopping centers mililani town center milani shopping center and mililani marketplace combined they offer three big names supermarkets starbucks financial institutions cvs long drugs walmart a movie theater city mill hardware store set california pizza kitchen 24-hour fitness ufc gym ross dress for less various medical services and the list goes on the mililani golf club one of the 40 golf courses on oahu is a beautiful public 18 hole course that also houses the famous clubhouse restaurant called pali uli at mililani golf club paliuli serves up local favorites from kalbi to garlic chicken to lechon kawali and is open for breakfast lunch and dinner i’ve been there for breakfast and it’s quite a nice view great place to have a cup of coffee and enjoy my bacon and eggs baking extra crispy please okay now for mililani mauka if georgia and weezy were living in central oahu they’d be living in mililani mauka the newer half of the master planned community in mililani milinimaka sits on the mountain side of the interstate h2 veterans memorial freeway mauka means mountain in hawaiian this community was also built on what used to be plantation fields home construction started in the early 1990s with the newest inventory completed in 2007 so a lot newer construction than on the town side relatively speaking majority of the homes are single-family dwellings with some spatterings of townhouses lot sizes tend to be in the 5000 to 6000 square foot range however there are some larger perimeter lots over 10 000 square feet the population of this neighborhood was just above 21 000 per the 2010 census mililani maca has two elementary schools mililani mauka and mililani ike elementary mililani’s only middle school is also located in mililani mauka for shopping and restaurants there are two main retail commercial complexes in milanimaca right as you enter the neighborhood and right across the street from each other they are referred to as gateway at mililani mauka here you have the must-haves like starbucks cvs lungs drugs mcdonald’s and the gas station there are great eateries a pet shop and services like salons banking insurance escrow services and the convenience store to see what residents that live there have to say about the milani communities go to my blog at realestateofhawaii.com backslash mililani or real estate of hawaii.com one word i hope you enjoyed this mililani spotlight let me know in the comments if there is a neighborhood you’d like me to spotlight on an upcoming episode please click the subscribe and the bell to get reminders of my new videos every monday and in the famous words of the late fred rogers imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered just one kind word to another person thanks for watching and see you next time [Music]

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