Soldier to Soldier Hawaii

Hawaii 2022 food + beaches compilation (Oahu)

Marukame is delicious but almost always has long lines At peak times the line wraps around the block After udon, I MUST get matcha Ono Seafood is the poke I dream about when I’m at home Spicy ahi + spicy tako Shoyu ahi + miso tako When jet lag works in your favor and you’re early to coffee shops 🙂 Ok this is not food but it’s in Foodland and it surprised me how nice their plant section is I couldn’t believe this was in a supermarket! and their card section was very cute The poke at Foodland is good Aloha Shrimp truck in Hauula cute This one was closer in taste to Geste (on Maui) which is my all time favorite Ala Moana Beach Park Sunset Beach Waimea Bay Kailua Beach.

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