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Military-Exclusive Resorts in Hawaii: A Salute to Serenity

Aloha to our servicemen and servicewomen! Hawaii, with its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, offers a host of accommodations specially designed for our armed forces. Whether you’re active duty, retired, or a Department of Defense civilian, there’s a Hawaiian getaway waiting for you. Let’s explore the top military-exclusive resorts in the Aloha State.

1. Hale Koa Hotel (Oahu):

  • Location: Located on the western end of Waikiki Beach, the Hale Koa Hotel boasts an oceanfront experience like no other.
  • Features: With multiple dining options, luau experiences, and entertainment shows, it offers the full Hawaiian package.
  • Eligibility: Active, reserve, and retired members of the U.S. armed forces, along with certain other eligible guests.

2. Bellows Air Force Station (Oahu):

  • Location: Situated on Waimanalo Bay on Oahu’s windward coast, Bellows Air Force Station is a dream for beach lovers.
  • Features: Aside from the picturesque beach, the station provides cabin lodging, camping areas, and recreational activities like golf.
  • Eligibility: Active and retired military members, as well as Department of Defense civilians.

3. Kilauea Military Camp (Big Island):

  • Location: Nestled within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Kilauea Military Camp is perfect for those wanting a unique, cooler, upland rainforest environment.
  • Features: With tours to active volcanoes, comfortable cottages, and stunning views, it’s an adventure-centric retreat.
  • Eligibility: Members of all U.S. armed forces, active and retired, as well as Department of Defense civilians.

4. Barbers Point Beach Cottages (Oahu):

  • Location: Situated on the southwestern coast of Oahu, the Barbers Point Beach Cottages are a serene alternative to the bustle of Honolulu.
  • Features: Beachfront cottages, opportunities for fishing, and nearby historic sites.
  • Eligibility: Active-duty personnel, reservists, retirees, dependents, and Department of Defense civilians.

5. Pililaau Army Recreation Center (Oahu):

  • Location: Found on the pristine shores of Pokai Bay, the Pililaau Army Recreation Center is a beach lover’s haven.
  • Features: Modern cabins facing the ocean, picnic areas, and nearby water activities like snorkeling and surfing.
  • Eligibility: Active and retired military members, family members, and Department of Defense civilians.

Tips for Booking:

  • Reservations: Military-exclusive resorts are in high demand. It’s wise to book well in advance.
  • Discounts: Many resorts and accommodations offer military discounts or packages, so always inquire when booking.
  • Identification: Ensure you have a valid military or Department of Defense ID for check-in.


Hawaii’s commitment to honoring the armed forces is evident in the exclusive accommodations it offers. So, if you serve or have served, take advantage of these beautiful resorts crafted just for you. After all, if anyone deserves a slice of paradise, it’s our brave men and women in uniform.

Celester Thomas

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